Boosting Your Deakin University Visa Success Rate: Key Strategies For 2024

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deakin university visa success rate

Deakin University is a very well-reputed University in the world. In the University ranking 2023, Deakin University stands at 251-300 according to the Times Higher Education.  The jobs of the future and research that enables a difference in our communities are connected to education by Deakin University. Deakin University is well-reputed for being innovative and visionary. Nursing, business, Exercise and Sport Science, Biomedical Science and commerce are some of the overall most popular courses at Deakin University. In this article, we will explore the Deakin University Visa Success Rate and its related aspects.


Deakin University Visa Success Rate

The acceptance rate of Deccan University is between 85.1-86.6 per cent which is not that competitive for aspiring students and for the same reason, Deakin University got insane numbers of applications which were around 34,615 each year. University acceptance rate also depends upon the course you are going to apply for and seats and the competitiveness of that program or course. Here is the link to Deakin University for your reference. (https://www.deakin.edu.au/)

deakin university visa success rate

Reasons Behind Deakin University Visa Rejection

Here are the basic reasons why your visa might get rejected:

Incorrect Documents: If the applicant is not providing proper documents then the rejection of the Deakin University Visa becomes high and causes problems.

Insufficient Financial Proof: If the applicant is not able to provide sufficient funds in the bank account then the immigration officer will not pass your application because they only allow that applicant who can bear the cost of living there.

Unable To prove English Proficiency: To move to Deakin, the applicant must prove that he/she is proficient in English; this can be proven through the scorecard of the IELTS and TOEFL scorecard.

Incorrect Information In The Application: Applicants must take care of the information which he/she is providing in the application. Misinformation in the application can cause visa rejection.

Lack Of Clear Intention: In the interview the applicant has to prove the clear intention of visiting the country with transparency and if the applicant is found with improper intentions then the visa will be rejected.

Criminal History: An applicant must have a clear criminal history and must avoid engaging in any crime. If the applicant has any criminal record then the immigration officers will reject the visa.

Ties To Home: An applicant must prove to the immigration officer that he/she will return back to their home country after the completion of the studies.

How to Avoid Deakin University Visa Rejection Reasons

Keep reading if you want to know how you can avoid the rejection by knowing these major visa rejection reasons:

Support Regarding Pre-Application Support: The applicant is required to attend webinars and sessions in which they will be guided about the application process for visa application process and this will help them to understand the process clearly and ask questions if they have any doubts at any point.

Correct Documents: Applicants are suggested to prepare a checklist of all the documents, collect all documents accordingly and attach them in the required format. Sometimes attachment of documents in an inappropriate manner can cause the cancellation of your visa application.

Financial Proof: Applicants have to prove that he/she has sufficient funds in their bank account to bear the cost of living in Australia, so it will be helpful for you if you maintain the required fund balance in the bank account to prove and enhance your Deakin University visa success rate.

English Proficiency: The applicant has to prove that he/she is good in English by showing the score card of their IELTS and TOEFL.it is important to show your proficiency in English because the Immigrant officer will allow you if you are not proficient in English. After all, the language of communication to survive and the language of instruction of your course will be English only.

Statement Of Purpose: Applicants should attend a workshop on how to write an SOP which is the statement of Purpose in which the student must explain clearly about his/her visit to the country and they also have to commit the intention that after completing the course they will return to their country.

Legal Visa Advice: Students are advised to take legal advice from professionals as it is not possible for someone to get all the information and aspects related to it in such a short period of time no matter how intelligent you are. This will make your application process easy and error-free and at any time if you feel doubtful you can connect with the legal advisor.

Alumni Network: At webinars, students can make network connections with the students who have achieved their visa successfully and regularly discuss with them to avoid any sort of mistakes and errors in their application.

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Deakin University Visa Processing Time

After applying for the Deakin students will receive an email from the Deakin University within two days. The visa processing time for the undergraduate and postgraduate programs is forty-eight hours and eight weeks is the visa processing time for programs like research degrees, including PhD and Masters by research. 

deakin university visa success rate

How to Reapply for a Deakin University Visa After Rejection?

Here are the steps how you can reapply for a Deakin University visa after a rejection

Reasons For The Previous Visa Rejection

Applicants must identify the reason behind the visa’s previous rejection and that will help the applicant to work on the application more efficiently and improve the mistakes in the application from the core.

Statement Of Purpose

In the application of purpose, the student must clearly state the intention to study and return back to the home country after studies. and the applicant has to clearly mention the reasons behind the previous visa rejection and how he/she worked to overcome prior visa rejection reasons.

Required Documents

Applicants have to collect the required documents and match them at least once with the detailed checklist to ensure that you are having all the documents and attach them with the required documents. applicants should collect updated or additional documents needed such as a new offer letter from Deakin University if the previous one has expired.

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Financial Documents 

Applicants have to prove that he/she maintains the required balance in the bank account to bear the cost of living there.it is necessary to prove your funds are well sufficient to live there.

Health And Care Documents

The applicant while planning to move to Deakin must be in good health as it is important otherwise the Immigration Officer will not allow you to proceed further in the process of moving to Deakin as they want anyone to be a threat to their country.

Seek Assistance

Applicants can contact and connect to Deakin University’s International Student Support office and consider using a certified educationist for guidance through the application process.


Track your application process through the online tracking system provided by the Ministry Of Home Affairs. Here is the website of the Ministry Of Home Affairs(https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/). Applicants are advised to respond carefully to the visa authorities if they ask for any requirements or documents.

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What is the visa acceptance rate of Deakin University?

75 per cent is the acceptance rate of Deakin University. For international students, Deakin University offers more than 100 undergraduate and 157 postgraduate programs. Deakin University offers various courses in many fields such as Engineering, Business, Nursing, health and many more.

How long does Deakin take to accept?

After applying you will get an email from Deakin University which will be a confirmation mail after this within Eight weeks your visa will be processed most probably if there is no major error in your application.

Is an Australian student visa easy to get?

Students who want to study in Australia must meet certain requirements to qualify for the visa.
And yes, it is easy to get an Australian student visa as compared to other countries.

Here we end our article which was about the Deakin University Visa Success rate to get more information about jobs abroad, universities and visas abroad stay connected with Leverage Edu’s page.

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