Cost of Living in Auckland

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cost of living in auckland

Are you planning to study in New Zealand? Then, choosing Auckland as the city of your study abroad dreams and residence might just be optimum for you. Why? For starters, Auckland is home to the  University of Auckland which was founded in 1883 and is the largest university in New Zealand. Many students move to Auckland for its promising student life and opportunities. But, at the same time, they must have insights into the cost of living in the city. If you are one of the many who have decided to reside in Auckland, then here is a blog that details the cost of living in Auckland. Read below to know more.

Why Choose Auckland to Study Abroad?

Before we dive into the many expenses of living that you need to look out for while living in Auckland, here are some of the reasons why Auckland is the ideal place for studying abroad. 

  1. Auckland is ranked 37 on the list of best student cities in 2023, as per QS Ranking. 
  2. New Zealand provides highly excellent and standardised education pathways and internationally recognised qualifications that allow international students to gain competitive skills to succeed in the world. 
  3. Moreover, Auckland offers a range of different courses that allow students to excel in the subject of their choice. 
  4. Auckland is also the economic powerhouse of New Zealand, with exciting career opportunities for skilled people in many sectors driving the country to the forefront. 
  5. Did you know that Auckland was rated as the most livable city in 2021, per Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual survey? It has great living standards for international students. 

Cost of Living in Auckland

Coming to the cost of living in Auckland, many factors come into play, such as transportation. utility expenses, and more. We have segregated the same below. Take a look. 

Transportation & Commute Expenses

Moving around and travelling in Auckland is reasonably affordable for international students or expats. Especially when using public transport. If you plan to own a car then you need to also consider the costs of insurance, petrol, and maintenance. This is ideal for families, as for international students, public transportation is easily available and accessible. 

Tabulated below are the prices for your better reference. 

Transportation expenses. Cost.
One-way Ticket in Local Transport 4.00 NZ$ (INR 200)
A monthly pass for local transport  215.00 NZ$ (INR 10.7K)
Taxi fare  Up to 60.00 NZ$ (INR 3000)
Gasoline (1 litre) 2.79 NZ$ (INR 139)

Food/Restaurants Expenses

Now, you sure shall hungry right? Here are the food and restaurant expenses for you. 

Type of food expenses  Cost 
1 litre milk  3.24 NZ$ (INR 162)
Regular groceries  1 kg rice: 3.47 NZ$ (INR 173)
12 eggs: 9.55 NZ$ (INR 477)
1kg cheese: 15.28 NZ$ (INR 764)
1kg apples: 4.78 NZ$ (INR 239)
1kg banana: 3.80 NZ$ (INR 190)
1kg tomato: 10.28 NZ$ (INR 514)
1kg potato: 3.84 NZ$ (INR 192)
1kg Onion: 3.01 NZ$ (INR 150)
1.5 litres of water: 1.82 NZ$ (INR 91)
Meal at Regular Restaurent 25.00 NZ$ (INR 1200)
Meal at a Mid-range restaurant for two people 120.00 NZ$ (INR 6000)
Regular Coffee 5.71 NZ$ (INR 285)

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Utility Bill/Expenses

Utility bills are another set of expenses that are needed to be considered, for planning to live in Auckland. 

Type of Utility Bills  (per month) Cost 
Basic Monthly Bills such as electricity, heating, water, garbage 239.74 NZ$ (INR 12,000)
Mobile phone recharge  65.00 NZ$ (INR 3,251)
Wi-Fi  85.50 NZ$ (INR 4,277)

Entertainment and Recreation or Hangout Places

In Auckland, many museums and galleries have free entry, while concerts and shows can be quite expensive. Let’s check out some of the prices for entertainment purposes in Auckland. 

Type of Entertainment Expenses Cost 
Watching a film at the cinema  22.00 NZ$ (INR 1,100)
Monthly fee for a fitness Club  82.57 NZ$ (INR 4,130)
Galleries and Musuems  Free 

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Accommodation Expenses

For students, specific accommodations for them can range differently than renting a private apartment. 

Type of Accommodation  Cost 
Halls of residence  435 NZ$ (INR 21.7K) per week
Homestay 343 NZ$ (INR 17,158) per week
Private apartment  535 NZ$ (INR 26,762) per week

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Average Tuition Fees in Auckland

The University of Auckland is the most prominent university in Auckland. Therefore, to give you an idea of the tuition fees for studying here, we have provided you with the following information. 

Study level  Average Tuition Fees 
For UG Programmes  INR 20 lakh 
For PG Programmes INR 30 lakh 

Things to Know When Moving to Auckland

Some of the things that you should know apart from the cost of living in Auckland are mentioned below. 

  1. New Zealand is generally located at a far distance from the rest of the world. So, visiting back home can always be quite expensive. 
  2. It’s a good idea to have travel and health insurance while living in Auckland. In fact, work visa holders are also eligible for the public healthcare system. 
  3. Be ready to experience all four seasons in a day because that might just become your reality soon! From wind, sun, and rain, to flight-delaying fog, you are about to experience all in a short amount of time. 


Is Auckland expensive to live in?

Auckland can be considered quite expensive to live in. As per the Mercer Cost of Living Survey in 2023, the city ranked 111th. 

What is the average cost of living in Auckland? 

The average cost of living in Auckland is 4,787 NZD (INR 2.4 lakh) per month.

Is New Zealand more expensive than India?

Yes, New Zealand is 76% more expensive than India in terms of the average cost of living. 

So, how do you feel about the cost of living in Auckland? We hope we could add to your know-how about living in Auckland! If you plan to study in Auckland, New Zealand, or simply study abroad, then contact Leverage Edu experts today!  Follow Wings by Leverage Edu for more such interesting and informative blogs.

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