Maynooth University Scholarships 2024: Eligibility, Benefits

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Maynooth University Scholarships

Maynooth University, which is in the middle of Ireland’s gorgeous landscapes, invites you to study and dowel while attending university with its excellent scholarship program for the year 2024. There are many types of scholarships available at Maynooth University, each one designed to help you reach your specific goals. These scholarships are available to both incoming 1st-year students and experienced graduate students who want to study abroad. Undergraduate scholarships, like the International Freshman Scholarship and the Maynooth Entrance Scholarship, help students from all over the world who have had good academic performance in institutions. The Doctoral study scholarships and the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees both give graduate students the chance to study and work with people from other countries, which are both very interesting. For this reason, if you want to make plans for a happy future, you should look at Maunooth, a place where academic goals can be met with a lot of help.

Institution Name Maynooth University
Established on 1997
Acceptance Rate 73%
Location Ireland
Scholarships For  Research, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree Programs

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List of Maynooth University Scholarships 2024

Starting your academic journey at Maynooth University with an array of scholarships that are tailored to your higher education goals. Through merit-based scholarships for outstanding students and research-focused scholarships for advanced study programs, Maynooth University encourages students to succeed by providing financial support in all fields of study. This carefully chosen list of Maynooth University scholarships can help you reach your academic goals in Ireland.

Scholarship Name  Program Level Amount
Entrance Scholarships Undergraduate EUR 1,000
Maynooth International Freshman Scholarship Undergraduate EUR 6,000
Taught Master’s Scholarships Postgraduate EUR 2,000
MU Research Scholarships Postgraduate Varies
John & Pat Hume Doctoral Awards Postgraduate EUR 28,000
30% Club Scholarships Postgraduate EUR 2,000
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees Postgraduate Up to EUR 12,000
Maynooth Access Scholarship Undergraduate EUR 5,000
HEA Disability Awards UG/PG Up to EUR 5,000
Naughton Foundation Scholarship  UG/PG Varies
Link Credit Union Scholarship Undergraduate EUR 1,000
Susan Hunter Postgraduate Scholarships Postgraduate EUR 3,000
Dublin Port Company Scholarships Undergraduate EUR 2,000
Edgeworth Graduate Students Scholarship Postgraduate EUR 2,500
PhD Scholarship on Repurposing Postgraduate Varies
Nua-Ghaeilge Scholarship Postgraduate EUR 3,000

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Eligibility Criteria For Maynooth University Scholarships 2024

There are many types of scholarships available at Maynooth University, and the requirements to be eligible for each one are different. However, some eligibility criteria rules apply.

For Undergraduate Scholarships

  • The minimum score needed for academic achievement is usually 575 points on the Leaving Certificate or something similar. 
  • Higher standards may be needed to get some scholarships.
  • Different scholarships only let students from certain countries or the EU/EEA apply.
  • Some scholarships are only for specific subjects or degrees.

For Postgraduate Scholarships

  • A good GPA in your graduation degree is generally required.
  • For research-based scholarships, you need a well-written application letter that explains your study interests and goals.
  • It may depend on the scholarships and source of income on who is eligible for scholarships.

Some Other Important Factors

  • Some scholarships give preference to students who have shown they are having problems with money.
  • Extracurricular activities like leadership roles, community service, and other activities may be taken into account for special scholarships.
  • It is usually necessary to meet Maynooth University’s English Language standards.

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Application Process For Maynooth University Scholarships 2024

Details about how to apply for Maynooth University scholarships for 2024 haven’t been released yet, but here are the general steps you need to take to apply for a Maynooth University Scholarship 2024.

  • Visit the scholarship official page at to learn more. This official link will guide you to update with information about Maynooth University Scholarships 2024 as it comes.
  • Carefully read the instructions to make sure you meet all the requirements before you spend time on the application process.
  • Check each Scholarship’s deadlines.
  • To apply online you have to follow the instructions.
  • The PAC web portal enables you to enter the method used for applying for most scholarships.
  • Register yourself and submit your application with all the required documents.
  • Before sending your application, make sure it’s free of mistakes and missing information.
  • Maynooth University will send email updates about scholarship choices and changes to applications.

Documents Required

If you follow these instructions and stay informed, you can confidently go through the grant process at Maynooth University and improve your chances of getting admission in 2024.

Benefits of Maynooth University Scholarships 2024

 Here are some of the benefits of the Maynooth University Scholarship for 2024.

  • Students in higher education can get a lot of benefits by paying for tuition, fees, and other costs related to going to university through scholarships.
  • Maynooth University Scholarships are a way to show appreciation for good grades, and they can boost a student’s self-esteem and confidence.
  • Many students worry about funding, but scholarships can help ease that stress, which can improve their general health and academic performance.
  • Students from low-income families or other poor backgrounds may be able to attend Maynooth University with the help of scholarships.
  • Students with high Leaving Certificate points who are entering their first year are given entrance scholarships.
  • Full-time students in teaching Mastrer’s studies can get a Teaching Master’s Scholarship.
  • HEA Scholarships and grants are given to students who come from poor families.
  • A lot of different groups and organizations offer external scholarships.

Factors Affecting Selection for Maynooth University Scholarships 2024

Depending on the scholarships you are looking for, the things that determine whether you get a Maynooth University Scholarship 2024 can be different. However, the following are some broad factors that are often taken into consideration.

  • Most of the time, academic performance is the most important factor.
  • Students with good grades or Leaving Certificate points are often given scholarships.
  • In your personal statement, you can tell the scholarship committee about yourself, your goals, and the things you have accomplished.
  • If you want to get into college or university, a good personal statement can really help.
  • Some scholarships are given to students who really need the money, so make sure you carefully read the eligibility requirements.
  • For research scholarships, your research experience and ability will be taken into consideration very carefully.
  • If you want to get a sports scholarship, your application will focus on your sports skills and accomplishments.
  • You can only get some scholarships if you are Irish or from the EU.
  • Some scholarships are given to students who are from groups that aren’t well-represented, like women or students with disabilities.

Important Dates For Maynooth University Scholarships 2024

Keep a check on the important dates of the Maynooth University Scholarships 2024 to apply early and make sure you become eligible for the desired scholarship.

Scholarship Name  Important Dates
Entrance Scholarships Via CAO Application
Maynooth International Freshman Scholarship March 31st, 2024
Taught Master’s Scholarships June 30th, 2024
MU Research Scholarships Rolling Applications
John & Pat Hume Doctoral Awards Feb 2nd, 2024
30% Club Scholarships June 30th, 2024
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees Varies by Program
Maynooth Access Scholarship April 30th, 2024
HEA Disability Awards May, 2024
Naughton Foundation Scholarship  March 31st, 2024
Link Credit Union Scholarship Feb 28th, 2024
Susan Hunter Postgraduate Scholarships June 30th, 2024
Dublin Port Company Scholarships March 31st, 2024
Edgeworth Graduate Students Scholarship June 30th, 2024
PhD Scholarship on Repurposing Rolling Applications
Nua-Ghaeilge Scholarship June 30th, 2024

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What is the entrance scholarship for Maynooth University?

First-year students who got 575 points or more on their Leaving Certificate immediately get the EUR 1,000 Entrance Scholarship through the CAO.

How much does it cost to go to Maynooth University for international students?

Fees to attend Maynooth University range from EUR 12,500 to EUR 17,500 per year. 

How to apply for a sports scholarship at Maynooth University?

You can apply by making a profile on the PAC system. The deadline for applications is April 1. Your application can be saved and sent when it’s ready. Maynooth University is dedicated to scholarships in sports. The university gave out over 200 sports scholarships in 2023, for several sports.

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