How Many Hours is the Gre Exam? 

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How Many Hours is the Gre Exam? 

How Many Hours is the GRE Exam: The GRE or the Graduate Record Examination is a standardized test undertaken by aspirants who wish to enrol in graduate and professional schools abroad. The aforestated test is primarily administered to gauge and assess an individual’s calibre, cognitive prowess, competence and skills required to thrive in such institutions. 


The GRE General exam typically goes on for three hours and forty-five minutes. However, it is to be noted that ETS will be implementing the new timings and duration from 22 September 2023. The GRE test will be held for one hour and forty-eight minutes from the month of September (2023).  The exam itself is segregated and fractionated into six primary sections, namely Analytical Writing (Issue Essay), Analytical Writing (Argument Essay), Verbal Reasoning Section 1, Quantitative Reasoning Section 1, Quantitative Reasoning Section 2, Verbal Reasoning Section 2 and an unscored portion. Candidates appearing for the exam will be allotted a ten-minute break after the completion of the third section. Read the article to know more about the duration of the GRE Exam. 

Name of the TestGRE
Full Form Graduate Record Examinations 
Duration 3 hours 45 minutes (general)
3 hours 40 minutes (paper-based) 
ModeOnline (computer-based) 
Offline  (paper-based) 

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How Long is the Paper-Based GRE Examination? 

The Paper-Based GRE Examination typically lasts for about three hours and forty minutes (including breaks). Individuals going to attempt the paper must manage their time well as time management plays a huge role in the examination and can make or break one’s selection eventually. As stated above, the computer-based or general GRE exam lasts for about three hours and forty-five minutes (including breaks). The duration of the unscored portion in the GRE’s general test may vary at times, thereby resulting in different overall duration of the exam. 

Have a look at the following table to go through the details about the Paper-Based GRE exam and its duration. 

Section Duration in Minutes Questions 
Analytical Writing: Analyze An IssueThirty One 
Analytical Writing: Analyze An ArgumentThirty One 
Break Ten 
Verbal Reasoning 1Thirty-Five Twenty-Five
Verbal Reasoning 2Thirty-FiveTwenty-Five 
Quantitative Reasoning 1FortyTwenty-Five 
Quantitative Reasoning 2FortyTwenty-Five 
Total DurationThree Hours Forty Minutes 

Section-Wise Time Requirements in GRE (General) Examination

The GRE verbal sections require candidates to devote sixty minutes to completing them. The quantitative portions must be completed in seventy-odd minutes (total). Aspirants must keep time management in mind because the exam might be difficult and time-consuming. As a result, it is vital to avoid wasting valuable time on questions that appear difficult or arduous. Such questions pose the risk of one to get stuck on them.  As a general rule of thumb, candidates should start with questions that are relatively easier to answer and feel sure about. According to the latest notification released by the ETS, the exam will last for about 1 hour and 58 minutes from 22 September 2023. 

Refer to the table given below to go through the section-wise requirements in the GRE General Exam. 

Section Duration in Minutes Questions 
Analytical Writing: Analyze An IssueThirty One 
Analytical Writing: Analyze An ArgumentThirty One 
Break Ten 
Verbal Reasoning 1ThirtyTwenty
Verbal Reasoning 2ThirtyTwenty 
Quantitative Reasoning 1Thirty-Five Twenty 
Quantitative Reasoning 2Thirty-FiveTwenty 
Unscored Portion Varies (typically lasts between thirty to thirty-five minutes) Varies 
Total DurationThree Hours Forty-Five Minutes 

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How to Manage Time While Attempting the GRE Exam? 

Time Management plays a crucial role in the GRE Exam. Candidates will encounter a time constraint when taking the stated exam, thus it is vital that they use their time wisely and effectively. Here are some pointers to help you manage your time throughout the GRE. 

  • It is crucial for one to have undertaken the GRE Exam or mock tests of the actual GRE exam to get acclimatised with the format and structure of the exam. Doing so will not only help one get accustomed to the time-based limitations of the exam but also will help them enhance their speed and accuracy whilst attempting the exam. 
  • One must utilise their break to get an edge over their competitors. Breaks provided during the GRE exam must be used for relaxation and reorientation of the mind. One must use the break to focus on the subsequent sections. 
  • One must avoid rushing and losing points to silly errors. 
  • Candidates should definitely avoid wasting their time on questions that they are unsure about. One must always attempt those questions that they are confident in. 
  • Questions that may seem tricky or challenging can always revisited later. 


How many hours does it take to complete the GRE?

The GRE General Exam typically lasts for about three hours and forty-five minutes, while the duration of the paper-based GRE exam is for about three hours and forty minutes. 

How many hours is gre exam in India? 

The duration of the GRE General Test in India is similar to that of the test conducted abroad or overseas, i.e., three hours and forty-five minutes long. The GRE subject test in India primarily lasts for about two hours and fifty minutes. 

How difficult is the GRE for Indian students?

The difficulty level of the GRE exam lies on the spectrum of moderate to challenging. Therefore, it is critical for one to prepare well for the exam. 

Candidates who wish to get into graduate or professional institutions abroad must sit for the GRE Exam. The GRE General exam usually lasts for about three hours and forty-five minutes, while the GRE paper-based exam lasts for three hours and forty minutes. It is critical for one to prepare well for the exam as it can be challenging for some at first. To know more about the GRE exam, check out the official website of Leverage Edu

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