China vs New Zealand: Which is the Better Study-Abroad Destination in 2024?

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China vs New Zealand

Many students go through analysis paralysis when it comes to choosing the right study-abroad destination. The confusion becomes even greater when there are two equally excellent choices in front of you, such as China and New Zealand. If you are confused between choosing these two countries, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will clear all the confusion regarding China vs New Zealand. We will judge each country based on certain aspects, and award +2 points to the country which is better in a particular aspect. At the end of this blog, we will compute the total score of each country and the one with the higher score will be deemed a better study-abroad destination.

Parameters ChinaNew Zealand
Area9.597 Million KM²268,021 KM²
CurrencyChinese Yuan (¥)New Zealand Dollar (NZ$)
Total Higher Education Providers3,0128
Total Indian Students Studying23,0002,664 
Average Cost of Living¥ 4,047.3NZ$ 3,000 – NZ$ 4,000 Per Month
Average Cost of Studying¥ 18,249 – ¥ 72,996 Per YearNZ$ 6,500 – NZ$ 50,000
Popular Job SectorsTechnology, Accountancy and Finance, Teaching, Medicine, Marketing, and ManufacturingTeaching, Healthcare, Public Administration, Architecture and Design, Psychology, and Information Technology
Permitted Part-Time Working Hours24 Hours Per Week 20 Hours Per Week

Top-Ranked Universities: China vs New Zealand

Searching for a university is one of the most crucial phases in the life of every student. A good university can position you for a bright and thriving future. So, we have listed below some of the top universities in China and New Zealand. 

Universities in China

Here are some of the best universities in China:

Top Universities in ChinaQS World University Rankings 2024Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024
Peking University1714
Tsinghua University2512
Zhejiang University4455
Fudan University5044
Shanghai Jiao Tong University5143
University of Science and Technology of China13757
Nanjing University14173
Wuhan University194164
Tongji University216185
Harbin Institute of Technology256168

Universities in New Zealand

Some of the best universities in New Zealand are shown in the table below: 

Top Universities in New ZealandQS World University Rankings 2024Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023
The University of Auckland68139
University of Otago206301–350
Victoria University of Wellington241401–500
University of Canterbury256601–800 
Massey University239601–800
University of Waikato250401–500
Lincoln University362401–500
Auckland University of Technology407251–300

Which Country is Better?

The tables above imply that the universities in China hold a higher rank than the universities in New Zealand. As a result, we will grant +2 points to China in this round of China vs New Zealand. 

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Admission Requirements

You need to understand the eligibility requirements of your chosen study destination before you apply for admission. So, in this section, we will discuss the admission criteria for the universities in China and New Zealand. 

Admission Requirements For China

You have to submit these listed documents to be eligible to gain admission into a university in China: 

Admission Requirements For New Zealand

Admission criteria for universities in New Zealand vary as per the courses and their level. However, the general eligibility requirements remain the same, which are as follows: 

  • For every course, students need to meet a minimum English language requirement. 
  • The students should also have received a minimum score of 75% or above in their Class 12. 
  • The students have to be at least 18 years old to enrol. 
  • The following documents need to be submitted by the student: 
    • Resume
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Photocopied score reports of GMAT / IELTS / TOEFL
    • Two letters of recommendation from the employer/manager who knows you well and can comment on your professional abilities (in case you have work experience)
    • Others (Certificates/achievements at the state and national level and extracurricular activities)
    • Portfolio (in case of students applying for art and design courses and architecture programmes)
    • Valid Passport
  • Students must have a minimum TOEFL score of 80, a PTE score of 50, and an IELTS score of 6. 

Which Country is Better?

The above comparison implies that China has an easier admission process when compared to New Zealand. Hence, we will award +2 points to China in this round of China vs New Zealand as well. 

Tuition Fees

Tuition costs are also an important factor when choosing a study destination. So, we will look at the average tuition fees in China and New Zealand in this section. 

Tuition Fees in China

As per the websites of the universities in China, the average yearly tuition costs in the country are as follows: 

Study Program Average Annual Tuition Fee
Undergraduate ¥15,000 to ¥60,000 
Postgraduate¥18,000 to ¥90,000 
Doctoral¥20,000 to ¥50,000 

Tuition Fees in New Zealand 

The average tuition costs as per the websites of New Zealand universities are shown in the table below: 

Study Program Average Annual Tuition Fee
Undergraduate NZ$20,500 – NZ$25,000
PostgraduateNZ$19,000 – NZ$50, 000
DoctoralNZ$6,500 – NZ$9,000

Which Country is Better?

It is clear from above that the tuition fee in New Zealand is lower than in China. Hence, New Zealand will get +2 points in this round of China vs New Zealand. 

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Living Expenses

The cost of living is one of the biggest concerns for a student when moving to a different country. So, in this section, we will discuss the living expenses in China and New Zealand. 

Cost of Living in China

The living expenses as per Numbeo are shown in the table below: 

Monthly Rent ¥2,191.31 – ¥7,900.84
Average Apartment Price (Price per Square Metre)¥33,742.16 – ¥58,250.61
Average Cost of an Inexpensive Restaurant Meal ¥25
Average Transportation Cost (Monthly)¥200
Average Cost of Utility (Monthly)¥584.12

Cost of Living in New Zealand

The cost of living in New Zealand as per Numbeo is shown in the table below:

Monthly Rent NZ$1,538.83 – NZ$3,061.61
Average Apartment Price (Price per Square Metre)NZ$8,995.46 – NZ$10,827.41
Average Cost of an Inexpensive Restaurant Meal NZ$25
Average Transportation Cost (Monthly) NZ$176.01
Average Cost of Utility (Monthly)NZ$376.17

Which Country is Better?

The tables above clearly show that the living expenses in China are way lower than in New Zealand. As a result, we will give +2 points to China in this section of China vs New Zealand. 

Work Permit and PR

Most often, students pursue their higher education abroad to find work and eventually settle there. So, let’s discuss the ease of getting a work permit and permanent residency in China and New Zealand. 

Work Permit in China

Let’s take a look at how a work permit is granted in China: 

Eligibility Requirements for a Work Permit in China:

To apply for a Chinese work permit, you must submit the documents shown below: 

  • A valid passport,
  • A passport-sized photograph, 
  • A completed application form, 
  • TEFL/TESOL certificate authenticated by the Chinese embassy or consulate (applicable only for teaching positions),
  • Medical examination report from an authorized hospital,
  • An approval document for commercial performances,
  • Reference letter,
  • Registration Certificate of Resident Representative Offices of Enterprises from Foreign Countries,
  • Clean criminal record,
  • Issued by the Chinese government authorities for Cultural Affairs,
  • Foreigners Work Permit notification letter issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC.

To get the notification letter, your employer needs you to submit these documents to the Labour Bureau:

  • Degree or diploma (legalised and authenticated).
  • Your resume, 
  • Proof of at least two years of work experience in the relevant field,
  • Verification of education or professional qualifications,
  • Verification of employment history,
  • A copy of the job contract,
  • Information concerning any accompanying members, and
  •  Physical examination record. 

Steps to Apply for a Chinese Work Permit

Follow the steps given below to get a Chinese Work Permit:

Step 1: You are required to have been offered a job in China

Step 2: After you have secured a job, gather and prepare all the required documents.

Step 3: Now, continue with your application by applying for a Chinese work visa at a Chinese embassy/consulate, and pay the needed amount. 

Step 4: Finally, you will receive your work visa after the completion of your application process. 

The processing time for a Chinese work visa is around 4 working days, based on the number of applications submitted to the embassy. 

PR in China

You can be awarded a permanent residency visa regardless of your position or employer if you:

  • Earn more than ¥600,000 annually, 
  • Pay your income taxes on time (¥120,000 or more yearly), and 
  • Have worked in Shanghai for more than four years without having any criminal record in your home country.

Work Permit in New Zealand

Here is how the work permit is obtained in New Zealand: 

Eligibility Criteria for a Work Permit in New Zealand

You must meet the following criteria to be deemed eligible for a temporary work visa in New Zealand:

  • You must be offered a job offer from an employer in New Zealand, 
  • You also get a work permit in case you have a spouse in New Zealand and you want to join them and work,
  • You are also deemed eligible in case you are from a country which has a special work programme, 
  • Moreover, you are considered eligible for a work permit if you are coming for a specified work-related purpose to the nation, or 
  • You can apply for a work permit if you have been pursuing education in New Zealand and now desire to work here.

Steps to Apply for a Work Permit in New Zealand

After fulfilling the criteria and gathering your documents, you are ready to apply for the New Zealand Work Visa. The steps for the application process are shown below: 

Step 1: You are required to first find employment in New Zealand,

Step 2: Then, collect all of your necessary documents,

Step 3: Now, proceed with your application by submitting your application for a work visa, and

Step 4: Relax while your work visa gets processed.

The processing time of a New Zealand work permit can be between 3 to 7 months.

PR in New Zealand

You must spend at least 184 days in New Zealand on a resident visa in each of the two years before you apply for permanent residence. This two-year period begins when you apply for permanent residence and does not incorporate the two years since you received your resident visa.  

Which Country is Better?

It is clear from above that the process of receiving a work permit and PR is simpler in New Zealand. Hence, New Zealand will receive +2 points in this round of China vs New Zealand. 

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Average Salaries: China vs New Zealand 

A fresh graduate in China gets an average salary of ¥10,342 per month as reported by TeamedUp China. On the other hand, the average annual salary after graduation in New Zealand is NZ$43,103 according to Indeed.

Which Country is Better?

The average salary in New Zealand is more than in China, and hence, we will grant +2 points to New Zealand in this round of China vs New Zealand. 

Other Major Elements

Let’s see some other important elements of both China and New Zealand that one should consider. Small factors like climate and culture can also determine whether you are comfortable staying in your chosen destination or not. 


China is in the temperate climate zone, and most of the country is cool, however, the southern region is hot, and the northern part is quite frigid. In New Zealand, the climate in the country differs, ranging from warm subtropical in the far north to cool temperate in the extreme southern region. 


It is mostly safe to go to China, as long as you are alert and know where you are going. Just follow the local rules and understand their local culture. Similarly, New Zealand is known for being a very safe country for international students. Serious crimes like murder or narcotics are rarely witnessed here. 

Culture for International Students

International students pursuing their studies in China can have a very gratifying experience. But they may have to culturally adapt and learn the local language to get a better experience. 

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After calculating the total scores, we find that both China and New Zealand have received a total of 6 points each. Hence, they have a tie.

However, please keep in mind that both nations are amazing study destinations and your choice depends on numerous factors, such as your personal preferences, the course you want to enrol in, and your budget. 


Q1. How many Indians are in NZ?

Ans. There are reportedly about 240,000 Indians in New Zealand. 

Q2. How much does it cost to study in China?

Ans. The average tuition fee in China ranges between ¥15,000 to ¥90,000.

Q3. Is New Zealand good for Indian students?

Ans. Yes, New Zealand offers a high standard of living, a safe environment, and a wide range of career opportunities to Indians and other international students. 

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So, this was all about China vs New Zealand. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad

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