Best Statistics Books

Best Statistics Books

Statistics is known as the most troublesome subject among Maths students. Without the help of a good book, it is not easy to learn its basics and crack the complex statistical problems. The application of Statistics in the real world is multifold as it is used extensively in the business, finance and marketing sector. Since these sectors deal with data analysis and predictions and making strategies accordingly, Statistics plays an essential role in helping business, marketing and financial professionals curate the best strategies to play out a particular capacity on the given dataset and numbers. Having the best books on statistics can help you understand its basic concepts and their applications. In this blog, we are bringing you a complete list of best Statistics books you must have to master this widely-used discipline.

Statistics by Robert S. Witte and John S. Witte

If you are new to learning the essentials of statistics, then this is the best book to start with. It will introduce you from the fundamentals of statistics and help you to get a good stronghold over the subject. Moreover, the basic concepts of statistics are explained in a simple manner and with the use of graphs and visual content. It is one of the best statistics books of all time and completing this read, you will be able to manage and understand a variety of coefficient and connection, hypothesis. Check out this link to buy this book.

Statistics for Business and Economics by- James T. McClave, P. George Benson and Terry T Sincich

Written by renowned statistics experts McClave, Benson and Sincich, this book perfectly introduces the major concepts of Statistics in terms of the context of business and economics. As one of the best statistics books for business professionals, it covers a wide range of topics through real data and applies technology to help the reader get a better understanding of this discipline. Incorporating case studies, activities and real-world examples, it encourages active learning and imparts readers with the key factors to consider to make informed decisions for a business. You can buy this book here.

Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data by— Charles Wheelan

While statistics can be a boring subject to study, this book ensures that the reader has fun while exploring the quintessential aspects of this discipline. Statistics is widely applied in almost every sector from game shows and sports to business and economics and this book focuses on the real-world applications of this discipline and how taking the right data and tools can help us answer many prominent questions like rising cases of Autism or the widespread use of consumer behaviour analysis by Netflix. It is one of the best statistics books for those who love this subject and want to unravel its global applications. Click here to buy this book.

Think Stats Probability and Statistics for Programmers by – Allen B. Downey

Amongst the most recommended and best Statistics books for developers, Think Stats Probability and Statistics by Programmers brings forward useful insights on python programming. This book offers procedures that are utilized to investigate genuine informational collections. It likewise responds to the most simple queries that come in Python developers’ brains. If you have fundamental aptitudes in Python language, then you can get familiar with the essential ideas of statistics more effectively with this book. It also delves deeper into studying the Python libraries which incorporate PMFs and CDFs libraries.

Statistics II for Dummies by – Deborah J. Rumsey

Another key mention in our list of best Statistics books, Statistics II for Dummies is for those pursuing a higher-level degree in this field as it explores advanced data analysis along with real-world applications as well as assessment strategies for better understanding of statistical analysis and results. It also encompasses topics like sorting and testing models, performing variance analysis, Rank Sum Test and much more.

Along with these, here are some more statistics books for beginners which you must check out:

Thus, we hope that this blog helped you find the best Statistics books you must have on your shelf to master the art of Statistical Science! Planning to study a degree in Mathematics or Statistics? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to help you explore suitable course and university combinations as per your interests and find the best one to ensure that you take an informed decision towards a rewarding career! Register for a free career counselling session with us now!

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