Student Visa for Egypt: All You Need to Know 

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student visa for egypt

International students wanting to study in Egypt need a student visa. A student visa legally permits a student to study in the country. Egypt is not only home to popular universities but has low tuition fees and living expenses. Moreover, studying in Egypt means getting exposure to the unique fusion of African, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cultures. As an international student planning to study in the country, you must be aware of the Egypt student visa: its eligibility requirements, documentation application process, and more. In this blog, we have covered all this information. Keep reading to know more about them.


Types of Egypt Visas 

Just like any other country, Egypt offers a variety of visas. However, a student visa for Egypt is not one of them. Below are the different types of visas provided to visit Egypt.

student visa for egypt
  • Tourist Visa: This visa is given for tourism purposes or any other non-business related activities This visa can take around 5-7 days to be processed 
  • Business Visa: A business visa is given to those who want to visit the country for business-related activities
  • Entry Visa: An entry visa is given to those who want to join their family in Egypt, attend a conference, internship, workshop or festival 
  • Work Visa: A work visa is given to a foreigner to seek employment in Egypt 

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How can I get Student Visa for Egypt?

Egypt offers student visas to international students. However, unlike other countries, you cannot apply for a student visa for Egypt from India. The reason is, that no consulate outside of Egypt can issue a student visa! Hence, as an international student, you will have to first apply for a tourist visa. Once a tourist visa is approved you can visit Egypt and apply for a student visa.

Eligibility Requirements for a Student Visa for Egypt 

The eligibility requirements for a student visa for Egypt are as follows. You must meet all these requirements to successfully send a visa application.

  • Must have received an offer letter from an educational institution in Egypt 
  • Additionally, you must have sufficient funds to cover the expenses for studying in Egypt, You must also have sufficient funds to cover the living expenses for the duration of your stay.
  • Must have sent an application for a student visa within 30 days of arriving 
  • Moreover, you must also register with the local police station. This has to be done within 7 days of arrival to Egypt.

Documentation Requirements for a Student Visa for Egypt 

At the time of applying for a student visa, you are required to present certain documents. The following documents must be presented to obtain a student visa for Egypt. 

student visa for egypt

Steps to Take Before Departure to Egypt

The following steps must be taken before your departure to Egypt. These steps will help ensure that you can send a successful visa application.

  • Only citizens from certain countries need to obtain a tourist visa before travelling. For example, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Georgia, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia, Sri Lanka, Africa, etc.
  • Make sure to check in the Egypt consulate/embassy in the home county regarding changing the tourist visa to a student visa
  • After arriving in Egypt, the university will work with the Ministry of Higher Education regarding your student residency. Therefore, it is important to take up a minimum of 12 credit hours course (9 for graduate students) for enrollment purposes

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Steps to Take After Arriving in Egypt

The following steps must be taken after arriving in Egypt to obtain a student visa for Egypt.

  • Students from specific countries must register their passports with the business support office. For example, students from India, Bangladesh, Iran, etc
  • Students from these regions cannot extend their tourist visas. However, if the security approval has been delayed then a letter from the business support office must be obtained.  The letter confirms the enrollment at the university and that the visa is under processing period. In such cases, the stay of the student is legal.

Watch the video below to learn about the Egypt visa application process

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Procedures for All International Students

All international students must follow the steps below to obtain a student residency.

  • Fill out the business support form and visit the business support office for details. The business support office will email you the details regarding the visa appointment and process 
  • Those who are yet to receive security approval can extend their stay for 1 semester as per the government. 
  • International students with travel plans outside Egypt and who have applied for a 6-month tourist visa extension can leave the country after obtaining the residency card. Later on, they will have to pay $25 after arriving in Egypt and apply for a new visa extension. Multiple-entry visas are not given in the country.
  • International students from specific countries (India, Pakistan, Africa, etc) will not be given a tourist visa extension. However, the university can issue a letter to prove that you have been enrolled and are finalising your residency status. 

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Student Residency Fees for Egypt 

The student residency fees and the fees for tourist visa renewal are provided below

Particulars Fees 
Student visa residency fees EGP  2,090
Tourist visa renewal feesEGP 2,090 (3-6 months)

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Is Egypt good for students?

Yes. Egypt is an excellent study-abroad destination. The country has top-ranked universities, affordable living costs, and low tuition fees. Moreover, it is culturally vibrant. 

Do you need a visa to study in Egypt?

Yes. To study in Egypt you need a visa or a study permit. Therefore, it is important to apply for a student visa after arriving in Egypt on a Tourist visa.

Can you work on a Student Visa in Egypt?

Yes. International students can work in Egypt while studying in the country. However, working is only valid in the country for the course duration.

We hope you now understand what is a Student Visa for Egypt. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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