A Guide on Cost of Living in Leeds

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One of the notable attractions in Leeds is the Royal Armouries, which is located on the south bank of the River Aire. It houses the national collection of arms and artillery and offers visitors the opportunity to explore the history of weaponry through various exhibitions and displays.  Another popular area in Leeds is Call Lane, which has undergone redevelopment and is now famous for its bars and live music venues. Many of these venues are located under converted railway arches, giving them a unique and atmospheric setting. Leeds Kirkgate Market is also worth mentioning. Overall, Leeds offers a mix of historical and modern attractions, making it a vibrant and exciting city to visit. If you are planning to move to Leeds and wish to know the expenses you will have to bear in this city, then keep reading. 


Why Choose Leeds to Study Abroad?

Leeds is an expansive and rapidly expanding city in the United Kingdom, known for providing top-notch education to a significant number of students from around the world. With excellent transportation links to various regions, getting around the city is hassle-free and convenient. Moreover, Leeds is home to numerous prominent companies, making it an ideal place for recent graduates seeking employment opportunities. Renowned for its diversity and student-oriented environment, Leeds is a fantastic choice for pursuing higher education. Now, let’s explore the experience of studying in Leeds.

Student Life in Leeds

Leeds is an ideal destination for international students, providing a favourable environment in terms of living costs, student culture, and entertainment options. In addition to its outstanding educational offerings, the city offers a wide range of enjoyable activities to engage in during your leisure time. If you have an interest in art and culture, you can spend your days off exploring attractions like the Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds City Museum, or The Tetley Gallery. 

For food enthusiasts, numerous dining establishments are catering to various budgets, allowing you to sample diverse cuisines. Leeds is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife scene and hosts annual music festivals. Furthermore, navigating through the city is convenient due to its well-connected transportation network.

Top Universities in Leeds

Leeds has gained recognition for its wide array of prestigious universities and diverse range of academic programs available. The city attracts a significant number of international students, with approximately 60,000 individuals from various corners of the globe choosing Leeds as their educational destination. If you are considering studying in Leeds, here are some universities worth exploring:

UniversityEstablishment YearNumber of studentsQS World University RankingsTHE World University Rankings
University of Leeds 190636,25075th 128th 
Leeds Beckett University 182423,2751001-1200801-1000
Leeds Arts University 18461,850   _

Cost of Living in Leeds

Throughout the ages, Leeds has experienced significant expansion, evolving from a modest market town to become the fourth-largest city in the United Kingdom. It has earned a reputation as the country’s most thriving centre for business, finance, and law outside of London.

If you are contemplating a relocation to Leeds, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the associated expenses. The following breakdown of costs will aid you in making an informed decision regarding the financial aspects involved in moving to and living in this bustling metropolis.


Leeds boasts a highly efficient transportation network encompassing buses and trains. If you reside in proximity to the city centre, you will primarily rely on the bus system for your commuting needs. However, if you live farther away, the train services become particularly advantageous.

Leeds is home to one of the nation’s busiest railway stations, granting easy access to trains that can transport you to nearly any destination within the country.

Below are some average ticket costs you can expect:

Transportation TypeAverage Price
Adult Single Bus Fare£2.60
One-day ticket for Bus and Train£8.20
Monthly season ticket for bus and train (covering zone 1-3)A one-day ticket for Bus and Train
Annual season ticket for bus and train (zone 1-3)£1,138

Food and Restaurant

Leeds offers a delightful range of dining establishments, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. From satisfying burger joints to esteemed Michelin-starred restaurants, the city has a plethora of options to explore. For those seeking unique culinary experiences, there are noteworthy establishments like a Korean barbeque restaurant, Shears Yard with its constantly evolving menu, and Mans Market, a Chinese restaurant with a distinctive twist.

In addition to the vibrant restaurant scene, Leeds also boasts a diverse selection of food shops where you can find ingredients from around the world. 

Have a look at the table below to understand the price of food, grocery and restaurant you can expect to pay in Leeds: 

Food TypeAmount
Inexpensive Restaurant£8.00 – £15.00
Takeout Coffee£1.40 – £3.00
Bottle of Coke£0.75 – £1.80
1L of milk£0.53 – £1.00
1kg Chicken£3.00 – £10.00
1kg Apples£1.00 – £2.00
Loaf of Bread£0.60 – £1.20
12 Eggs£1.30 – £2.00
1kg White Rice£0.45 – £1.50

Utility Expenses

The cost of basic utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, and Garbage) for a 915 sq ft apartment in Leeds is roughly £241.26 per month. The cost of a mobile phone monthly plan with calls and 10GB+ data is around £11.50 and the cost of internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) is around £31.50 per month. 


House prices in Leeds, when compared to other cities in northern England, are relatively high. However, they are still reasonably priced when compared to major cities worldwide. Leeds offers a variety of housing options, including detached houses, semi-detached houses, and flats (apartments).

For monthly rental prices in Leeds, here are some examples:

Accommodation TypeMonthly Price
1-bedroom flat (apartment) in the City Centre£550 and above
1-bedroom flat outside the City Centre£400 and above
3-bedroom flat in the City Centre£800 and above
3-bedroom flat outside the City Centre£500 and above

When it comes to purchasing a home in Leeds, the prices are typically quoted per square metre (10.7 square feet). 

Home Price per square metreCost
In the City Centre£2,175 and above
Outside the City Centre£1,790 and above

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Average Tuition Fees in Leeds

The average tuition fees in Leeds depend on whether you are classified as a home or international student. For UK full-time students, the average fee is £9,2501. For international students, tuition fees differ for each course. Average tuition fees at the University of Leeds range between £17,192 to £25,788.

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Things to Know When Moving to Leeds

Relocating to a new location can elicit a mix of emotions, ranging from trepidation to excitement. However, with the aid of tools like Google Maps, thorough research, and numerous visits, you can navigate this experience more comfortably and make informed decisions about your potential move. 

If you are considering a move to Leeds, we have consolidated all the essential information about the city in a single resource, making it easier for you to familiarise yourself with your prospective new home. 

Different Areas

Similar to other cities in the UK, Leeds is divided into 33 distinct wards, each possessing its distinct charm and appeal. According to Manning Stainton, three highly sought-after locations for relocation are Horsforth, Chapel Allerton, and Bramhope. 

It is advisable to explore and familiarise yourself with each area before deciding on where to settle in Leeds. By doing so, you can discover which neighbourhood resonates most with your preferences and allows your heart to find its ideal abode.

Festivals and Carnivals

Leeds is a city that never falls short of festivities, making it an excellent place to move to. Renowned for its vibrant culture, Leeds hosts a diverse range of festivals and carnivals throughout the year, ensuring there’s always something exciting happening. 

The Leeds Festival and the West Indian Carnival are particularly popular, drawing in impressive crowds of over 100,000 people annually. With such lively events taking place, boredom is simply not an option in Leeds.


Leeds boasts an exceptional nightlife scene, unrivalled by any other city. Well, the city offers a myriad of options that cater to every individual’s idea of a perfect night out. Whether one seeks the vibrant atmosphere of intimate clubs and bars with non-stop music, the charm of craft alehouses, or the laid-back enjoyment of a refreshing beverage in a beer garden, Leeds has it all. 

From pulsating venues to tranquil settings, the city caters to diverse preferences, ensuring that every night out in Leeds is an unforgettable experience.

Growing Economy

Leeds boasts a highly diversified economy, making it one of the most versatile in the UK. The city presents an abundance of employment prospects, particularly for recent graduates and seasoned professionals. 

Noteworthy organisations such as Direct Line Group, Channel 4, and BBC are commonly sought-after destinations for job seekers. Rest assured, when you make the move to Leeds, the worry of finding a new job or embarking on a fresh career path can be crossed off your list, as the city offers a high likelihood of fulfilling such aspirations.

Shopping Places

When seeking shopping recommendations in Leeds, locals would likely suggest visiting the “Trinity Shopping Centre,” “White Rose Shopping Centre,” and the bustling “Leeds City Centre (town).” These destinations are widely popular among residents and visitors alike, collectively housing an impressive selection of over 500 shops. 

However, the shopping experience extends beyond these locations. The Corn Exchange, various establishments along Chapel Allerton Road, and shops in Roundhay are also highly regarded destinations for retail therapy. Therefore, before making the move to Leeds, it’s advisable to ensure your bank account is well-prepared, as the city offers a shopping extravaganza where you can indulge to your heart’s content.

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Is it costly to live in Leeds?

When it comes to the cost of living, Leeds is positioned as the 20th most expensive city in the UK, considering all cities in the country. While Leeds is still comparatively pricey compared to other cities in Northern England, it is notably more affordable than metropolitan areas such as London and Edinburgh, particularly when it comes to accommodation costs.

Is Leeds a good city to live in?

Leeds holds a prominent position as the largest financial and legal hub in the country outside of London. Its significance is further highlighted by the third busiest national station, Leeds Central Station. The city thrives as a vibrant metropolis, offering an impressive range of dining, entertainment, shopping, and cultural experiences that reflect the creativity and diversity of its inhabitants.

Is Leeds a friendly place to live in?

The locals in Leeds are known for their friendly and welcoming nature. The city prides itself on catering to a wide range of interests and preferences, be it shopping, cultural and historical exploration, sports, or simply enjoying a vibrant night out. Leeds truly has something to offer for everyone, contributing to its reputation as a friendly and inviting city.

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