Karlstad University Global Scholarship Program

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Karlstad University Global Scholarship Program

Sweden is amongst the Top 10 happiest places on the Earth. If that does not make studying in Sweden the best option, we don’t know what will! Education and mental health go hand in hand. Sweden also has the best educational regimes of all time. These are a few reasons why one should definitely consider studying in Sweden aided by secure scholarships such as Karlstad University Global Scholarship Program. This scholarship is however only for international students outside the European Union/European Economic Area (and Switzerland) aspiring to study at Karlstad University, Sweden.

University or OrganizationKarlstad University
Course LevelAny Program
Award25% to 100% of the tuition fees
Access ModeOnline
Number of AwardsVaries
NationalityInternational Students

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Karlstad University Global Scholarship Program

Karlstad University Global Scholarship Program is aimed at promoting the educational life of the most meritorious students outside the European Union/European Economic Area (and Switzerland). The scholarship allows students to pay only a reasonable amount of the tuition fees that the scholarship cannot provide depending on the merit list. The scholarship is considered only if the students have paid the application fee in full or are exempted from paying the same. However, this global scholarship to the prestigious University of Sweden is not available to the following 12 countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

About the Scholarship

Karlstad University Global Scholarship Program covers a part of the tuition fees or the full amount. However, the examination fees and living expenses are exempt from the scholarship amount. Getting a residence permit makes the entire process much simpler as funds can be then reflected for the same. Some important points about the scholarship are:

  • The scholarship amount will be reflected in the letter of scholarship of the applicant.
  • The scholarship might cover 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of the tuition fees.
  • Examination fees and living expenses are exempt from the scholarship.

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Application Deadlines

Karlstad University Global Scholarship Program has just closed the application window for the year 2023. The last date of application was the 1st of February, 2023. The applications opened for this year on December 1st, 2022. However, one has to apply to Karlstad University before applying for the scholarship. The applicants can apply at: https://kau.varbi.com/what:registrations/

How to Apply?

The students who have already applied for any course at Karlstad University, Sweden, can apply for this scholarship. The stages of application are given below for the reference of interested students.

  • Apply to a course at Karlstad University.
  • Check eligibility for taking the Scholarship.
  • Move to the application link given above.
  • Submit all the necessary documentation.
  • Meet the English language requirements with the preferred English language proficiency test.

Documents Required

While every University has its own list of documents that are required for admission, there are some common documents that all Universities require during the application process. These are the following documents that the students would need to produce.

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Eligibility Criteria

While the first criterion for eligibility is that the applicant should have applied to the University, there are some things that the applicant should NOT be a part of.

  • Living in Sweden for 2 years or more before the scholarship starts.
  • Holding a Swedish PR or work visa.
  • Holding any other scholarship from a Swedish Institute or University.
  • A Master’s degree from a Swedish University.

Selection Procedure

  • Selection for the scholarship starts after the selection into the University.
  • Priority is given to the merit and determination of studying.
  • The scholarship is provided for the courses starting during the fall.
  • The scholarship is valid only for the particular program duration.
  • In case of deferment, the scholarship becomes invalid.
  • Also, if the student changes the scholarship program, there is a high chance that the scholarship might become invalid.

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This is a very high-standard scholarship that has a lot of benefits that exceed the financial benefits of the scholarship.

  • This scholarship increases the students’ credibility for higher studies after finishing off at Karlstad University.
  • Students get recognized for their educational merit in case of exchange semesters.
  • Students get a 25% to 100% scholarship on the tuition fees depending on their merit.
  • The scholarship application is entirely online.

The Final Word

Scholarships have always put the meritorious students capable of gaining the right education that they have always dreamt of. It is a great way to advance education with the least trouble of arranging finances. While education loans are always there to support the education of international students, scholarships mark the credibility of the students in an International institution. Karlstad University Global Scholarship Programme is one of the best for studying at zero tuition fees in Sweden while accessing the best educational regimes in the country. 

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Q1. How can I get a 100% scholarship?

Ans. Getting a full scholarship requires a student to be less evasive and more immersive in education. There should be as less gaps in education as possible. The continuity is proof that the student will do well in academics and be able to uphold the essential requirements of the scholarship. One has to take preparations in advance so that there is no ambiguity at the time of application for the scholarship. There might be other important eligibility criteria as well. These must be checked on the official websites from time to time.

Q2. Can I get a full scholarship in Sweden?

Ans. Yes. there are full scholarships available in Sweden. The country is known for immersive educational opportunities with very affordable pocket-friendly tuition costs. There are 4 full scholarship schemes in Sweden. These however have very limited seats and thus, students must prepare beforehand to be able to crack into one.
Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals
Adlerbert Study Scholarships
Lund University Global Scholarship
Karlstad University Global Scholarship

Q3. What does a 50% scholarship mean?

Ans. 50% scholarship essentially refers to the fact that the student would have to bear half of the tuition fees and also the examination fees for the course. This is contradictory to the 100% scholarship which essentially means the tuition is free and the student only has to provide for the examination fees.

How can an Indian student get a scholarship in Sweden?

Indian students who are planning to study in Sweden have a number of Global scholarships to apply to. This is the list of the scholarships available for them.
Stockholm University Scholarship Scheme
Karlstad University Global Scholarship Programme
Blekinge Institute of Technology Scholarship Programme
KTH Royal Institute of Technology Tuition Fee Waivers
Halmstad University Scholarships
Chalmers IPOET Scholarships
Umea University Scholarships
Kristianstad University Scholarships
Lund University Global Scholarship Programme

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