Cost of Living in Colorado

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Cost of Living in Colorado

Colorado is a state in the Sub-Western region of the United States. It is known for its extensive geographical features including Southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado Plateau, Great Plains and more. Colorad is the 21st most populated state of the United States. Colorado was the shooting location of many prominent Westerns like True Grit, The Searchers, Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. The popular TV series Good Luck Charlie was also set in Denver, Colorado. The state is renowned for its Southwest and Rocky Mountain Cuisine with many Mexican restaurants spread throughout the region. Colorado is definitely a state worth a visit. Nd is you wish to know about the cost of living in Colorado, continue reading the blog to find out!

Why Choose Colorado to Study Abroad?

The following are the reason to study in Colorado:

  • It is a haven for students who wish to pursue STEM courses. Colorado universities boast advanced, high-tech equipment to provide a deeper understanding of concepts
  • As per the statistics, Colorado is the third most educated state in the USA. The population is quite qualified to improve the chances of having prestigious job opportunities
  • It is the home of the University of Colorado, the university is known for its Astronomy department, providing top-notch education to students 
  • Colorado sets the standard for hiring the most qualified professors to impart only the best quality education to students and provide them with a better academic future 
  • One of the top reasons to choose Colorado as your study abroad destination is the cost of studying. Studying in Colorado is quite affordable compared to other states in the USA

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Average Tuition Fees in Colorado 

The following is the cost of pursuing your education in Colorado:

Course Level  Average Tuition Fees In INR 
Undergraduate  USD 11,406 / year 9.35 Lakh
Postgraduate  USD 9,450 / year 7.75 Lakh
PhD  USD 17,874 / year 14.66 Lakh

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Cost of Living Colorado 

The average overall cost of living in Colorado for an international student is around USD 2,061 (INR 1.69 Lakh)


The cost of transportation depends on your travel duration and for how long you travel in a month. Generally, the natives spend hundreds of dollars on transportation every month. Public transportation costs between USD 114 – USD 200 a month ( INR 9,350 – 16,403) while having your own vehicle costs an average of USD 657 ( INR 53,886) ( all inclusive) a month. 

Food Expenses

Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the United States with the lowest obesity percentage. For a single person, the cost of food is around USD 316 a month (INR 25,918). However, the food expenses for a family are around USD 1,264 (INR 1.03 Lakh).

Utility Expenses in Colorado 

Colorado is somewhat on the edge of expenses in terms of utility expenses. The netizens of Colorado spend around USD 241 a month (INR 19,766), inclusive of water, gas, cable and internet, trash and sewer, and recycling.

Accommodation Cost 

Accommodation cost depends on the type of your housing. Most individuals pay around USD 1,360 (INR 1.11 Lakh) for a single-bed apartment and about USD 2,501 ( INR 2.05 Lakh) for a house. 


One of the most important expenses that one must take care of is healthcare expenses. Even though people in Colorado lead a healthy lifestyle yet some health concerns are unpredictable. Thus, one must look out for healthcare expenses in Colorado. Health insurance for a single person in Colorado cost USD 369 (INR 30,265).

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Things to Consider When Moving to Colorado 

The following are some important things to keep in mind when moving to Colorado:

  • The people of Colorado take their health and fitness seriously and embrace a healthy lifestyle. They prefer doing high levels of outdoor activities and encourage staying active and exercising.
  • Coloradans stay active in winter as well. Instead of sitting idle in front of a TV, they prefer to go outdoors for some hiking, skiing and skating-like activities.
  • Natural beauty in Colorado is one of a kind. The red rocks are a natural wonder, offering a perfect picturesque for your hiking trips.
  • Colorado is a youth hub with a large number of young adults. These individuals are quite educated and in line for various job opportunities.
  • Since most of the individuals are well-educated, the average income of a household is quite high. In 2020, the median household salary in Colorado was USD 82,611 (INR 67.75 Lakh).


Is Colorado expensive to rent?

It depends mainly on the location of your stay. Most individuals pay around USD 1,360  (INR 1.11 Lakh) for a single-bed apartment and about USD 2,501 ( INR 2.05 Lakh) for a house.

What are the benefits of living in Colorado?

The following are the benefits of living in Colorado:
The state of Colorado is known for health and fitness and embraces a healthy lifestyle. 
Natural beauty in Colorado is one of a kind.
The population is quite qualified to improve the chances of having prestigious job opportunities

What are the top universities in Colorado? 

The following are the top universities in Colorado:
University of Colorado (Boulder)
Colorado State University 
University of Denver
University of Colorado Denver

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