Cost of Living in Los Angeles

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Cost of Living in Los Angeles

Los Angeles or LA is a joyful city in Southern California. It is the centre of the Nation’s film and television industry. L.A. is the most populous city in California. It is also considered a cultural, financial, as well as commercial city in California. The city is popular across the world due to its most renowned HOLLYWOOD sign, top entertainment industry stars, and beautiful beaches. Owing to its vibrant and youthful atmosphere the city is a perfect tourist destination. 

It has a lot to offer to international students. There are many prestigious universities in Los Angeles such as the University of Sothern California (USC), the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), and many more. 

If you aspire to study abroad in L.A. then, you must be aware of the cost of living in California. Explore this blog to get complete details on the cost of living in Los Angeles California. 

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Why Choose Los Angeles for Study Abroad?

Choosing Los Angeles for studying abroad will offer you a lot of opportunities and unique career options. As the city is home to top educational institutions and universities, they provide diverse academic programs, be it engineering, business, science, films, art, television, and any other field. 

L.A. is the epicenter of Hollywood, so it is known for its art and culture. This energetic city has welcoming and friendly people so you would get a great chance for networking during your studies in Los Angeles.

Besides studies, networking, personal growth, cultural diversity, and work opportunities, this city has beautiful beaches, mountains, and parks that would give you a chance to explore outdoor recreational activities.

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Average Tuition Fees in Los Angeles

The average tuition fee in Los Angeles, California for international students varies depending upon the type of university. Private charge more fees as compared to public domain universities in Los Angeles. The following table gives you the approximate average tuition fees in L.A. for international students:

Course Fees
Undergraduate $24382 – $68474
Graduate $30000 – $70000

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Cost of Living in Los Angeles

The average cost of living in Los Angeles inclusive of rent for a single person is approximately around $3145. Although this cost may vary depending on the lifestyle and budget of an individual. Following are some necessary expenses in Los Angeles:


Given below are the transportation costs in Los Angeles:

Type of Transportation Expense
Single-way ticket price in local transport $2.00
1 litre petrol/gasoline $86.96
Taxi (8 km) $17
Volkswagen Golf or a new car $1.33
Volkswagen Golf or new car $25000

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The cost of food varies depending upon the location If you are having a meal at a luxurious hotel then, it may hit your pocket. Being a student, I would suggest you manage your food cost either by cooking food on your own or eating at a university mess would also be a great idea. Following is the list of some food products in Los Angeles:

Items Price
Milk (1 L) $1.23
Water (1.5 L) $2.25
Rice (1 kg) $3.79
Loaf of Bread (500 g) $4.49
12 Eggs $5.81
Cheese (1 kg) $13.36
Apples (1 kg) $5.04
Oranges (1 kg) $3.53
Bananas (1 kg) $1.93
Chicken (1 kg) $13.9
Potato (1 kg) $3.07
Tomato (1 kg) $5.24
Onion (1 kg) $2.32
Lettuce  $2.00
Hamburger $5.70
Meal at a restaurant $24.00
McMeal at McDonald’s $11.00


Given below is the per month rent of 1 bedroom and 3 bedroom in Los Angeles:

Type of Accommodation Rent Per Month
1 Bedroom Apartment in City Center $2657.14
3 Bedroom Apartment in City $4747.06
3-bedroom apartment outside the city $2166.81
3 bedroom apartment outside the city $3581.25

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The utility bill of a single person including the electricity bill, heating, water, and other things for an 85 m2 apartment is around $120. Internet bill charges for 1 month that offer 50 Mbps speed and unlimited data is $70.6. The monthly mobile phone plan including unlimited calls and 10 GD data is $75.75.


The healthcare facility is the most important thing to consider while planning to study in Los Angeles. Take a glance at the below table to know about the healthcare cost.

Healthcare Facility Expense 
Doctor’s Visit $130.40
Dentist Visit $120.27
Optometrist Visit $131.31
Rx Drugs $512.62
32 tampons $9
Cold medicine for a week $9
12 doses of antibiotics $16

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Tips to Manage the Cost of Living in Los Angeles

  • The accommodation in Los Angeles is a bit expensive. So, you must try to find a good deal. We could help you find some best student accommodation in Los Angeles. Click on the link to know more: Student Accommodation in Los Angeles.
  • You can save your money on food, and avoid eating outside.
  • Use public transportation or a bicycle to travel to your university daily.
  • There are a lot of opportunities for international students, and you can do part-time jobs to earn a good amount.

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Q1. What is the average cost of living in Los Angeles?

A. The average cost of living for an international student excluding the tuition fee is approximately around $3145.

Q2. What salary do you need to live in LA?

A. You need to earn a monthly salary in the range of $5984 to $10000. Although your expense also depends upon your lifestyle and your finances.

Q3. Is Los Angeles expensive for International students?

A. Los Angeles is quite expensive for students because it is one of the most glamorous cities in California, but there are a lot of ways in which a student can manage the cost of living in Los Angeles by planning their budget. 

We hope that this blog has provided you with relevant information on the Cost of Living in Los Angeles. And if you wish to study abroad, contact Leverage Edu for further assistance. You can also call us at 1800572000 and book a free session today!

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