Trinity College Dublin Foundation Scholarship: Complete Details

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Trinity College Dublin Foundation Scholarship

Trinity College Dublin is steeped in history and custom, and it gives the prestigious Foundation Scholarship to top second-year students in all of its Undergraduate degree programs. This Foundation Scholarship is given to students who have done exceptionally well in their studies and gives successful candidates a chance to do well at Trinity. From the humanities and social sciences to engineering, business, and computer science, Foundation Scholars get full tuition fee waivers, including tuition and college accommodation, along with a stipend and free meals at Trinity’s historic Commons Hall. Let’s explore the Foundation Scholarship benefits, eligibility criteria, and the wide range of programs and specializations offered by TCD, ensuring you have all the information to embark on this remarkable study abroad experience.

Scholarship NameFoundation Scholarship
Offered ByTrinity College Dublin
CoverageCovers all tuition fees for the remaining 3 years of undergraduate studies.
Benefits Free Accommodation
Annual StipendEUR 253.95 
Open toSecond-year (Senior Freshman) students at Trinity College Dublin
Official Linkhttps://www.tcd.ie/academicregistry/exams/scholarship/

Eligibility Criteria For Trinity College Dublin Foundation Scholarship

The Foundation Scholarship program is very popular at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), which is a model of academic excellence in Ireland. This prestigious Foundation Scholarship helps outstanding second-year students do even better. Let’s look into the eligibility criteria for this scholarship, providing a clear roadmap for ambitious students seeking to join the ranks of TCD’s esteemed scholars.

  • The Foundation Scholarship is open to students currently enrolled in their Second Year (Senior Freshman) at Trinity College Dublin.
  • Students compete for the scholarship by taking in-depth examinations held during the week before the start of the second term.
  • To be considered for the scholarship, students must achieve an overall 1st class honors result (70% or above) in these examinations.
  • In addition to the overall academic score, some subjects might have specific requirements within the scholarship exams.
  • The selection process might involve factors beyond just exam scores.

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Application Process For Trinity College Dublin Foundation Scholarship

For the academic year 2023-24, the deadline to apply for the Trinity College Dublin Foundation Scholarship has already passed. The time to apply is usually from October 2nd to October 16th of the previous academic year. Here is a breakdown of the application process for future reference.

  • During the application window, an online application form becomes available on the Trinity College Dublin official portal at www.tcd.ie/academicregistry/exams/scholarship/.
  • Make sure to submit your application within the deadline.
  • After submitting your application, students must also complete a separate online confirmation of attendance form within a designed period.
  • If you meet the eligibility criteria and complete both steps, you’ll be eligible to take the Foundation Scholarship examinations. 
  • The exams are usually held in January of the second year.

Benefits of the Trinity College Dublin Foundation Scholarship

For those students who are chosen, the Trinity College Dublin Foundation Scholarship provides significant benefits, including financial support and academic recognition while they are in their first year of college. The main benefits are listed below.

  • The Foundation Scholarship pays for all of your education at Trinity College Dublin for the last three years of your college education.
  • It means you’ll save a lot of money, which will make your higher education much more affordable.
  • Students who win the scholarship can live on campus for free for up to nine months out of the year for the rest of their college years.
  • It significantly reduces your living expenses and fosters a vibrant on-campus community experience.
  • It provides convenient and high-quality meals throughout your academic journey.
  • The scholarship includes a small annual stipend of EUR 253.95 to help with additional academic or personal expenses.
  • Becoming a Foundation Scholar is a sign of great academic achievement and a lot of respect.
  • It signifies your academic excellence and adds a valuable distinction to your academic profile.
  • By becoming a part of the Scholar group, you can get into exclusive networking events and meet other high-achieving students and professionals.

Factors Affecting Selection for Trinity College Dublin Foundation Scholarship

The Trinity College Dublin Foundation Scholarship is primarily affected by factors related to academic performance and the scholarship examination. Here’s a breakdown of the factors that are affected.

  • For the Foundation Scholarship, you must have graduated with at least 70% (first-class honours) in all of your classes as a Senior Freshman.
  • Even though the total score is important, the scholarship exam may have extra standards for some courses.
  • If you do well in these subjects, it will help your application.
  • Your performance on the Foundation Scholarship examinations held in January is the sole basis for selecting scholars.
  • It is very important to get perfect scores on all of the exam papers.
  • Since there is no mention of country standards, it seems like the scholarship could be open to students from Ireland and other countries.
  • The Foundation Scholarship is mostly given to students who do well in prior studies (academic merit) and don’t need financial support.

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Can you get a scholarship for Trinity College Dublin?

Students are strongly encouraged to submit applications for college scholarships offered throughout Trinity, including the Foundation Scholarship. Additionally, Trinity provides, on an annual basis, a variety of scholarship possibilities that are tailored exclusively to overseas students. Additionally, Trinity provides a number of scholarship options for students from the European Union and Ireland each year.

Does Trinity College give full scholarships?

Students who have shown extraordinary academic accomplishment are eligible to receive either a partial or full tuition payment via Trinity’s merit scholarships.

What are the benefits of the Trinity Foundation scholarship?

A scholarship is awarded for a period of five years, during which the recipient is eligible to receive free housing at Trinity, a free evening meal at Commons (a three-course meal served every weekday in the Dining Hall on campus), and a waiver of their tuition fees or student contribution (the number of fees that non-EU students are required to pay is reduced).

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