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Karlstad Universitet

Karlstad, Sweden



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Situated in the city of Karlstad,Sweden,Karlstad Universitet is a state university which was founded in 1967 as the Karlstad campus of the University of Gothenburg.It was later elevated to the status of a university in 1999.Karlstad Universitet has created a tranquil and focused learning environment for its students due to its location at a quiet residential area .The university focuses on high quality education which can be accessible to all. The key feature of Karlstad Universitet is its academic and research profile.It offers one of the world’s leading research centers focusing on service management and value creation. The university has about 40 educational institutes,30 programs and 900 courses within Humanities, Social Sciences, History, Mathematics, Psychology, Law, Sport and Health, Drama, English and Creative Writing and many others. The courses are developed in such a manner that instills transferable skills which are useful for study or employment in the future. The university proves to be different by believing that higher education should allow individuals to develop new ways of making a positive impact in the world. Karlstad Universitets’ vibrant campus is environmental friendly by staying self sufficient of heat and cold through a plant installed in the building.This plant ensures a moderate atmosphere throughout the day.The sprawling campus is stacked with all the basic amenities,teaching spaces,cafes,laboratories and a library.It is focusing on building a sustainable campus by adopting the latest technological trends to control energy consumption and reduce carbon.
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