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carleton university acceptance rate

Studying abroad is a dream for many aspiring students around the world. According to the Hindustan Times, there was a significant increase in study abroad percentage ie about 68%. With that data, we can tell that studying abroad for higher education has become a popular choice for many international students but one common mistake most students make is not doing proper research about their desired University. In today’s blog, we are going to take a look at Carleton University’s acceptance rate and other important aspects of this University. Continue reading to know more.


About Carleton University

Carleton University is a reputed public research university located in Ottawa, Canada. The history of Carleton University goes back to 1942 when the University was founded with the initiative of providing higher education opportunities for veterans returning from World War II. At first, it was a non-denominational college then received University status in 1957 since then it has grown to become one of the leading universities in Canada and is currently among the top 20 universities in Canada and is also ranked at #601-650 in the QS World Ranking 2023.

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Benefits of Carleton University

As it is one of the top and reputed Universities in Canada, you will get a lot of benefits if you get admitted to Carleton University. Here are some of the key benefits of  Carleton University admission:

  • The student diversity at Carleton University is great, with international students from over 150 countries making it one of the most diverse Universities in Canada
  • The university provides over 200 study programs to choose from. This means you will have various options to choose from and pursue
  • The University also has well-trained faculties who can provide you with proper guidance and help you get a quality education
  • It has alumni who have made significant contributions to various sectors of society, such as science, business, politics, and so on.
  • It has a strong reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship. Getting a degree from this University can help you in securing a high-paying job and future-proof your career

Acceptance Rate of Carleton University

When it comes to Carleton University’s acceptance rate it is around 21%, which clearly means that the university is highly selective when it comes to admissions. The University focuses on intaking meritorious students with impeccable academic records. It also doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get a Carleton University admission, if you have a great academic record then it is worth trying to get admission to this University. 

Acceptance Rate of UG and PG

The overall acceptance rate is around 21% now let us take a look at the different undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) programs. This will provide you with detailed insight into the different programs:

Study ProgramUG Acceptance RatePG Acceptance Rate
Computer Science15%30%
Economics 25%45%

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Carleton University course you need some of the essential eligibility criteria. Let us take a look at the eligibility criteria below:

  • You need to have completed your secondary school education or equivalent with a minimum average of 70% or higher. Some of the programs may also need a minimum aggregated score of 85% or more.
  • You need to have a passing certificate in a relevant field. For example, if you are applying for engineering, you need to have mathematics, physics, and chemistry as your main subjects
  • You need to prove your English proficiency by qualifying for exams like IELTS, and TOEFL. To prepare for your English Proficiency test you can check Leverage Live or Leverage IELTS.
  • You may also need to submit additional documents or requirements depending on your program. Let’s say, if you are applying for journalism, you may need to submit a portfolio of your work or a writing sample.

Documents Required

Even after you need all the eligibility criteria, you will need to submit some documents while taking filling out the application form. So these are some of the important documents that will come in handy while taking a Carleton University Admission:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Financial Documents
  • English Proficiency Test Scores like  IELTS, or TOEFL
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Updated Resume
  • Portfolio Sample or Writing Sample (if applicable)
  • Medical Reports (in case of any physical disability)

Application Process

The application process for Carleton University is extremely easy and straightforward. You follow the steps below for reference as this can help your application process to be more hassle-free:

  • Firstly, you need to choose a study program of your interest that is provided by Carleton University and make sure you are determined about it
  • Check the admission requirements and deadlines for your program by heading out to the official website of Carleton University
  • Apply online through OUAC (Ontario Universities’ Application Centre) or Carleton University portal depending on your program and applicant type. You can apply for up to three programs at Carleton University through OUAC at the same time
  • Fill up the application form with relevant information as required and attach all the necessary documents
  • To submit the application, you will need to pay a non-refundable application fee of 166 CAD ie INR 10,000 (if applying through OUAC) or 100 CAD ie INR 6,000 (if applying directly to Carleton University)
  • You will need to wait for the admission decision from the university and it can take up to two weeks depending on the number of applications
  • You will receive an email notification when a decision is made by the University

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Q1. What are the recommended scores to get admission at Carleton University?

A. These are some of the recommended scores at Carleton University for admission:
SAT– 1200 or higher
GPA– 3.5 or higher
GRE– 300 or higher
GMAT– 550 or higher
IELTS– 6.5 overall
TOEFL– 86 overall

Q2. What is the deadline to apply for Carleton University?

A. The deadline to apply for Carleton University varies depending on your program and applicant type. Normally the deadlines are:
January 15 for early admission
March 1 for equal consideration
June 1 for late admission

Q3. How much is the tuition fee at Carleton University?

A. The tuition fee at Carleton University depends on your program and level of study. The average tuition fee is around 30,000 CAD per year ie (INR 18.6 Lakh).

This was everything related to Carleton University Acceptance Rate. Don’t forget to reach us at 1800 57 2000 and contact our Leverage Edu experts to make your study abroad process hassle-free.

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