What are the Different Types of Psychologists?

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Types of Psychologists
Types of Psychologists

One of the major problems that people have encountered during the ongoing pandemic is mental health problems. Thus the demand for psychologists has been increasing tremendously across the globe. When you plan to visit a psychologist, one major confusion you may encounter is that all the psychologists are the same. However, all psychologists are not the same, and different types of psychologists differ in terms of specialisations and the kind of therapy they provide their patients. If you want to learn more about the many types of psychologists, the best universities abroad for studying psychology, the tuition fee of college, and much more. Then continue reading!


Different Types of Psychologists

There are many sub-fields in the industry of Psychology. Different types of psychologists have different methods to help their patients, ie their treatment varies. Following are the different type of psychologist across the globe are as follows: 

Clinical Psychologists

These psychologists specialise in mental and emotional disorders that take place in the short term but last for a long duration. They are well-prepared to deal with any disorder, although they also need to specialise. Clinical psychologists specialise in anxiety, drug addiction, depression disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, issues related to children and adolescents and many other relevant areas. 


These are in charge of offering psychological support or understanding patients’ series of techniques that help in improving their lives. They offer and teach therapeutic techniques that help their patients cope with their behavioural dysfunction. The disorders that they treat are not as serious as the ones treated by clinical psychologists

Educational Psychologists

Educational psychologists are focused on people’s learning process, and these psychologists are available in education centres or as counsellors or help students who suffer from learning disorders. Educational psychology aims to provide the child with a learning opportunity and help them acquire and use the necessary resources. 


Neuropsychologists are researchers who develop their professional activities in cognitive, behavioural and emotional rehabilitation for brain damage patients. These neuropsychologists also specialise in the early diagnosis and treatment of dementia. Some of the greatest allies include neuroimaging techniques and work based on a relationship that persists between the phishing brain and our mind. 

Social Psychologists

These psychologists specialised in everything related to psychological factors and human behaviour influencing our social interactions. The knowledge of social psychologists ranges from interpersonal relationships to other subjects, including prejudices, attitudes or cultures that we have towards people. 

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Occupational Psychologists

These psychologists specialise in the work field and tend to work in departments for education, hiring, occupational health and development. These psychologists can also be found in human resource departments. Occupational psychologists hold intense knowledge about motivation and leadership that helps workers with related problems at work. 

Forensic Psychologists

Forensic psychologists specialise in legal aspects that help them sway the judge in some way to pass a fair sentence in favour and against the accused party. Their job includes proving the accused guilty. 

Sport psychologists

As its name suggests, sports psychologists are responsible for working with athletes; however, they work with the coach as well as the organisation of the team. These psychologists help people with the confidence to utilise their potential fully. 

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Sexologists are also psychologists who specialise in diagnosing and treating everything related to intimate relationships. They aim at improving the sexual health of people, especially couples or individual patients. 


Coaches are also psychologists responsible for making each person look at and figure out their goals in life, helping them achieve everything they set forth. The coach acts as a counsellor and mentor to each individual to find their particular path. 

Top Universities for Psychology Abroad 

There are numerous universities across the globe that offer Psychology courses abroad. Some of the popular universities globally include; 

Name of the UniversityQS Subject Wise Rankings by subject 2022
Harvard University1
Stanford University2
University of Cambridge3
University of Oxford4
University of California, Berkeley (UCB)5
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)6
University College London (UCL)7
Yale University8
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 9
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor10

Best Universities for Psychology in India 

If you want to pursue psychology in India, numerous universities across India offer this course with excellence in education and teaching. Some of the popular universities for psychology in India are; 

  • AIIMS Delhi 
  • ADTU Guwahati – Assam Down Town University, Guwahati
  • AMU Aligarh 
  • Ahmedabad University
  • Alagappa University

Cost of Studying 

One of the major aspects that must be analysed when opting for a course is the cost of studying, as it helps calculate the average amount required to pursue psychology courses in India or abroad. The average cost of studying psychology in India is INR 10,000-1 LPA, whereas the average cost of studying psychology abroad is US$25-60,000 (approximately INR 18.75 lakh to INR 45 lakh.

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Career Prospects and Job Profile

One of the major reasons for the popularity of psychology is the availability of numerous career opportunities along with lucrative salaries. After the completion of a course in psychology, students are recruited in both government as well as private sectors. Some of the popular job profiles include:

  • Clinician 
  • Substance abuse counsellor 
  • Psychiatrist 
  • Psychologists
  • Human resource personnel 

Top Recruiters 

Some of the top recruiters who recruit psychologists are;

  • Colleges, Universities, and Schools
  • Outpatient Care Centers
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Health Practitioner Offices
  • Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals
  • Individual and Family Services


Is psychology study simple?

The study of psychology is regarded as one of the most challenging disciplines. Despite its many difficulties, it is undoubtedly the most desired profession.

Which level of psychology is the highest?

In the field of psychology, the highest level of education is a doctoral degree. With these degrees, you can legally work as a psychologist without supervision.

Who is the psychological founder?

From 1832 to 1920, Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt was known as the “father of experimental psychology” and the first person to establish a psychology laboratory from which he had a significant impact on the growth of psychology as a field, particularly in the United States.

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