Structured Information Regarding The Greece Student Visa Requirements In 2024

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Greece Student Visa Requirements

The academic history of Greece is one of the most popular things among the student population across the world. The subjects of archaeology, philosophy, arts,  history, and humanities are what Greek universities are looked up to. The culture and ancient history richness the country provides is unmatched. Not just the education but the student life provided by the country is also the talk of the town. To know how you can study in Greece and get a visa for Greece read the following blog to the end and be completely versed with the Greece student visa requirements and all the other essential information.


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What Is A Greece Student Visa?

Greece student visa is a form of permit that allows international students to enter the country and live in the country as normal citizens for the permitted period to pursue education or research programs. The Greece student visa also gives the student certain other rights like the right to work part-time in the country or the right to travel in and out of the country without applying each time for a new visa. It is a combination of a study permit plus a travel visa.

Greece Student Visa Requirements

Eligibility Criteria for Greece Student Visa

Check below the given eligibility criteria to get student visa for Greece:

  • Application form

Get a visa application form, fill it out with the correct information, and keep it ready for submission when you are planning to apply.

  • Passport

You need to get yourself a valid passport that has two blank pages and is valid for the duration of your stay in the country.

  • Acceptance letter

You need to apply and get selected by a university in Greece in advance and pr

ovide an acceptance letter from the university you have applied to has to be provided as proof of your acceptance, along with the details of the course and its relevance.

  • Proof of previous education

You must be able to provide proof of your prior education or any related course that you have pursued in your or any other country.

  • Character Certificate

You need to provide a character certificate from the countries that you have lived in previously including the parent country to show that there is no criminal record or existing criminal case pending against you.

  • Health requirements

You must go through all the health tests that are asked by the country show a record of being physically fit and must have health insurance covering your stay duration for any kind of medical emergency.

  • Bank statement

Like all other countries, you are required to provide proof of finances for the stay in the country for Greece too. You must have minimum finances with you to make sure you can live in the country satisfactorily and sustain yourself for the entire duration of the stay. If you have a sponsored education you are required to provide proof of the same.

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Greece Student Visa Requirements For Documents 

The following list of Greece student visa requirements for documents that are compulsorily required for you to get a visa are as follows:

Greece Student Visa Requirements
  • A Passport, with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of departure
  • Admission notice or a formal admission letter from the university in Greece where you are selected with the university stamp on it
  • Recently taken Passport size photograph according to the guidelines provided by the country
  • You need to download a visa application, fill it with the right information and submit it along with the other documents on the online website of the country
  • A completed temporary accommodation registration form or the contract made with the provider
  • An itinerary or a cover letter with the dates of departure and arrival in the country convincing enough to show and make the visa provider believe that you would return to your native country.
  • Medical examination records provided by a certified doctor and a medical insurance copy

Application Process For The Greece Student Visa

The following are the steps to be followed for the application process of Greece student visa application:

  • First of all, shortlist the universities, take the required tests or interviews as asked, get shortlisted and enrol in one of the Greek universities to get the acceptance letter for the application for the visa
  • Fill out the application form online or at a Greek consulate or embassy with the correct information and submit the scanned documents first along with the fee payment receipt after paying the fee
  • Pay the visa application fees online or at the consulate as asked
  • Schedule the interview for the visa
  • Go to the embassy for the interview on the scheduled date and submit the documents there in assembled format as asked 
  • Wait for the decision and keep tracking your application on the official website to be prepared for the travel

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What is the processing time for a Greece Student Visa application?

The processing time for a Greece Student Visa Application can take a couple of weeks to as long as 90 days. However, the time depends on several factors including the availability of all the correct information, and documents and the complexity of the application. It is advised to apply 4 months in advance to reduce last-minute troubles.

What is the cost of the Greece student visa?

The cost of a student visa to Greece is 6860 INR for a duration of 90 days and a validity of six months for a single or multiple entry visa.

What is the validity of a Greece student visa?

The validity of a Greece student visa lasts till the program you have applied to lasts. However, the visa can be extended or renewed if and as needed if you are taking up another program or have acquired a job, etc.

We hope you understand everything about the Greece Student Visa Requirements. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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