MBA Abroad for Indian Students at Low Cost

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MBA Abroad for Indian Students at low cost

When considering a study abroad program, many people opt to earn their MBA, which is one of the most sought-after degrees. Most Indian students prefer MBA abroad programs in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. If you are also one of those Indian students who want to pursue an MBA Abroad, this blog is all you need. Read on to learn more about MBA Abroad for Indian Students at Low-cost, popular universities abroad, the admission process, the cost of studying, and much more.

Name of the CourseMaster of Business Administration 
Specialization Varies depending on the course 
Duration of the course 12-14 months  
DegreePost Graduation 
Eligibility Requirements UG degree with a minimum of 65% marks in relevant disciplines from an officially recognized institution.
Average Fees 60,000 USD (INR 49.70 Lakhs)

Top Universities for MBA Abroad for Indian Students at Low Cost

Name of the University World QS
Rankings 2023 
QS Rankings
as per subject
Memorial University of NewfoundlandUnder 800601-800CAD 4, 833 2.93 Lakh
University of Victoria 3702nd out of 15 in MBAEUR 35,88429.61 Lakh
EU Business School
University College of Birmingham3706th in MBA in UKEUR 31,500 26,44 Lakh
Technical University of Munich50th74th in MBAEUR 14,400 12,08 Lakh
University of Tuebingen17710 in MBA9,550 EUR 8.01 Lakh
Kaplan Business School511-52047,880 AUD 27.06 Lakh 
IIBIT601-80057,600 AUD 32.56 Lakh
Deusto Business School301-400#201-250 in MBA 11,000 EUR 9.08 Lakh
EAE Business School #71-80200-250 in MBA ranking29,500 EUR 24.35 Lakh

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Memorial University Of Newfoundland (MUN), Canada

One of Canada’s top MBA schools abroad with low charges, Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) is positioned among the top best colleges. Because of its low educational expenses and predictable preparation strategies, MUN is the least expensive college in Canada for people looking for an MBA. This college has four St. John’s, Grenfell, and Harlow grounds. It gives various scholarly projects in a metropolitan setting and Canada’s absolute most reasonable courses. Likewise, the college is considered one of the least expensive and best MBA schools abroad.

The University of Victoria, Canada 

In English Columbia, the College of Victoria is a conspicuous public examination college. It has over 21,000 understudies, making it Canada’s most conspicuous college and one of the top MBA universities abroad with low expenses. Being one of the minimal-expense MBA schools abroad, the College of Triumph is awesome.

EU Business School, Barcelona

One of Spain’s least expensive MBA universities, the EU Business college (EU), is a very much respected private advanced education school in Spain’s business review field. It was established in 1973 and has been guaranteed by eduQua, the main Swiss quality imprint for progressive education organizations. The MBA program at EU Business college has been perceived as greatness by America Economia in its Worldwide MBA Positioning 2021. It is known for having the most minimal expenses for MBA abroad.

University College Of Birmingham, UK 

UCB is a notable institution among international students from more than 60 nations who come to the establishment looking for excellent, reasonable schooling. Managers and industry hold College School Birmingham in high regard for its calling-centred schooling and preparation. The establishment is one of the world’s top academic organizations and offers an MBA abroad for a minimal price.

Technical University of Munich

One school to study an MBA abroad for a nominal fee, the Specialized College of Munich is one of Europe’s top organizations. As per Reuters, TUM is the fourth most imaginative college in Europe.

The Executive MBA in Development and Business Creation is for trained professionals and chiefs. The program consolidates strong scholastic administration with customized fire-up and development counselling, giving a novel opportunity to learn and foster enterprising skills.

University Of Tuebingen, Germany

The University of Tuebingen is Germany’s most popular college and is known for its research-oriented schooling system. The MBA course presented here is well-informed and reasonably situated. The MBA program offered by the University of Tuebingen offers an exceptional curriculum connecting studies with social events. 

Kaplan Business college, Australia

MBA, MBA in bookkeeping, and Master in Professional Accounting are among the most popular MBA specializations offered by Kaplan Business College, Australia. The Kaplan Business college is popular for its collaboration with various Australian universities such as Sydney Swans and Davidson. These coordinated efforts with trustworthy Australian organizations allow understudies to participate in expertise-building and ability-improvement temporary positions.

IIBIT, Sydney

The Institute of Business Data Innovation (IIBIT) in Sydney is popularly known as the Institute of Business Data Innovation. In its Sydney and Adelaide grounds, IIBIT collaborates with Organization College to offer UG and PG degrees in Data Innovation and Business Organization. The organization additionally helps understudies in getting entry-level positions and arrangements. Expert in Innovation, MBA in Worldwide Business, and others.

Deusto Business School, Spain

Deusto Business college is certified by the Relationship to Progress University Schools of Business (AACSB) and the Relationship of MBAs. These global licenses feature Deusto Business college’s quality and greatness in business training, putting it among the best on the planet. Deusto is popular for offering understudies with one of the least MBA charges abroad. Deusto graduated class stands firm on top footings in 20% of the 35 IBEX enrolled organizations in Spain, including Chiefs, VPs, and head supervisors.

EAE Business School, Madrid

With over 60 years of aptitude in preparing fruitful experts, EAE Business college has shown north of 73,000 chiefs and leaders. More than 65,000 leaders have experienced EAE’s study halls since its establishment in 1958. Members come from 72 countries across five landmasses, with 95% having professional experience. 

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Cost of Studying MBA Abroad 

One of the major aspects that you must analyze before pursuing an MBA program is the cost of studying. Being a well-known master’s degree globally among top-level corporate pioneers, an MBA degree is offered with high fees. However, numerous universities offer MBA programs at affordable costs. The average cost of an MBA abroad is 60,000 USD (INR 49.66 Lakhs) to 100,000 USD (INR 82.77 Lakhs). Universities and governments award various scholarships across the globe to help students financially to pursue higher education abroad. 

Admission Process

The admission process for MBA Abroad for Indian Students at universities that offer education at affordable costs is quite simple, and all you are required to do is follow the steps below.

  • First, you must check your preferred university’s official website for the latest updates and notifications.
  • Then you must fill out the application form available on the official website of your preferred university accurately before the deadline. You may also be required to pay the application fees, if any.
  • As part of the admission process, you must also submit the required documents and the application form. (including language proficiency test scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)
  • After completing the steps above, the preferred university will contact you through email or contact number. 

Documents Required

As a part of the admission process, you must also submit a list of required documents. Some of the essential documents required to pursue an MBA abroad for Indian students are as follows:


Q1. Which nation is the least expensive for MBA?

Ans. Germany is viewed as the least expensive country to have top schools for MBA. Approx 111 EUR or 8,830 INR is the semester charge for the MBA course.

Q2. Which nations are best for Indian understudies to concentrate on MBA abroad?

Ans. Nations like Germany, Italy, and France are best for Indian understudies to concentrate on abroad MBA for a minimal price.

Q3. How much expense is expected to concentrate on MBA in abroad nations?

Ans. Around INR 20 Lacs is expected to concentrate on MBA in abroad nations. The expenses might vary from one country to another.

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