Cost of Living in Wellington: A Guide

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Wellington is renowned for its crystal-clear seas, pure air, magnificent landscapes, incredible Lord of the Rings filming settings, and a high standard of living. The cost of living there will differ from what you are used to in your home nation, though. Furthermore, where you choose to live and your pay both affect how much it costs to live in Wellington. If you wish to know more about living in Wellington then read this blog.

Cost of Living in Wellington:

Average Cost of Living in Wellington

In general, it may be said that Wellington has a high cost of living. According to what we can tell, a single expat residing in Auckland would require a minimum of USD $ 1,570 a month to cover their essential expenses.

Without factoring in rent, the average monthly cost of living for a single individual in Wellington is between USD$815 and $1,000. It ranges from US$2,950 to US$3,600 a month for a household of four. 

Since their expenses are higher, particularly moving expenses, expats should aim for a larger pay range. Your aircraft ticket will be pricey when you go to Wellington because of how remote it is from everywhere else in the world. Many expats would also need to factor in other expenses like furnishing the flat, security deposits, and rental agent commissions. Additionally, locals and expats alike frequently choose private international health insurance policies because state healthcare does not provide prompt and thorough protection.

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In Wellington, eating out is not prohibitively expensive. Tipping is not customary. In a mid-range restaurant, a two-person supper may run you between US$66 and US$81. The cost of one imported beer at a restaurant ranges from USD $5.66 to $6.92.

In contrast, the price of a whole set meal at McDonald’s in Wellington ranges from USD $ 7.93 to $9.69, which is equivalent to the cost of a McDonald’s meal in the US.

Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 25.00 NZ$
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 15.00 NZ$
Cappuccino (regular) 5.47 NZ$
Domestic Beer (0.5-litre draught) 12.00 NZ$
Water (0.33 litre bottle) 3.73 NZ$
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre bottle) 4.11 NZ$
Imported Beer (0.33-litre bottle) 11.00 NZ$

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In Wellington, utilities are not particularly expensive. Some services, including water and trash collection, are covered by “rates,” the local levies that apply to property owners. These would be included in your rent if you were a renter. Depending on the size of your apartment and the providers you select for each commodity, the cost of utilities including electricity, gas, and wifi can range from USD $ 160 to $200 per month.

Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 3.46 NZ$
Apples (1kg) 5.10 NZ$
Potato (1kg) 3.75 NZ$
Rice (white), (1kg) 3.54 NZ$
Chicken Fillets (1kg) 17.39 NZ$
Milk (regular), (1 litre) 3.22 NZ$
Local Cheese (1kg) 15.73 NZ$
Beef Round (1kg) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 21.68 NZ$
Eggs (regular) (12) 8.32 NZ$

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Although Wellington has a tax-funded universal healthcare system, it only provides rapid care for serious illnesses. Even if your ailment is serious, you could spend years or even months on the waiting list if it does not require emergency treatment. 

One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 4.00 NZ$
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 3.75 NZ$
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 152.30 NZ$
Gasoline (1 liter) 2.91 NZ$

Sports And Leisure

Given below are the expenses for Sports and Leisure equipment and facilities. Sports is an important part of everyone’s life and physical well-being and hence it’s important to know the cost of sports activities in Wellington. 

Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 20.00 NZ$
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 30.81 NZ$
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 66.87 NZ$


Finding housing is necessary for international students studying in Wellington. The accommodations for students include

  • private tenancy or university management
  • equipped or not
  • Self-catered or catered

If you are an international student and your university does not offer housing, you can find details about private rents on the university websites as well. 

Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 2,515.26 NZ$
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 3,544.89 NZ$
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 2,277.35 NZ$
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 4,236.59 NZ$

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An overview of Wellington, Wellington’s cost of living:

  • Using our estimates, an extended family of four would have monthly expenses of 305,792.9 (6,256.0NZ$).
  • Without rent, the projected monthly expenses for a single individual are 86,014.2 (1,759.7NZ$).
  • Bangalore is 174.5% less expensive than Wellington (see our cost of living score for comparisons without rent).
  • Compared to Bangalore, the average rent in Wellington is 309.2% greater.


What salary do you need to live in Wellington?

A family of four will require around NZ$7,806 each month or NZ$93,600 per year to pay their basic living costs in Wellington in 2023, according to stats and user-provided data. That corresponds to a gross yearly wage of almost $130,000 in New Zealand dollars.

Is New Zealand expensive for Indians?

The cost of living in New Zealand is over 126 per cent more than it is in India.

Is rent expensive in Wellington?

One-bedroom apartments in Wellington typically cost $450 per week to rent, while two-bedroom apartments can range from $600 to $800 per week.

Hope you got to know all the necessary information regarding the cost of living in Wellington. For more information, visit us at Leverage Edu

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