Masters Scholarships in Ireland for International Students 2023

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Master's Scholarships in Ireland for International Students

Are you planning to study in Ireland? If yes, then there are several scholarships available to help fund your studies so you can enjoy a more convenient study abroad experience. Ireland is a hub for world-class education, with popular universities and varied programmes at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Supposedly you are a student eligible for master’s programmes and have decided to pursue the same, then you might be looking for master’s scholarships. Worry not, for this blog on masters scholarships Ireland for international students is a great resource bank for students like you to ease your financial planning. Read below to know more. 

List of Masters Scholarships in Ireland

Masters scholarships Ireland help students to receive a particular amount as an award, tuition fee waiver, or other benefits. Below is a list of some of these master’s scholarships in Ireland. 

Name of Scholarship Amount 
International Student Scholarship€4,000 (INR 3.5 lakh)
DCU International Merit Scholarships (Fulbright)Upto €2,000 (INR 1.7 lakh)
DCU Taught Masters Program Award (Fulbright)Max €15,000 (INR 13.5 lakh)
VV Giri Global Excellence Scholarship50% – 100% Waiver of Tuition Fee
Centenary Scholarship Program100% of Tuition Fee for a year

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Government-Funded Master’s Scholarships in Ireland for International Students 

Next, there are master’s scholarships in Ireland for international students which are funded by the government. Let’s learn more about these scholarships below.

Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship

The Irish Higher Education Authority (HEA) is the body that manages this scholarship, inviting non-EU/EEA nationals to avail of the scholarship benefits for a year of master’s study in Ireland. As an international student, your application will be assessed on certain criteria. These are mentioned below, along with the scholarship amount awarded to students. 

Assessment Criteria 

  • The academic performance and background of the applicant
  • The work experience of the student
  • The references of the student (Two)
  • Personal Statement 
  • Benefits of Scholarships for you 

Scholarship Benefits

Stipend €10,000 (INR 9 lakh)
Tuition fee waiver100%

Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme

This scholarship is administered by the Irish Research Council, while the Irish Department of Education funds it. Students can avail of this scholarship to fund any course of their choice at an Irish university. Students who wish to apply for this scholarship can do so by being eligible; with a first-class or upper-second-class bachelor’s degree. The application window starts at the beginning of September and goes up to the start of November. If you are successful in applying for the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme, the below-mentioned benefits shall be yours to avail. 

Annual Stipend €18,500 (INR 16.5 lakh)
Contribution to tuition fees€5,750 (INR 5 lakh) per year
Contribution to direct research expenses€3,250 (INR 2.9 lakh) per year 

Fulbright Scholarships

When you decide to apply for Fulbright Scholarships, there are six different categories offered to international students. Read about them below. 

Scholarship Amount 
Hugh Lane Gallery Curatorial AwardA stipend of max €20,000 (INR 17.8 lakh)
UCD Taught Masters Program AwardMax €15,000 (INR 13.4 lakh)
Open Study/Research AwardA stipend of max €15,000 (INR 13.4 lakh)
RCSI PhD awardsMax €170,400 (INR 1.5 crore) (for four years)
Peter Real Analog Bernal AwardsVaries 
DCU Taught Masters Program AwardVaries 

Irish Aid Fellowships

Some of the Irish Aid Fellowships for international students all around the world are tabulated below for your reference. 

Name Fellowship for 
Ireland-Asia Fellows ProgrammeCambodia, Laos and Vietnam nationals
Ireland-Palestine Scholarship ProgrammePalestine nationals
Ireland-SIDS Fellows Programme Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Pacific and Caribbean regions
Courtney Fellowship Burundi nationals
Kader Asmal Fellowship South Africa nationals
Ireland-Vietnam Fellows ProgrammeVietnam nationals
Frank Ferguson Fellowship in EngineeringZambia nationals
Seán MacBride FellowshipNamibia nationals

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Master’s Scholarships in Ireland for International Students from Universities 

Now, along with government-funded scholarships, there are also masters scholarships Ireland for international students from universities in Ireland. These scholarships can be merit-based while providing a full-tuition fee waiver. 

Name of University Scholarships 
Trinity College DublinGlobal Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship,Brazilian Scholarship for Irish Studies – ABEI/HADDAD Fellowship, etc. 
University College DublinUCD Global Scholarships
NUI GalwayPG Merit Scholarships 
University of LimerickUniversity of Limerick Scholarships
Dublin City UniversityDCU Merit Scholarships

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Tips to Apply 

So we have successfully shared various Masters Scholarships Ireland for International Students 2023. When it comes to applying, here are some of the top tips and ways to apply. 

  1. Prepare a CV which is precise and competent
  2. When you are writing your letter of motivation, don’t forget to include details of the benefits you are bringing to the university
  3. Make sure to submit your application way before the deadline
  4. Make sure to arrange LORs from your home university
  5. Convey your motivations and reasons for the need for the particular scholarship

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How to get a scholarship in Ireland for Masters?

You need to show your academic performance, have a convincing letter of motivation, LORs, and more to get masters scholarship Ireland. 

Can you get a full scholarship in Ireland?

Yes you can get full masters scholarship Ireland. 

Is Ireland worth it for masters?

Yes, for many Ireland is better than USA for masters. 

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