CSIRO Scholarship Program 2023: Requirements, Benefits, Cost

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CSIRO Scholarship Program

CSIRO fosters the desire of dedicated researchers to collaborate with them by offering a range of scholarship possibilities each year. To improve your capacity for converting research into useful business outcomes, you will carry out a jointly created research project. You’ll gain practical experience, acquire transferable skills, and be prepared to work at the forefront of industry-focused research while having access to specialized knowledge, tools, and training.


Working with top scientists is made possible through a yearly holiday scholarship programme and other different scholarships for outstanding researchers. Read this article to know more about CSIRO scholarship program. 

Scholarship Name CSIRO Scholarship Program
Applications openOpen now
Applications close30 April 2023
Payment per year$45,000 (INR 37.11 Lakh) p.a. (Stipend) + an additional $13,000 (INR 10.72 Lakh) p.a. (Project Expense and Development Package)
Degree Postgraduate 
CitizenshipAustralian CitizensAustralian Permanent ResidentsNew Zealand Citizens

About CSIRO Scholarship Program

The CSIRO Industry PhD Programme is a four-year research training course that emphasises collaborating with industry and conducting practical research. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) provides a range of scholarship possibilities each year to entice dedicated researchers to work with them. In addition to other scholarships, an annual holiday scholarship programme enables worthy researchers to work with top scientists.  Among many programs, the CSIRO Indigenous Scholarship is offered to encourage Indigenous Australians’ continued interest in the sciences, to help them financially overcome educational barriers, and to give them a chance to interact with the CSIRO and form connections that could lead to scientific careers.

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Benefits of the CSIRO Scholarship Program

Here are the following benefits of the CSIRO Scholarships program 

  • Acceptance into a PhD programme at a university
  • Four-year scholarship package worth $45,000 ( INR 37.11 Lakh) annually 
  • Four-year project expense and development package worth up to $13,000 (INR 10.72 Lakh)  annually
  • Three-month industry engagement component professional development training to sharpen your applied research skills
  • Supervision from CSIRO, an industry partner, and the host university.

Project Opportunities Provided by CSIRO Scholarship

CSIRO Scholarship provides given below project and supervision opportunities 

Projects and Supervision: The projects will be in accordance with the host university’s standards for a doctor of philosophy degree while addressing a problem in the industry. Degrees will be evaluated in accordance with the standard higher degree by research milestone schedule. You will be mentored by the industry and CSIRO supervisor in addition to the university supervisory team, who will offer expert advice on the project during the candidature.

Training and industry engagement components: Your industry partner will hold a three-month Industry Engagement component for you. You will be exposed to a wider work environment as a result, and you will have the chance to build business savvy and job-ready abilities. Additionally, CSIRO will give a structured professional development package to you. With the help of this package, you can develop important professional abilities like leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation to advance your career.

Expenses Covered

The scholarship package for the winners will be around $45,000 AUD (INR 24.79 Lakh) per year for four years, with an additional $13,000 AUD (INR 7.16 Lakh) per year for project expenses and development.

CSIRO Scholarship Program Requirements 

High-achieving postgraduate students enrolling in Australian universities will be given scholarships. Postgraduate scholarship recipients must typically be Australian citizens or have permanent residency.

  • Being a permanent resident of Australia and a citizen of New Zealand 
  • Fulfil the university’s English language standards as well as the prerequisites for PhD entrance
  • You need to be able to enrol as a full-time PhD student in order to start the programme in the year of the offer. 
  • Possess the ability to operate at the project site that the university has authorised, and, if necessary, adhere to the host institution’s conditions for external enrolment. 

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The programme has annual intakes, with the majority of the projects set to start in February or March.

  • The university supervisor must receive an expression of interest (EOI) from applicants.
  • The supervisory team evaluates the EOI, and shortlisted candidates are then interviewed.
  • Supervisory team will then suggests a top candidate.
  • The chosen candidate will receive instructions on how to submit
  • Then, the university will evaluate the application in light of its PhD admission requirements.

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Q1. How much is the PhD stipend in Australia in 2023?

Ans. For full-time students, the annual tax-free allowance is AU$ 29,863 (INR 16.66 Lakh) paid in biweekly instalments. For part-time students, the annual salary is AU$ 14,932 (INR 8.33 Lakh), payable in biweekly instalments. A doctorate takes three years to complete full-time, whereas a master’s in research takes two years.

Q2. How Much Percentage is Required for an Australian Scholarship?

Ans. Your previous degree or high school grade point average must have been at least 85 per cent

Q3. How much is the HDR scholarship stipend?

Ans. Full-time scholarship recipients will receive an annual stipend of $37,207 (INR 30.65 Lakh), which is adjusted annually on 1 January.

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