Cost of Living in Manchester, UK

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cost of living in manchester uk

If you have chosen Manchester as your study destination in the UK, you need to comprehensively create a budget plan. This will keep you informed about your finances and help you manage them effectively. The budget for the cost of living in Manchester will include accommodations, food, travel, utility bills, and personal expenses. In this blog, we will discuss comprehensively a guide to the cost of living in Manchester which will help you navigate your expenses.

ParticularsExpense in Euro
Off-Campus Accommodation408
On-Campus Accommodation596

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The cost of accommodation depends upon various factors such as off-campus residence, private rental, shared apartments etc. Students can opt for off-campus residence to lower their costs as rental and shared apartments will cost more and cost utilities bills will also be added. Students can choose accommodation according to their convenience.

  • Hall of Residence – Many universities offer on-campus accommodation and the cost incurred is included in the total fees. The cost may vary depending upon the room type and may cost between  INR 9000 – INR 17,800 per week. These accommodations include utilities such as wifi and maintenance.
  • Private Rental – If you prefer living alone, private rentals are the best option for you available in Manchester. The cost of private rentals depends upon the location, size of the room and condition of the property. The cost of a one-bedroom apartment may cost you around INR 53,000 – 1 Lakh per month.
  • Shared Apartments – If you are looking forward to living with other students in an apartment, which is a common choice in Manchester then the cost of renting a room in a shared property can range from INR 7140 to INR 13,000 per week depending upon the location and type of property. 

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Hall of Residence130-250 per week900-17,800 per week
Private Rental590-1200 per month 53000-1 Lakh per month
Shared Apartment80-150 per week7000-13,000 per week


There are several modes of transportation available in Manchester. To cut down the cost, students can opt for public transport over private modes of transportation. The cost of buses every month will cost you around Euru 70 ( INR 6254 ). Besides buses, you can also opt for cycling or walking as these will cost you nothing and will allow you to freely move around Manchester and explore the city.


Manchester being one of the biggest cities in the UK offers various affordable restaurants for students. 

  • Northern Soul Grilled Cheese
  • Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza
  • This & That
  • Yang Sing
  • Nudo Sushi Box
  • Slice Pizzeria

If you are living alone and cooking on your own, here is a breakdown of the cost of basic food items in Manchester


I ltr Milk80


Every city has its entertainment spot as an attraction for students and Manchester is no different. There are various places to explore and relax your mind and body. The cost associated with them are

  • Dinner for two – INR  2600 ( euro 29 )
  • 2 movie tickets – INR 1400 ( euro 16 )
  • 1 drink in a club – INR 805 ( euro 9 )
  • Coffee in the n ex-pat area of the city – INR 286 ( euro 3.20 )

Personal Expenses

Apart from accommodation, food, and transportation cost, you have your expenses also which depend upon your lifestyle. Personal expenses form a major portion of your living cost in Manchester. 

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Best colleges in Manchester

There are several top universities in Manchester and students across the globe come to study to get quality education. Some of the best universities in Manchester are


Q1. Is Manchester costly? 

A. In the UK,  Manchester is the second most affordable place for international students. 

Q2. Which university is the cheapest in Manchester? 

A. The University of Bolton is the cheapest university in Manchester. 

Q3. Is Manchester cheaper than London? 

A. Yes, Manchester is 32.5% cheaper than London and is an affordable place for international students. 

This was all about the cost of living in Manchester. Hope this blog helps you by giving ideas about the cost of living in Manchester. For more information, keep following Leverage Edu. 

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