How to Score 80+ in PTE in 7 Days

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The PTE exam is a standardized English language examination which is approved and accepted by major educational establishments across the globe. This test is taken up by candidates who are looking to join colleges or universities abroad. Candidates willing to work abroad can also take up this test. 


The PTE is a computer-based test with a two-hour duration. The test consists of three sections, namely, reading, speaking and writing along with listening

Exam Type English Proficiency Exam 
Mode of exam Online 
PTE Fee 15,900
Negative MarkingThere is no negative marking 

Section Specific Tips to score 80+ in PTE Exam

Candidates who are planning to take the PTE exam in the near future should not worry and take too much pressure since securing good grades in the PTE exam is not a daunting task. Candidates can easily score marks with good preparation, hard work and commitment. Some tips are given for each of the sections in the PTE exam below:

Speaking Section of PTE 

The speaking section in this entrance exam can be a little difficult for non-native English speakers as it demands instant response with prompt thinking. However, with good preparation, this section can be cracked. Some tips which can be helpful are mentioned below:

  • For this section the candidates are expected to be clear while answering and should maintain a balance between loud and low tones of voice. 
  • The candidates are suggested not to speak too fast and make sure to give necessary pauses at full stops or commas. 
  • The students should practice the pronunciation of the words, especially those which sound similar. 
  • The students are advised to make the best use of the erasable notepad specifically for describing the image question and retelling the lecture question. 

Writing Section of PTE

The writing section of the PTE exam is combined with the speaking section. Here are some tips for candidates to ace this section:

  • Candidates are advised to brush up their grammatical skills by reattempting mock tests or online assignments. 
  • Candidates should write the essays in a well-structured format which is accepted by the PTE. 
  • Use proper grammar and vocabulary.
  • Never go off-topic and stick to the topic provided.

Reading Section of PTE

For this section the best way to score good grades is to practice. In the PTE exam, the reading section takes 30-40 minutes. Here are some specific tips for this section:

  • Candidates are advised to read novels and newspapers as much as possible.
  • Know the pattern and type of questions beforehand. 
  • Use the elimination method to remove incorrect answers. 

Listening Section of PTE 

In this section the candidates will be given audio or video clips. Subsequently, based on what they have heard, the candidates. Here are some of our tips for this section:

  • The candidates can practice by listening to English news broadcasts, podcasts, and music, and try to understand the meaning behind the audio. 
  • While listening the candidates should also take down notes of the keywords and phrases which they hear. It will eventually help them to focus on the important information and will also help to identify any incorrect words. 
  • There are many sample recordings and practice questions available online. Candidates can use them to familiarize themselves with the format of the task.

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General Tips to Crack PTE in 7 Days

As the PTE exam tests your English Language skills, it requires thorough preparation. If you keep following the right tips and tricks discussed above, you can do well in this exam. Here are a few general tips which you can follow to crack the exam in only 7 days:

  • The students should make a timetable and strictly follow it.
  • Keep aside some time for revision. 
  • Candidates are advised to solve mock test papers and sample question papers. These sample test papers are best suitable for applying trial and error methods.
  •  Candidates should take some time to relax and do some activity to unwind.
  • Candidates should try and exercise regularly to have a fresh mind and get the adrenaline flowing in their bodies.


How can one perform better in the speaking section of the PTE exam?

In the PTE speaking test, the candidates are suggested to practice English speaking and avoid themselves from pausing too much. More tips can be found in this blog.

What is the validity of PTE scores?

The PTE score is valid for a period of 2 years and is accepted by major universities abroad. Candidates planning to work abroad can also appear for the test. 

What is the application fee for PTE exam?

The PTE exam fee in India is INR 15,900. Students who want to appear for the test can submit their applications online. 

In this blog, we have discussed how candidates can score 80+ in their PTE exam in 7 days. We hope candidates find these tips useful for their exam.

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