Cost of Living in Hamilton: Room Rent, Food & Transportation 

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Cost of Living in Hamilton: Room Rent, Food & Transportation 

Hamilton is one of the best cities to study in Canada. The city offers a wide range of courses, suitable accommodation, expert teaching faculties, and several facilities for international students. Hamilton is also well known for its job opportunities, culture, and traditions. The cost of living in Hamilton for a family is $1710, and for an international student, it is $1220. However. the cost of living can vary on the basis of the location. The average rent of a flat/house is  $900 per month. Keep reading to learn more about the cost of living in Hamilton.

Why Choose Hamilton to Study Abroad?

Hamilton is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. The colleges in the city have excellent facilities for international students. There are several reasons why a student should choose to study at Hamilton. There are as follows:

  • The cost of living in Hamilton is cheaper than the cost of living in Toronto. That is, 25% cheaper than Toronto. The city is also Canada’s industrial centre due to its iron and steel industry.
  • The universities in Hamilton are some of the best universities in the world. For example, the University of Waikato,  Lincoln University, etc
  • Graduating from Hamilton-based universities can help students study at some of the best-renowned companies around the world 

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Cost of Living in Hamilton

The average cost of living in Hamilton is  $2048. The city comes under the list of the top 15% of the most expensive cities in the world, That is, it is ranked 1386/9294 cities in the world. The average after-tax salary received in the city is  $2887. The amount is sufficient to cover the living expenses of 1.4 months. Hamilton is ranked as the 18th best city to live in Canada. The cost of living in Hamilton includes living expenses, transportation expenses, and tuition fees, among others. These are explained in detail below:

Cost of Housing 

The major cost of living in Hamilton will go for the housing expenses of the student. Below we have provided the monthly rent, the internet bills, and more.

Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in a normal areaCAD$1,849
Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodationCAD$2,575
Monthly rent for a 45 m2 (480 sqft) furnished studio in an expensive areaCAD$1,482
Utilities 1 month (heating, electricity, gas …) for 1 person in 45 m2 (480 sqft) studioCAD$250
Microwave 800/900 watt CAD$215
Internet 8 Mbps (1 month)CAD$83
40” flat screen TVCAD$438
Hourly rate for cleaning helpCAD$31

Cost of Transportation

Travelling expenses are a regular expense that a student must consider before moving abroad. The reason is, that affects the total cost of living in Hamilton. The travel expenses that a student can incur are provided below:

Particulars Cost
Monthly ticket public transportCAD$109
1 litre (1/4 gallon) of gasCAD$23
Volkswagen golf 1.4 tsi 150 cvs (or equivalent), with no extras, CAD$26,867
1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gasCAD$2.00

Cost of Food 

Food is another expense that will add up to the cost of living in Hamilton. Hence, we have provided the cost of basic food items below:

Particulars Cost
Basic lunch menu (including a drink)CAD$21
1 liter (1 qt.) of whole-fat milkCAD$2.54
Combo meals in fast food restaurants (Big Mac meal or similar)CAD$13
12 eggs, largeCAD$4.90
500 gr (1 lb.) of boneless chicken breastCAD$8
500 gr (16 oz.) of local cheeseCAD$8
1 kg (2 lb.) of applesCAD$3.62
1 kg (2 lb.) of potatoesCAD$2.35
1 bottle of red table wineCAD$19

Cost of Utilities 

There are certain utility expenses that cannot be avoided. The cost of utilities also needs to be added to the cost of living in Hamilton.

Particulars Cost
1 box of antibiotics (12 doses)CAD$6
Cold medicine for 6 days CAD$16
1 box of 32 tampons CAD$6
Hair shampoo CAD$5.96
4 rolls of toilet paperCAD$3.21
1 box of antibiotics CAD$16
Short visit to a private doctor CAD$64

Cost of Entertainment 

The entertainment expenses also add up to the cost of living in Hamilton. The basis of entertainment expenses such as expenses of going out to the movies, gym membership expenses etc. is provided below:

Particulars Cost
2 tickets to the moviesCAD$36
A basic dinner out for two at a pubCAD$78
Dinner for two at an Italian restaurantCAD$129
1 cocktail drink in the downtown clubCAD$10
Ipad wi-fi 128GBCAD$591
1 beer in a neighborhood pubCAD$7
1 month of gym membershipCAD$55

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Average Tuition Fees in Hamilton

The tuition fees are the main expenses the student incurs while moving abroad. However, the tuition fees for an international student and a domestic student differ. The average tuition fees for international students are provided below. Do note that the fees also differ on the basis of the course a student has taken up.

ParticularsAverage Fees
Undergraduate international student$29425- $45540
Postgraduate international student$31765-$44425

Things to Know Before Moving to Hamilton

There are several things to consider before moving to a new country. Here are some facts that a student should know before packing their bags.

  • Hamilton weather includes 4 seasons- summer, winter, fall, and spring. Although the weather is similar to Toronto, winter lasts here from November to March
  • The public transportation system relies on the Hamilton Street Railway bus system. The charges vary depending on the distance.
  • The average housing prices add to the cost of living in Hamilton. The housing prices are on the rise in this city.
  • Immigrants make up approximately 25.94 per cent of the population.
  • English is the most spoken language. However, other languages such as Arabic, Italian, Spanish, PSerbian, Urdu, Portuguese, Polish, Punjabi, Mandarin, etc. are also popular.
  • Some of the popular employers in the region include- FirstOntario Credit Union, Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board, and  Airbus Helicopters Canada Ltd.

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1. Is it expensive to live in Hamilton?

The average cost of living for a single person is $3,545/month. The cost of living is calculated on the basis of several factors like transportation expenses, groceries, and entertainment expenses.

2. How much do you need to live comfortably in Hamilton?

The cost of living in Hamilton is $3,688.7 for a family of four. For a single person, the estimated cost of living in Hamilton is $ 1,040.4 excluding the rent.

3. Is it cheaper to live in Hamilton or Toronto?

The average cost of living in Hamilton is 25% less than in Toronto. Hence, Hamilton is cheaper. The reason is, the rent and housing expenses in Hamilton are low compared to Toronto.

This was all about the Cost of Living in Hamilton, Canada. If you have further queries or need assistance with your study abroad journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at Leverage Edu. We are here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

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