Average ACT Score for UNC: Requirements, How to Send Score, etc. 

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Average ACT Score for UNC

Average ACT Score for UNC: You can submit your ACT exam scores to corroborate your chances of admission to UNC, especially if your ACT score is higher than the average range. UNC’s average ACT score is 30. This is a competitive score that can be challenging for one to attain. However, prior knowledge and exam preparation can help you achieve higher than the average ACT score for UNC.  


The University of North Carolina is one of the most prominent universities in the United States. Owing to its unparalleled education, cutting-edge campus/research facilities, and lucrative scholarships, the university attracts swarms of students from all over the globe. With an acceptance rate of just 20%, it can be competitive for students to get into this prestigious university. As a result, one must guarantee that they meet all academic standards, such as standardized test scores for enrolment. Individuals aspiring to get into UNC can send their ACT scores instead of SAT as an alternative. That being said, you must read the article to know more about ACT scores for UNC.  

Name of the University University of North Carolina (UNC) 
ACT Requirement 30
Rank #  in QS World Ranking 2024
Acceptance Rate 20%
Minimum GPA 4.39

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UNC ACT Requirements

UNC does not have a predetermined cut-off range for ACT scores. However, if you intend to send your ACT scores to the institute, then you must aim at scoring at least above the average ACT score. That being said, the average ACT score required for UNC is 30.  A good score for UNC admission ranges between 30 to 35. Scoring between such a range can bolster your chances of getting selected into a prestigious university. 

If your ACT score is lower than the average, you will be automatically put in the 25th percentile. Individuals with an ACT score of 27, for example, are put in the 25th percentile. If, on the other hand, you obtain an ACT score of 33, your percentile will rise to the 75th level. In other words, ACT scores lower than your average ACT range can hurt your chances of admission to UNC. 

How to Send Your  ACT Score to UNC?  

Refer to the following steps to submit your ACT scores to UNC. 

  1. Visit the official website of ACT, i.e., https://www.act.org/, and select the option of ‘Sign-in’. 
  2. Use your login credentials to sign into your account. 
  3. Once done with that, simply select the option of ‘Send Your Scores’. 
  4. Then,  go through selected ACT test dates and scores. 
  5. You must specify the university code to which you want your ACT results delivered 
  6. Finally, pay the required fee to complete the transaction.

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How to Improve your ACT Score for UNC? 

Individuals who wish to pursue their higher education at UNC must obtain an average ACT score of 30 or above. Achieving such a competitive score may seem like an arduous task to some, however, with prior preparation and practice, it can be easily achieved. Here are some tips to help you improve your ACT scores for the prestigious University of North Carolina. 

  1. Going over the ACT exam format and syllabus will provide you with a thorough understanding of the exam and its complexities. Furthermore, doing so will give you an idea of the exam’s marking scheme, the types of questions that may be asked, the amount of time candidates must devote to each question, and the level of difficulty of the questions. 
  2. Solving previous year’s ACT question papers will make you feel more confident at solving the tricky questions. 
  3. Setting time restrictions while solving practice papers will bolster your overall speed and accuracy. This will eventually hone your time-management skills, which can be a godsend during the ACT exam. 
  4. Take the help of prep books that are written by notable authors, contain the latest information, come with numerous sample questions, and are up to date with the latest exam trends. 
  5. Revise your core concepts as much as possible This will give you enough confidence to take on even the tricky questions. 
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Q1. What is the average ACT score for UNC? 

Ans. The average ACT score for UNC is 30. 

Q2. What GPA is needed for UNC? 

Ans. A minimum GPA of 4.39 is required for admission into the University of North Carolina. 

Q3. Is 35 ACT good for UNC?

Ans. An ACT score of 30-35 is considered to be a pretty good score for UNC. Such a score can definitely bolster your chances of selection in UT Austin. 

Those who wish to send their ACT scores to UNC  must aim to secure above the average ACT score of 30.  On the contrary, scoring below the average ACT score will hamper your chances of getting selected for UNC. 

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