MAWISTA Scholarship for International Students to Study in Germany 2024

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MAWISTA Scholarship for International Students

MAWISTA is a health insurance company based in Germany. The company is essentially known for providing health insurance for stays for academics and ex-pats. MAWISTA offers sustainability grants to assist students in better implementing their sustainability projects. On the other hand, it has provided students to study abroad with a child.  MAWISTA has been providing scholarships to deserving students since 2013. Keep reading to know more about the MAWISTA scholarship to study in Germany for International students.


Overview of the MAWISTA Scholarship: Study Abroad With a Child 

MAWISTA Scholarship is a scholarship provided by the MAWISTA company that wants to study in Germany with a child. The goal of providing this scholarship is to assist a student to study in a foreign country and help them to take care of their child. The applicants are essentially accessed on the basis of their personality, and personal background. The applications are not scrutinized on the basis of the academic grade points average or the duration of the study. The MAWISTA company is looking for a student determined to complete their education. The beneficiary is granted a one-time payment of EUR 3000/INR 2,64 Lakhs. 

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility criteria:

  • A student who wants to study abroad with a child
  • The student must require financial assistance to complete his/her education
  • The student’s motivation to receive the funding would also be accessed 

Application Process 

The application process is as follows:

  • Visit the official website of MAWISTA and go to the scholarships section
  • Scroll down to find the MAWISTA scholarship application form
  • Enter the name, email address, date of birth, nationality, phone number, place of study, university, semester details 
  • Next, enter your personal website details, if applicable 
  • Finally, explain the reason you should receive the MAWISTA scholarship and submit the form
  • MAWISTA will connect with the successful scholarship applicant

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Application Dates

The application dates are as follows:

Application registration’s last date15-1-2024(tentative)
Release of the list of selected applicants30-01-2024(tentative)
Public voting start date 15-02-2024(tentative)
Last date of public voting1-03-2024(tentative)

Selection Process

Only one applicant will be selected. Hence, the scholarship selection process is as follows:

  • Interested applicants can apply online till 15-1-2024
  • Next,  the jury would be selecting 5 finalists would be selected 
  • The list of the selected applicants will be made public on 30-01-2024
  • Next, public voting would be opened 
  • Out of the 5 selected finalists, one candidate will be selected
  • The voting dates are from 15-02-2024 to 1-03-2024

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List of Finalists for 2024

The list of finalists for the Scholarship 2024 is as follows:

Finalist NameEducationNumber of Children
Carolyn Mukiri KambonaPhD2
Christiane Kunzesocial pedagogy2
Sana MunawarPhD 1
Noureldin Mohamed M.A1
Manessa Al NajarGraduate1

MAWISTA Scholarship Grant Details 

The Scholarship is granted to students to help the students to manage their educational expenses along with the expenses of their child. The aim of the scholarship is to cover the living expenses and the cost of the expenses of the child. Ultimately, 5 applicants would be selected out of all the applications put forward. Next, on the basis of all the public votes one applicant would be selected.

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What is the MAWISTA scholarship for international students? 

MAWISTA scholarship is a scholarship released by the MAWISTA insurance company. The aim of the scholarship is to reduce the financial burden on parents. Thus, helping them to complete their education abroad.

What are the eligibility criteria for the MAWISTA Scholarship 2024?

To be eligible for the MAWISTA scholarship a student must want to study abroad with a child. Additionally, the student must require financial support.

What is the deadline for the MAWISTA Scholarship 2024?

The deadline for the MAWISTA scholarship 2024 was on 30th January 2024.

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