A Guide To Belgium Student Visa Fees in 2024 – 2025

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belgium student visa fees

Belgium is considered one of the most peaceful and safest countries in the world. It is famous for its beer, waffles, chocolate etc. Belgium offers a quality of life with an advanced economy along with it one can get many affordable study programs at all academic levels. The major attraction for international students is the trilingual education system and the affordable tuition fees to move to Belgium. In this article, we will discuss the Belgium Student Visa Fees and other aspects related to it.


What Is a Belgium Student Visa?

Overseas students who aspire to study in Belgium have to acquire a student visa for Belgium first.It is a legal requirement to acquire a Belgium Student Visa if you want to study in Belgium and this can’t be exempt.In a condition where you do not need to have a Belgium Student Visa if:

  • The applicant is from the EU or EEA  Citizen
  •  the applicant is from the Schengen Country
  • You are from the US, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Andorra, Australia, and Monaco. If someone is from the mentioned countries then he /she can apply for a residence permit directly after entering Belgium.
belgium student visa fees

Belgium Student Visa Fees

To know about the Belgium Student Visa Fees one can refer to the below given table which elaborates Belgium Student Visa Fees according to the different categories-

Type Of VisaVisa Fees In Euros
Short Term Visa80
Long Term Visa180

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Mode Of Payment For The Belgium Student Visa

An applicant can pay the visa fee at the Belgium Embassy or Consulate or at the Visa application centre when you apply for the Belgium Visa. Depending upon where an applicant applies the amount can be paid visa–

  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Debit Card

If there is a condition that your country uses a currency other than Euro then the applicant has to pay in his/her country’s currency as per the applicable exchange rate.

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How To Get A Belgium Visa?

To get a Belgium Student Visa one has to follow the below-mentioned steps :

  • Before taking a step ahead to apply for the Belgium Student Visa one must have been accepted by the authorised university located in Belgium.
  • After getting accepted by the university one has to fill out the application form by downloading and printing it online.it is advisable that you fill the application form with the correct and the updated information.
  • Applicants should gather all his/her documents which should be updated and demonstrate correct information of yours.
  • Schedule a visa appointment at the embassy to submit your application for the Belgium student visa and your documents along with it.
  • Lastly, you have to prepare for the student visa interview as you will be asked to enter an interview where you will be asked questions related to your study plans and future goals in Belgium.

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Processing Time For The Estonia Student Visa

The processing time for the Belgium Student Visa is 10 to 30 days. The time to process your application gets started from the day you submit your application. When the processing time is over you will get a response from the embassy or the consulate via SMS or email with your visa result. There may be a delay in the processing time if the immigration consulates need any information or any additional documents so it is advised to provide each detail with a focused and alert mind.

belgium student visa fees

How Much Bank Balance Is Required for the Belgium Student Visa?

To get a Belgium Student Visa one has to prove that he/she maintains the required amount of bank balance in their account as it is crucial to convince Belgium Migration Authorities that one can bear all expenses in Belgium while staying there. It is required that your income must be around 666 Euros per month including medical care, accommodation, living and study costs.

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Validity Of A Belgium Student Visa

Belgium student visa validity is 2 years although it depends on your study program there is a way that you can renew your visa if your study program lasts for more than your visa duration. If the applicant’s chosen course gets completed within the time limit which is two years then you have to come back to your home country or can apply to get your visa extended.


How do I prove funds for a student visa in Belgium?

A bank statement, custody statement and security statement usually qualify as proof of funds. An applicant can provide any of the documents to prove that one has sufficient funds in the account to bear the expenses there.

How to apply for a student visa for Belgium?

To apply for a Belgium student Visa one has to follow several steps such as collecting the required documents, filling up the application form and booking an appointment at the embassy to submit the application. Lastly, you have to pay the fees and wait for the result of your visa approval.

How much of a study gap is acceptable in Belgium?

A 10 years of study gap is allowed in Belgium. This period of gap also depends upon what you want to do and you also have to provide the information of your gap in the interview.

Can I stay in Belgium after studying?

Yes, you can stay in Belgium by applying for an orientation year and extending your stay in Belgium.

Here we end our article which was about the Belgium Student Visa Fees and to know more about the visa abroad you can follow the Leverage Edu’s page.

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