Postgraduate Scholarship in Australia: List (Out), Qualification and Rewards

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Postgraduate Scholarship in Australia

A study says “74% of the students move abroad in aim to study postgraduate programs in different countries”. A lot of students aim to study abroad but may face difficulties such as financial constraints and are not able to support their education. To attract thousands of students to their universities and country, Australia provides a lot of scholarships to students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies and research programs. In this blog, we have given out a list of postgraduate scholarships in Australia along with their details.


Carnegie Mellon University Scholarships

Carnegie Mellon University is one of the most preferred organizations for students to pursue their studies. There are many scholarships available by this university to promote Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs. 

These scholarships are the Presidential Scholarship, the Carnegie Scholarship, the Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Grant and many more. 

Granted ByCarnegie Mellon University 
Amount GrantedVaries on Scholarships
Educational QualificationsMinimum 70-80% in their Undergraduate Degrees

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Swinburne International Excellence Scholarships

The Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship is provided by the Swinburne University of Technology for students who are pursuing postgraduate programs in this university.  Majorly, the value of this scholarship is around 30% of the annual fees of any specified courses.

Refer to the table below for more information and details:

Granted BySwinburne University of Technology
Amount Granted30% of Annual Fees
Educational QualificationsAcademic Excellence: Minimum of 60-70% Marks

Melbourne Research Scholarship

To promote more and more research programs, many universities all over Australia are now providing stipends to these students so that they can move forward with their studies while bearing their expenses. One such scholarship is the “Melbourne Research Scholarship”. The candidates need to apply separately for this scholarship, they will be considered automatically if they apply for the university.

Here are the details:

Granted ByThe University of Melbourne
Amount Granted100% Fee up to $135,000
Number of Scholarships350

Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships

One of the primary scholarships provided to students who are studying in Australian Universities that are based on the candidate’s needs, academic, and financial needs. To apply for these scholarships, the candidates have to visit the official website and fill in the application form. 

Here are the other details of the scholarship that you should refer to:

Granted ByDepartment of Education of Australian Government
Amount Granted$32,500
Educational QualificationsUndergraduate or Postgraduate, and Personal Statement

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Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship

Endeavour Scholarships are major scholarships that are provided to candidates who wish to study in Australia. There are three main types of Endeavour Scholarships Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships, Endeavour Research Scholarships and Endeavour Executive Scholarships.

Here are the details of one such type of Endeavour Scholarship i.e Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships: 

Granted ByAustralian Government
Amount GrantedAUD 272,500
Educational QualificationsGraduate and Postgraduate Students


Can I get a fully funded postgraduate scholarship in Australia?

Yes, students can surely get fully funded scholarships for their postgraduate studies in Australia.

What CGPA is required for a postgraduate scholarship in Australia?

Most of the scholarships in Australia are granted based on the candidate’s merit. The minimum marks required for admission are 50-60%.

How can I apply for a postgraduate scholarship in Australia?

To apply for the postgraduate scholarship in Australia, the candidate must visit the official website of the scholarship they wish to apply for. 

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