Tanzania Student Visa Process

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tanzania student visa process

Tanzania is located in the East of Africa. and it is well renowned for its beaches, friendly people and unique places. To conduct a visa system Tanzania has a set of policies to make the foreigner’s trip convenient and safe. Tanzania has different categories of visa. In this blog, we will learn about the Tanzania Student visa and its other aspects such as the documents required, eligibility criteria needed, how to apply for the Tanzania Student Visa and the cost of the Tanzania Student Visa. 


What Is The Tanzania Student Visa Process?

To study in Tanzania a candidate must have to acquire a student visa which is a legal requirement.to apply for the student visa it is required that the student must have admission to a university located in Tanzania. The student visa process in Tanzania includes several steps to complete such as meeting eligibility criteria, attaching correct documents, filling out the application form and paying for it.

tanzania student visa process

Tanzania Student Visa Process- Documents Required

Documents required for the  Tanzania Student Visa are mentioned  below in points-

  • A valid Passport will be required
  • A passport-size photo will be required
  • A certificate of registration of a University or School will be required
  • An evidence of scholarship and sponsorship will be required enrolment will be required
  • An applicant has to provide an admission letter
  • A letter of support from the home institution will be required

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Tanzania Student Visa Process -Eligibility Criteria

To study in Tanzania there is an eligibility criteria which is required for the aspiring student to fulfil before taking a step ahead and going to fill out the application process-

  • A letter of acceptance from a recognised university to prove that the applicant got the admission in the university to study.
  •  An applicant has to provide proof of sufficient funds which is to demonstrate that the applicant is able to bear the expenses in Tanzania.
  • Private medical insurance is also required for which applicants have to show the documents.
  • The applicant has to prove that he/she will return back to their home country as soon as the course is completed.
tanzania student visa process

Tanzania Student Visa Process-How To Apply?

To apply for the Tanzania student visa one can refer to the below-mentioned points to know the process clearly-

  • Applicant must have an admission letter from the Tanzanian University.
  • Applicants have to fill out the application form with the correct information
  • After filling out the form, the applicant is required to attach the documents in the correct format with the application
  • After filling out the form and attaching the documents, the applicant has to pay the fees in the end.
  • Lastly, an applicant just has to wait for the visa approval and if your visa gets the approval then you will get a stamp on your passport.

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Cost Of Tanzania Student Visa

The cost of a Tanzania Student visa differs in different student visa categories refer to the below given table to get an idea of the cost-

Student Visa Fees
Student Visa For Three Months50 
Multiple One Year250
Research Multiple 6 Months300
PhD Student Multiple One-Year550

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 Processing Time For The  Tanzania Student Visa

Tanzania Student Visa Processing time differs depending upon the way you choose to apply:

Online: Standard processing takes 9 business days while rush processing takes 7 business days and super rush processing takes 5 business days. The cost for all three tiers is 100 USD.

Embassy/Consulate: The minimum processing time is five working days and there might be a delay depending upon the embassy or consulate


How to apply for a student visa in Tanzania?

There are several steps involved in applying for a Student Visa In Tanzania first a student has to acquire the admission letter and then fill out the application. and before the application, an applicant also has to meet the eligibility criteria while having the correct documents.

How long does a Tanzania visa take to approve?

Visa applications without any discrepancy take ten days to get processed but if there is any wrong information or the documents are not correct then there will be a delay in the application to get approved.

How to get a Tanzania visa from India?

To get the Tanzania Visa you can apply online, make a payment and in the end, you just need to submit the application form. your form will be internally reviewed and processed.

How can I get my visa approved faster?

To get the visa approval faster you can take some of the steps such as applying earlier, filling out the application should be error-free, hiring the right consultancy and demonstrating a sufficient amount of funds with proper documentation.

Here we end our article which was about the Tanzania Student Visa and to read more about the visa abroad you can follow the Leverage Edu’s page.

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