Cost of Living in Cardiff: House Rent, Food Expenses and More

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cost of living in cardiff

Cardiff is a popular and affordable city in Europe, especially among students who come to study at top universities like Cardiff University. According to the reports published by the UK Parliament Common Library, Cardiff has one of the highest numbers of international students in the UK.

For a single person, the monthly expenses in Cardiff can be around 2300£ to 2500£ (excluding the house rent). The cost of living in Cardiff depends on various factors such as the prices of houses or house rent, daily food and utility expenses, healthcare and medical expenses, clothing, etc. In general, the cost of living in Cardiff is quite low when compared to other cities in the UK, but in comparison to any Asian city, the expenses there are higher. Let’s check the costs of living in Cardiff in detail. 

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Cost of Living in Cardiff

The cost of living in Cardiff varies for reasons like the location in which you are living which affects your house rent or property price, prices of essential items such as food, clothes and medicine, and miscellaneous. Take a look at the table below which highlights the division of the cost of living in Cardiff with their prices.

Particulars  Monthly Cost in Sterlings
House Rent 650£ to 800£
Food Expenses 200£ to 260£
Medine and Health Care 150£ to 230£
Utilities and Clothing 200£ to 250£
Transport 54£ (bus pass)
Miscellaneous  200£ to 300£

For more details, we have created a pie chart for you:

House Rent in Cardiff

Cardiff has a lot of private and public housing facilities for students, job seekers and other individuals. The monthly rent of these houses or apartments depends on factors such as their location, size, facilities offered, etc. The average monthly house rent in Cardiff can range from 650£ to 800£. The table below shows details about house rent in Cardiff.

Categories Monthly Cost
1 bedroom apartment 650£ to 700£
2 bedroom apartment 750£ to 800£
3 bedroom apartment 875£ to 1100£

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Food Expenses in Cardiff

The cost of food items and groceries in Cardiff is reasonable, where your weekly cost can vary between 80£ to 120£. However, if you plan to dine at a restaurant, that can cost you more than it would cost for groceries and depends on the place where you want to eat. Check the table for more details.

Categories Cost
Groceries 250£ to 290£
Dairy Products 100£ to 140£
Meal at a Restaurant 20£ to 35£

Medical and Healthcare in Cardiff

Although the government of the UK has a publicly funded healthcare system where free or low-cost medical services are offered to everyone. However you need to pay for medicines prescribed by your physician, and the cost can vary depending on your diagnosis. On average, a single person in Cardiff needs to spend around 150£ to 230£ monthly on medicine and healthcare expenses. Check the table for more details.

Categories Monthly Cost
Dental Checkup 50£ to 75£
Medicines 35£ to 60£
Other Health Services 50£ to 80£

Utilities and Clothing

Monthly utility bills in a 100 apartment in Cardiff can cost you around 200£. The utility expenses include the costs of cooking gas, electricity and water bills, management of heating and cooling appliances, garbage cleaning service, etc. Check the table for more details. 

Categories Monthly Cost
Electricity bill 70£ to 80£
Water and garbage 30£ to 50£
Heating and cooling 40£ to 65£

The average day temperature in Cardiff is 15 degrees Celsius, which is quite low when compared to tropical countries. You need to buy clothes that suit the weather there, which can cost you somewhere around 60£ to 110£, depending on what type of clothes you buy and from where.

Reasoning to Live in Cardiff

There are several reasons why you should live in Cardiff, why this city attracts students and other international job seekers to migrate there. Cardiff is home to a number of natural gardens, modern architectural buildings and tourist attractions, because of which it has become a cultural hotspot. Some of the popular reasons to live in Cardiff are listed below.

  • This city has a rich historical and diverse background and modern architecture, making it a city where innovation meets tradition
  • Cardiff is home to several universities and institutions, attracting students from all across the globe and offering job opportunities for residents
  • This city has numerous public parks such as the Cardiff Bay Bridge, Roath Park, Bute Park, etc. where outdoor activities can be enjoyed
  • The Principality Stadium located in the heart of the city hosts several sporting events annually
  • The fast and secure transport facilities give an additional reason to live in this city
  • Moreover, Cardiff offers a high-quality life with a balance of urban amenities and natural beauty


Q1. Is Cardiff affordable to live in?

A. When compared with other cities in the UK, Cardiff is affordable whether you are single or a family. The average monthly cost of living in Cardiff can range from 2300£ to 2500£.

Q2. How much monthly salary should I have to live in Cardiff?

A2. If you want to live in Cardiff, then your monthly salary should be at least between 3500£ to 3800£.

Q3. What are the most affordable places to live in Cardiff?

A3. Some of the affordable housing in Cardiff are located in areas such as Grangetown, Llanrumney, and Roath.

This was all about the Cost of Living in Cardiff, UK. If you have further queries or need assistance with your study abroad journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at Leverage Edu. We are here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

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