Top Adidas Careers in India for Freshers in 2023

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Adidas is an MNC that is headquartered in Germany and deals in clothing, shoes, and accessories. Second, to only Nike in the list of largest manufacturers of sportswear in the world, it is regarded as the largest manufacturer of sports-related wearables in Europe. Adidas is popular for its classic designs which are mostly instant hits and its focus on sustainability makes it a preferred choice among people. 

When it comes to looking for Adidas careers there are various opportunities available as Adidas has many departments due to which you will be able to find a job position easily that matches your interests and skill set. Are you also looking for a job at Adidas? If the answer is yes, then this blog will help you greatly! 

Company Name Adidas
IndustryJuly 1924
FoundedBjorn Gulden 
CEOBjourn Gulden 
HeadquartersHerzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany

Employee Benefits and Work Culture at Adidas 

When it comes to Employee Benefits, people working at Adidas get to know about new products of Adidas before the market and also they get various discounts and opportunities to buy these. Adidas provides its employees and their friends & families with the benefit of getting discounts at all of its outlets and E-commerce websites.

According to Ajay Kulkarni, who has worked as a Platform and Software Engineer at Adidas, the company is a pretty good place to work if a person is working in the IT department as a developer or a manager. Since it’s a Europen MNC, the company lays a lot of importance on work-life balance and expects an employee to put in around 7-8 hours of work and not more than that. Employees are also given around 30 leaves per year which they can use according to their needs and situation. 

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How to Apply for Adidas Careers?

Whenever you want to apply for a job at a particular company it is very important to do thorough research on the company to make sure that the company will be a right fit for you. The best way is to read reviews on the internet submitted by employees of that company, talking to your connections that are working there or have worked there. Also, make sure that you collect information about the salary offered by the company for the job position you are wishing to apply for and also, the amount of salary one should get according to industry standards. 

Once you do this research for Adidas, follow the steps mentioned below in order to apply for the job position.

  1. Firstly look for a job opening at Adidas that matches your skill set, on various job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, etc. For this purpose, you can also check out the Adidas career page on its official website.
  2. Then apply for the position by sending the resume to HR. Make sure to create a concise and impressive CV in order to increase your chances of being called for an interview. 
  3. If you do not receive an invitation for an interview make sure you send a polite reminder to HR.
  4. After you receive a call from HR for the interview make sure you start preparing for it. Prepare answers for the questions related to your skillset and the job description mentioned by the company. 
  5. According to reviews submitted by the employees, Adidas has 3 interview rounds – HR shortlisting, personal interview and caste study interview. So make sure you prepare well for all the rounds.
  6. On the day of the interview make yourself feel confident and dress well. 

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Highest Paying Job Positions and Their Salaries at Adidas 

When looking for a job it is important to review various job positions and their respective salaries of a company. The table below represents various highest-paying jobs and their respective salaries at Adidas:

Job PositionYears of ExperienceSalary (Annual)
Platform Engineer5-10 yearsINR 23,12,000
Data Engineer1-8 yearsINR 26,17,000
Senior Software Engineer6-12 yearsINR 32,64,000
Software Developer0-5 yearsINR 15,72,000
Software Engineer5-11 yearsINR 25,10,000
Cluster Manager7-13 yearsINR 10,79,000
Key Account Manager6-15 yearsINR 22,81,000
Site Reliability Engineer3-9 yearsINR 27,16,000
Director12-19 yearsINR 65,17,000
Product Owner6-11 yearsINR 26,55,000
                                                           Source – AmbitionBox
(YouTube Source – IHHPET: Industries Helping Hands Dot Com) 

Can Freshers Get a Job at Adidas? 

Freshers can get a job at Adidas provided that they have the required skill set as mentioned in the job description and have soft skills like- communication, leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, etc. If the candidate has prior work experience through an internship, part-time job, etc. that would really strengthen their application and help kickstart an Adidas career. Also, taking up a leadership role while a student is in college will always come in handy when in future they would be applying for a job. The best way for a fresher to get a job is to make connections and network with people as much as possible whilst they are in college which is going to help them when they go take seek a job in the future. 

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Q1. How do you get hired by Adidas?

Ans- In order to get a job at Adidas firstly, you need to look out for job openings. For this purpose, you can use various job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, etc. Then apply for a job position matching your skill set. If your CV gets shortlisted you will be called for one-on-one, group and panel interviews. 

Q2. Does Adidas do work experience?

Ans- Through its global internship program, Adidas provides 3-6 years of work experience to students.

Q3. What are Adidas’ core beliefs?

Ans- Core beliefs of Adidas include fairness, authenticity, trust and inclusivity.

Q4. What is the salary package of Adidas?

Ans- According to the salary reviews submitted by employees of Adidas on AmbitionBox, the salary at Adidas ranges from INR 0.7 lakh per year for a Sales Executive to INR 65.2 Lakh per year for a Director. 

This is everything you need to know about Adidas Careers. Make sure you follow Leverage Edu for more such informative articles.

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