Study Data Science in Australia: Top Colleges, Jobs, Salary, Scope

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Study Data Science in Australia

Data Science courses equip an individual with the knowledge and skills required to help businesses taken data-driven decisions. By pursuing this course an individual learns important tools and techniques like data analysis, machine learning, natural language processing, predictive modelling, data warehousing and statistics, that help in deriving meaningful insights from the data. There are a lot of great institutions in Australia that offer Data Science courses in two formats – full-time and part-time. 


If you are also planning to study Data Science in Australia, then this blog will help you greatly as it contains important information related to it. Keep on reading further to know more! 

Why Study Data Science in Australia? 

Students from all around the world come to Australia to pursue their higher education since there are many great universities and colleges there that set students up for success. In Australia, a Master in Data Science is the most popular program in the field of Data Science. Mentioned below are some of the reasons which support this fact: 

  • Statistics suggest that due to the increase in the demand for data science professionals, the salary of a data scientist is going to increase which will be three times more than the typical income of an Australian.
  • As suggested by the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), an entry-level data science professional in Australia earns a good salary. According to their findings, a fresher in the field of data science earns around 30,000 AUD per year. 
  • A degree earned from a university in Australia is recognised worldwide, which opens up doors of many opportunities for students after they complete their course. 
  • There are many globally recognised universities in Australia that offer Data Science courses like the University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, The University of Adelaide, RMIT University, etc. 

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Pursuing a Data Science course in Australia is a dream of every data enthusiast. To meet the varying educational needs of students, universities in Australia offer various data science courses: 

  • Graduate Diploma in Data Science and Innovation
  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Data Analytics
  • Graduate Certificate in Data Science & Decisions
  • Bachelor of Computer Science with a major in Data Science
  • Master of Data Science and Data Analytics.
  • Master of Data Science in Quantitative Finance

Top Universities to Study Data Science in Australia

Studying a Data Science course at one of the universities in Australia can promise a bright future for a student. Some of the top universities in Australia offering Data Science courses along with their respective QS rankings and intakes are mentioned below: 

University Name QS World University Rankings 2024Student intake for 2023
The University of Adelaide #89September
RMIT University #140July
University of Melbourne #14May
The University of Sydney #19February/July
Monash University #42June 
The Australian National University #34May

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Application Process to Study Data Science in Australia 

A student wishing to study the course needs to follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • A student should first shortlist the universities they want to study at and for every university, check things like – eligibility criteria, data science syllabus, placement success rate, and university reviews by students.
  • Then, the candidate should visit the official websites of the university to fill out the application form and upload the necessary documents. 
  • Students are advised to carefully fill in every detail in order to avoid any mistakes. After paying the application fee, the student needs to submit the application. 
  • A Student is then interviewed and if they clear it, they are given a conditional offer letter which helps them reserve a seat in a university. 
  • Upon receiving a conditional offer letter, a student needs to pay the fees. It is advised that before making a payment a student should go through the university’s terms and conditions.
  • An applicant needs to wait for 6 to 8 weeks after submitting the application form in order to receive the admission offer letter. The result is declared either through email or postal mail. Once an offer has been made by the university, the student needs to pay an enrollment fee to accept the admission. 
  • The university then initiates “Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment” (eCoE), which is an email that contains information related to the length of the course, starting date and course fees. Students would also be needing eCOE while applying for a student visa in Australia. 

Documents Required 

Following are the general/basic documents that a candidate needs to submit with the application:

Eligibility Criteria for Admission to Data Science Course in Australia 

Before filling out the application form candidates should ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria may differ from university to university therefore we have mentioned the basic/general eligibility criteria below: 

  • If a student is aiming for Masters’s in Data Science then they need to have an undergraduate degree in a relevant field like Engineering, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, Economics, or Finance from a recognised university.
  • The candidate should have a minimum GPA of 5 out of 7.
  • The candidate needs to provide proof of English proficiency by taking a standardized test – TOEFL/IELTS. In the case of IELTS, the minimum score should be at least 6.5.
  • An applicant needs to score a minimum of 550 GRE/GMAT score.

Career Scope

Data scientists are in high demand across a wide range of industries in Australia and thus have a wide career scope in fields like – 

  • Technology: Technology companies are at the forefront of data science innovation, and they are always looking for talented data scientists to join their teams.
  • Finance: Financial institutions use data science to manage risk, detect fraud, and develop new investment products.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare organizations use data science to improve patient care, develop new treatments, and conduct clinical research.
  • Retail: Retailers use data science to understand customer behavior, optimize their supply chains, and develop targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturers use data science to improve product quality, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Jobs Prospects and Salary 

Since data is said to be the new oil, the demand for data professionals is surging. The table below represents some job prospects and their respective salaries available after studying data science in Australia. 

Job Designation Average Annual Salary
Senior Software Engineer/Developer1,77,040 AUD 
Senior Data Scientist1,48,100 AUD
Business Analyst (IT)1,00,490 AUD 
Data Analyst 90,000 AUD 
Senior Data Analyst 1,19,890  AUD 

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Which college is best for data science in Australia?

Some of the top universities in Australia that offer Data Science courses are: 
– The University of Sydney 
– La Trobe University 
– Deakin University
– University of New South Wales 
– Monash University 

Is getting an Australian PR easy or difficult?

It is not that difficult to acquire Australian PR, although in order to achieve this a candidate must eligibility requirements and score good points in the Australian PR points system. 

Is Australia a good place for data science?

Yes, Australia is one of the most preferred countries by students to pursue a Data Science course. 

This was everything about Data Science in Australia. If you are planning to study abroad then experts at Leverage Edu can help you achieve your dreams. To connect with us either register on our website or call us at 1800-572-000. 

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