10 Best Business Analyst Certifications Online

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business analyst certification online

Business analysts are responsible for turning data into analytics. They play a crucial role in business. Therefore, business analysts are needed in several organizations. According to Indeed, the average annual salary of a business analyst in the USA is approximately $90,000 per year. Those who have business analyst certification can pursue different career paths such as Data Scientist, IT Analyst, and Information Security Analyst, among others. Those who are interested in business analysis can enrol in an online certification. This blog contains information regarding the top 10 business analyst certifications online. Keep reading to know more about them. 

Business Analyst CourseProvider
Harvard University Business Analyst Courses Harvard University
Business Analytics SpecializationUniversity of Pennsylvania 
Statistics for Business Analytics University of Queensland
Business Analytics with Excel: Elementary to AdvancedJohns Hopkins University
Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision MakingBoston University
IIBA  Business Analysis CertificationIIBA
Udemy Business Analyst Certification OnlineUdemy 
Business Analysis Online Training CoursesLinkedIn Learning
Simpli Learn Business AnalystSimpli Learn
Business Analyst Master’s CourseIntelpatt

Benefits of Business Analyst Certification Online

There are several benefits of business analyst certification online. Some of these benefits are provided below:

  • The certification is flexible and can be undertaken by anyone, anytime anywhere 
  • A business analyst certification online would increase the credibility of the individual
  • It would appeal to potential employers and such individuals can receive higher salaries compared to those who do not have a certification
  • The certification can help individuals who are seeking job security or career advancement 

10 Best Business Analyst Certification Online

Out of the numerous business analyst certification online we have shortlisted some of the best ones. These certifications are flexible and are available at a reasonable price. The course details, duration, and other information is provided for your convenience. 

Harvard University Business Analyst Courses 

business analyst certification online
Credit: pll.harvard.edu

Harvard University is offering some of the finest business analyst courses. One of these courses is free, and the rest are paid. The courses are meant for intermediate learners and are self-paced. Each course’s start date is different, and registration is needed for every course. Video lessons and live classes are available. After the course completion, a student would receive a certificate from Harvard University. 

Level Intermediate 
Duration Maximum 17 weeks 
Certification Yes


Learn the difference between Business Analyst and Data Analyst

Business Analytics Specialization

business analyst certification online
Credit:  Coursera

The University of Pennsylvania is offering Business Analytics Specialization through Coursera. This is a 5-course series that will help a student learn how data is utilized for recruitment and performance evaluation, tools used to predict customer behavior and solve business problems with decision-making based on data. This course is meant for beginners and is self-paced. A certification is available after course completion. 

Level Beginner 
Duration 1 month at 10 hours a week
Certification Yes


Statistics for Business Analytics 

business analyst certification online
Credit:  Edx

This is a professional business analyst certification online provided by the University of Queensland. The program contains 3 available courses via Edx. The skill-building courses can be completed within 3 months. The course would cover several techniques applicable to data presentation, interpretation, and usage. By the end of the course, the student would develop solid statistical analysis skills in economic and business situations. 

Level NA
Duration 5 months
FeesINR 51,134
Certification Yes


Business Analytics with Excel: Elementary to Advanced

business analyst certification online
Credit:  Coursera 

This business analyst certification online is provided by Johns Hopkins University. The certification is available via Coursera and is self-paced. The course can be completed within 3 weeks and is meant for intermediate learners. Some of the topics covered in this course are introduction to Excel, linear programming, transportation, and assignment problems, among others. 

Level Intermediate
Duration Approx. 23 hours to complete
Certification Yes


Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making

Credit:   Edx

Boston University is providing this business analyst certification online via Edx. This course will help a learner to make better company decisions using the analysis method and create competitive advantages. The program is meant for advanced learners and is instructor-led. Students can complete this course within a week. Certification is available after completion of the course. 

Level NA
Duration 7 weeks
Certification Yes


IIBA  Business Analysis Certification

business analyst certification online
Credit: IIBA

The International Institute of Business Analysis offers several business analysis courses. Students can access these courses, prepare for the exam, and obtain a certification. Some of the popular courses available are: Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™ (ECBA™), Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®), and Certification of Capability in Business Analysis™ (CCBA®). Apart from these courses,s students can also enroll in specialised certifications such as Agile Analysis Certification, and Business Data Analytics Certification.

Level Intermediate
Duration NA
FeesUSD 350.00 (ECBA course)
Certification Yes


Udemy Business Analyst Certification Online

business analyst certification online
Credit: Udemy 

Udemy is offering 226 business analyst certification courses. These courses are meant for beginners to intermediate learners. A student can learn everything from fundamentals to strategy analysis and agile analysis. Some of the popular courses available on this platform are Business Analysis Fundamentals – ECBA, CCBA, CBAP endorsed, and The Business Intelligence Analyst Course 2024. The drawback? Compared to other Udemy courses, this course is expensive.

Level Beginner-intermediate
Duration Varies 
FeesStarts at INR 3199
Certification Yes


Business Analysis Online Training Courses

business analyst certification online
Credit: https://www.linkedin.com/

The Business Analysis Online Training Courses are provided by LinkedIn Learning. These courses are available under the LinkedIn Learning Membership. The course content is generally video-based and includes quizzes and one final exam. Certification is available after the course completion and it can be added to the LinkedIn resume. Some of the popular courses available are Business Analysis Foundations, SAP ERP Essential Training, etc.

Level Beginner
Duration Varies 
Certification Yes


Learn the Scope of Business Analytics in UK

Simpli Learn Business Analyst

business analyst certification online
Credit: Simpli Learn

This business analyst certification online is provided by Simpli Learn in collaboration with IBM and IIBA. The course would enable a learner to become job-ready. The program would train the student in 3 aspects. That is, Planning and monitoring,  Requirements management, and Requirements elicitation. Moreover, the learner can access tools, work on real-world projects, and even attend masterclasss from the experts (IBM).

Level Beginner
Duration 1 year
Certification Yes


All About Business Analytics at the University of Loughborough

Business Analyst Master’s Course

business analyst certification online
Credit: https://intellipaat.com

Intelpatt is offering a Business Analyst Master’s Course in collaboration with IBM and Microsoft. The course is meant for IT professionals, freshers, and sales professionals. Etc. The program would be led by the  SMEs from the best companies in the world. Students will learn the core concepts of business analytics and will learn to plan stakeholder engagement. Jobs assistance is available and students can access the 24-hour support and 240 Hrs Project & Exercises. 

Level Beginner
Duration 130 Hours
FeesINR 5,000
Certification Yes


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What is the highest certification for a Business Analyst?

The highest certification that a business analyst can obtain is Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP). This is a certification that IIBA offers that demonstrates the leadership ability and mastery of business analytics. 

Can a fresher do Cbap certification? 

No. Freshers cannot apply for the CBAP certification. To obtain this certification. Students must have years of experience in business analysis. It is recommended that freshers take up ECBA certification.

Which is harder PMP or Cbap?

Both exams are challenging and they require more than 1 attempt to clear the examination. However, the PMP examination is held for a longer duration (30 minutes more), and contains more questions. Hence, it is more difficult. 

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details, for more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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