Cost of Living in Nottingham: Expense Insights

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Cost of Living in Nottingham: Expense Insights

The “cost of living in Nottingham” is basically referred to the average expenses associated with residing in the city of Nottingham, England. The average monthly expanse can go close to GBP 1700 in Nottingham if you are a student living 1 BHK apartment city area.


Nottingham is not an expensive city when comparing with various pats of UK. If you want to live and continue your higher education in Nottingham, this article is perfect for you. Before opting to relocate to a new place, it’s extremely important to consider the living costs in Nottingham which are discussed in details here.

Cost of Living in Nottingham

Many students have probably heard the legendary Robin Hood myth, in which he stole from the rich and generously benefited the needy. But do you know legend’s roots and hiding places? The tales and landmarks left behind by Robin Hood’s heroic deeds abound in Nottingham. The cost of living is a critical aspect of financial planning and lifestyle decisions. By understanding the factors that influence the cost of living, students can make informed choices to manage their finances effectively and achieve their desired standard of living.

Students shall keep in mind that your expenses while living in Nottingham might increase or decrease depending on your lifestyle choices. Therefore, you need to budget accordingly. Here’s a proper cost of living table that would help you gain additional information.

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Cost of Rent and Utilities

The cost of rent varies between 1-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments, with averages of GBP 916 and GBP 1,320, respectively. For those seeking more affordable options, cheap 1-bedroom apartments are available at GBP 741, while cheap 3-bedroom apartments come in at GBP 1,060. Check out some more costs associated with rent and utilities:

Rent and UtilitiesApprox cost
1-bedroom apartment in City CenterGBP 916
3-bedroom apartment in City Center GBP 1,320
Cheap 1-bedroom apartment GBP 741
Cheap 3-bedroom apartment GBP 1,060
Utility billsGBP 242
InternetGBP 28
Mortgage interest rate4.39%

Transportation Cost in Nottingham

Nottingham offers various transportation options such as buses and trams. These will be an expensive factor if you will have to travel to and fro constantly to your university. The following tale will give you an idea of the typical expenses associated with transportation in Nottingham:

Type of TransportationApprox cost
Daily transportation ticket costGBP 3.44
Monthly transportation ticket costGBP 76.33
PetrolGBP 1.53
Taxi fareGBP 15.72

Groceries are essential items purchased for consumption at home, including food and household supplies. These elements are solely based on your preferences. The average monthly cost may go to GBP 250. Let us see individual costs relate to groceries:

ItemsApprox cost
MilkGBP 1.1
EggsGBP 2.23
BreadGBP 1.28
Chicken BreastGBP 8.36
CheeseGBP 8.23
RiceGBP 1.73
Round SteakGBP 16.93
WaterGBP 0.68
ToothpasteGBP 2.55

Other Miscellaneous Costs

In addition to the essential expenses in Nottingham, various other miscellaneous costs like doctor’s fees, gym fees, shoes, daycare, cinema, and Haircuts need to be considered when calculating the overall cost of living in Nottingham.

These miscellaneous costs may seem less, but they can significantly impact the budget. Therefore, it’s essential to account for these expenses when planning your finances in Nottingham to ensure a comprehensive and realistic budget.

Miscellaneous ThingsApprox cost
Doctor’s feesGBP 66.32
GymGBP 41.3
Sneakers GBP 90.32
Daycare GBP 1300
CinemaGBP 12
HaircutGBP 13

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Why Should You Live in Nottingham?

This is one of the most important things you need to know. Before knowing the cost of living in Nottingham, you need to understand why you should live and study in Nottingham. Living and studying in Nottingham is undoubtedly a memorable experience. Not only you will get to receive high-quality course materials from reputed universities but also submerge yourself in different cultures, food, festivals, etc. Here are some reasons why you should choose Nottingham as your ultimate study-abroad destination. 

High-Quality Education

Nottingham has a wide selection of excellent universities and colleges. The city is proud of its 60,000 pupils. ‘Ofsted’ has rated Nottingham’s schools as exceptional. Colleges and universities deliver excellent education to students by providing excellent accommodations and cutting-edge technology. As an international student, you will receive tremendous exposure when you choose a university in Nottingham. 

Culture in Nottingham

Nottingham is well-known for its cultural diversity. You will find numerous galleries, exhibition centres, and museums. Furthermore, the city was recognised for having the best night out in the UK. The city also features some of the top comedy clubs for a good laugh. 

Job Opportunities in Nottingham

Nottingham offers a diverse range of career options. The city is home to many huge corporations, and with good pay, one can get nice employment. Many sectors, such as bioscience, aerospace, and automotive, are popular in the city. 

However, before you decide to move to Nottingham, you need to understand the living costs. This way you will be able to make an informed decision. 

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FAQs on Cost of living in Nottingham

Q.1 What is the cost of living in Nottingham?

Ans: The average monthly cost of living in Nottingham can be close to GBP 1700. However, it can vary according to the living standard and location a person prefers.

Q.2 Is Nottingham UK expensive to live in?

Even though Nottingham is not an expensive city, your overall monthly expenses will depend on many factors. It’s best if you create a budget so that you can avoid overspending. For your reference, the average monthly cost of living in Nottingham is around GBP 1700, including rent for a one-bedroom apartment, food, transport, groceries, and many other things.

Q.3 Is it worth living in Nottingham?

Ans: As Nottingham is one of the most popular cities in the UK, it’s undoubtedly great to live and study in Nottingham. 

Q.4 How much does a student need to live in Nottingham?

Ans: A student needs GBP 850 per month (excluding tuition fees and rent) to live comfortably in Nottingham. However, the cheap 1-bedroom apartments can cost you around GBP 741.

So, this was all about the cost of living in Nottingham. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad

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