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MA in Statistics

MA in Statistics is the study of different concepts and applications of Statistics at an advanced level. This course is designed for students who are interested in Mathematics, Probability, and databases. This program enables students to acquire research, survey, and analytical skills. This course is available at countless universities in the USA, Sweden, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. Any individual with this degree has the opportunity to innovate new methodologies, improve existing methods, and revise theories to transform employment sectors like financial services, government, education, manufacturing, etc. 

Name of the Course Masters of Arts (MA) in Statistics
Programme level Postgraduate (PG)
Eligible Candidates Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics or other related academic disciplines
Course Duration 1 year to 2 years
Areas of Employment Government; Public Health; Logistics & Transportation; Finance & Banking; IT; Education
Top Job Profiles Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics, or other related academic disciplines

Why Choose MA in Statistics?

Individuals with an interest in data management and data analysis and strong problem-solving skills can choose to pursue a Master of Arts in Statistics. Bachelor’s degree holders with exemplary analytical and organizational skills are best suited for this graduate program. Opting for this degree program prepares students to engage in research projects and teaching in statistics and related fields. Additionally, the graduates also amass knowledge and skills that help them acquire jobs in the public and private sectors. 

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MA in Statistics Abroad

Universities all around the world offer a Master of Arts in Statistics for overseas students. Course duration for this program varies across countries and universities. People interested in this statistics program can check out the eligibility requirements, admission process, and other relevant information in the succeeding sections of this blog. 

Top Universities

International students can pursue MA in Statistics from the following universities abroad:

Universities Courses Course Duration QS World University Rankings 2023
University of California Berkley (UCB), USA M.A. Statistics 1 year 27
Columbia University, USA M.A. Statistics 2 years 22
Johns Hopkins University, USA M.A. Applied Mathematics & Statistics 2 years 24
University of Rochester, USA M.A. Statistics 2 years 147
University of California Santa Barbara, USA M.A. Statistics & Applied Probability  2 years 149
University of Buffalo, USA M.A. Biostatistics 2 years 425
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong M.A. Statistics 1 year 21
Uppsala University, Sweden M.A. Statistics 2 years 128
Stockholm University, Sweden M.A. Statistics 2 years 153
Umea University, Sweden M.A. Statistical Science 1 year 369
Orebro University, Sweden M.A. Applied Statistics 2 years
University of Leicester, UK M.A. Medical Statistics 1 year 279
University College Cork, Ireland M.A. Statistics 1 year 303
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia M.A. Applied Statistics 2 years 296
Massey University, New Zealand M.A. Applied Statistics 18 months 292
University of Canterbury, New Zealand M.A. Statistics 2 years 284


MA in Statistics fees in some of the top universities of the world are tabulated below:

Universities Annual Tuition Fees
UCB INR 13.9 lakh
Columbia University INR 39.87 lakh
Johns Hopkins University INR 49.2 lakh
University of Hong Kong INR 1.96 lakh
Uppsala University INR 5.73 lakh
University of Rochester INR 51.21 lakh
University of Leicester INR 16.94 lakh
Stockholm University INR 9.48 lakh
University College Cork INR 16.75 lakh
Swinburne University of Technology INR 12.58 lakh
Massey University INR 17.29 lakh

Eligibility Criteria

If anyone aspires to seek a Master of Arts in Statistics abroad, they/she/he needs to meet the following requirements:

  •  Applicants are required to complete Class 12 in the Science stream.
  • Candidates must have at least one bachelor’s degree in Statistics or related disciplines from certified institutions.
  • Students must have achieved the minimum score in the accepted English language proficiency test/s.
  • Students must have work experience if asked for by the universities of their choice.
  • Applicants must have cleared GMAT/GRE, if applicable.

Application Process

It is the convention to apply for an MA in Statistics abroad through the websites of universities. But interested applicants also have the option to take guidance from Leverage Edu experts and complete the admission process and other required procedures. Our study-abroad experts help international students with:

  • University selection through the AI Course Finder.
  • University application process: Fill out the application form and compile the essential documents.
  • Accommodation application
  • Visa Application
  • Student loan application
  • Foreign currency exchange, after a student, receives the conditional/unconditional offer letters and is about to go for higher education in her/their/his dream university.  

Required Documents

Applicants for MA in Statistics need to produce the following documents for concluding the admission process:

MA Statistics Syllabus

The curriculum of each academic institution depends on the objectives of the university and the intent of the faculty. Whatever may be the goal, the syllabus of each institution offering an MA in Statistics includes some common study areas. Here are some common topics in the syllabus of almost all universities:

  • Sampling Theory
  • Statistical Decision Theory
  • Distribution Theory
  • Linear Algebra
  • Linear Models
  • Statistical Inference
  • Regression Analysis
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Real Analysis
  • Experiment Design and Analysis
  • Probability
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Bayesian Inference
  • Actuarial Statistics
  • Survival Analysis
  • Quality Control

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Career Scope

MA in Statistics graduates acquire business, analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills during their course tenure, which empowers them to gain employment in scores of industries. They are mostly engaged in data analysis, data management, surveys, medical and sports statistics, and policy formulation. 

Here are some of the lucrative employment areas and job profiles from MA Statistics graduates:

Employment Areas

These graduates can seek job opportunities in the below-mentioned sectors:

  • Government, Inter-Government, Regional, and International organizations
  • Public Health
  • Finance and Banking
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Not-for-Profit Organisations 
  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

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Job Titles and Salaries

After completing MA in Statistics, graduates can be employed in any of the below-mentioned job positions:

Job Titles Average Annual Salary in the USA Average Annual Salary in the UK Average Annual Salary in Australia Average Annual Salary in India
Data Analyst $72,797
(INR 59.5 lakh)
(INR 40.23 lakh)
(INR 73.67 lakh)
INR 4.5 lakh
Enumerator $39,953
(INR 32.7 lakh)
(INR 34.13 lakh)
(INR 70.76 lakh)
INR 2.5 lakh
Data Engineer $1,31,500
(INR 1.08 cr)
(INR 53.44 lakh)
(INR 98.23 lakh)
INR 8 lakh
Business Analyst $82,632
(INR 67.63 lakh)
(INR 37 lakh)
(INR 90.04 lakh)
INR 6.8 lakh
Statistician $1,16,500
(INR 95.4 lakh)
(INR 43.81 lakh)
(INR 1.12 cr)
INR 4.5 lakh
Biostatistician  $1,16,856
(INR 96 lakh)
(INR 1.08 cr)
(INR 73.67 lakh)
INR 9 lakh


Q.1. Who is eligible for MA Statistics?

Ans: Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Statistics, or related domains is eligible for a Master of Arts in Statistics.

Q.2. What is the scope of an MA in Statistics?

Ans: Graduates of this graduate program can opt for Ph.D. in Statistics or MPhil in Statistics and gain employment as Data Analysts, statisticians, biostatisticians, Data engineers, Business analysts, and enumerators.

Q.3. What are the subjects in MA in Statistics?

Ans: This program is the study of topics like Sampling Theory, Distribution Theory, Multivariate Analysis, Statistical Decision Theory, Linear Algebra, Regression Analysis, Linear Models, and Statistical Inference.

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