Cost of Living in Warsaw: A Guide

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Are you planning your higher education abroad? Are you already a student at the University of Warsaw? The idea of cost of living will surely strike your mind. Being an international student you would experience a major difference in prices of necessary things. We will provide you a rough estimate to overcome the confusion of cost of living in Warsaw. This blog covers the housing cost in Warsaw, transportation cost, cost of food, utilities expenses, etc. Keep reading to know more about Cost of Living in Warsaw Poland!

Warsaw is the home to many top-notch universities and it is the capital and largest city in Poland. Warsaw is located in Central Europe. It is an attractive study destination for students all over the world. The city is famous for the Warsaw Stock Exchange as it is the largest stick exchange in Central and Eastern Europe. As per the studies Warsaw is 52.7% less expensive than New York. In addition, compared to western Europe, Warsaw is less expensive Thus, being an affordable place for international students. 

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Why Choose Warsaw?

When you think about higher education or studying abroad, you would have many options. You might think that why should you choose Warsaw to pursue yor higher education. Here we present you some major reasons to choose Warsaw:

  • It is considered as the center of research and development, information technology outsourcing, and business process outsourcing, which will offer you great future opportunities.
  • Warsaw is the heat of Poland, it constitute many universities that offers quality education.
  • Some of the best universities in Warsaw Poland are:
  1. University of Warsaw
  2. Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw
  3. Warsaw University of Technology
  4. Medical University of Warsaw
  5. Jagiellonian University, Warsaw Campus
  6. Kozminski University
  7. Vistula University
  8. Warsaw School of Economics
  9. Warsaw University of Life Science
  10. SWPS University of Social Science and Humanities

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Cost of Living in Warsaw

The average monthly cost of living in Warsaw without rent is equivalent to 63,091.1₹ (3,168.0zł). The monthly cost of living in Wrasaw for a family with four members is ₹208724.9 which is equivalent to 10,424.8 zł without rent. Rent would probably be the thing where the major section of the money will be spent. The cost of accommodation in Warsaw will range between 1900 and 4500 zlotys ($459.36 and $1087.97) per month. If compared with Bangalore, the rent in Warsaw is 151.8% higher therefore, this city is 79.1% more expensive than Banglore.

Also, consider the following factors to know more about the cost of living in Warsaw:

Cost of Accommodation

The housing cost in Warsaw varies depending upon the area and type of accommodation chosen by an individual. It also depends on the type of lifestyle a student wants to spend while studying in Warsaw. Given below is the type of apartments and their respective rent on monthly basis:

Type of Apartment Rent in Zloyts
1 bedroom apartment in the city centre 3825.58 zł
1 bedroom apartment outside the city centre 2930.77 zł 
3 bedroom apartment in the city centre 7090.05 zł 
3 bedroom apartment outside the city centre 5033.52 zł 

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Cost of Food 

Given below is the list of some food items and their cost in Warsaw:

Items Cost in Zloyts
Milk (1 litre) 4.05 zł 
White Bread (500 grams) 4.66 zł 
12 Eggs 12.89 zł 
Rice (1 kg) 6.68 zł 
Cheese (1 kg) 37.92 zł 
Apples (1 kg) 3.85 zł 
Oranges (1 kg) 7.01 zł 
Banana (1 kg) 6.43 zł 
Tomato (1 kg) 15.22 zł 
Potato (1 kg) 3.51 zł 
Onion (1 kg) 4.31 zł 
Lettuce (1 head) 5.21 zł 
Meal at Restaurant 40.00 zł 
Cappuccino 13.74 zł 
McMeal at McDonald’s 30.00 zł 

Cost of Commutation

Here are some modes of transport in Wrasaw and their fare:

Transport Fare in Zloyts
Taxi 8.00 zł
A one-way ticket for local transport 4.40 zł
Monthly pass of local transport 110.00 zł
Gasoline (1 lit) 6.84 zł
Volkswagen Golf 115000.00 zł

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Cost of Utilities

You need to take out a part of the money for the day-to-day utilities like electricity bill, water bill, mobile bill, internet, etc. Prices of some of them are mentioned below:

Utility Price in Zloyts
Basic electricity, water, heating, cooling, and garbage bills for 85-meter square apartment 1163.02 zł
60 Mbps internet, unlimited data, as well as Cable/ADSL 57.10 zł
Monthly plan of mobile phone including calls and 10 GB data 41.90 zł,

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Cost of Studying in Warsaw

The average cost of studying in Warsaw varies according on the university, degree, and way of living. Tuition rates for overseas students range from 8931.35 Zloty to 26794.05 Zloty per year for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, according. PhD degrees range in price from 20095.53 Zloty to 22328.37 Zloty for a year. 

All the information provided will provide in-depth knowledge regarding the cost of living in Warsaw, Poland. The entire blog has covered a brief idea about the city as well as expenses that include the cost of accommodation, food cost, utilities, and transportation. This data would help aspiring students plan their budgets according to the cost of entities in Warsaw.


Is it expensive to live in Warsaw?

The monthly expense of a family of four in Warsaw is 2,542.9$ (10,431.0zł) without rent. The average cost of living in Warsaw for a single person without rent is 63,091.1₹ (3,168.0zł). As per the studies Warsaw is 52.7% less expensive than New York.

Is 4000 Pln a good salary in Poland?

The average monthly salary to live a comfortable life in Warsaw, Poland should be around 6,805.56 zł. Although, 4000 Pln is enough to be able to live in Poland.

How much is rent in Warsaw?

The rent generally varies based on the size of the apartment. 
35 square meters apartment = 1900 zlotys per month
35-50 square meters = 2400 zlotys/month
50-70 square meters = 3300 zlotys/month
More than 70 square meters = 4100 zlotys/month

This was all about the Cost of Living in Warsaw. If you have further queries or need assistance with your study abroad journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at Leverage Edu. We are here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

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