20 Slogans on Save Tiger in English with Pictures

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Slogans on Save Tigers with Pictures

Every year the world unites to celebrate International Tiger Day, also known as Global Tiger Day, on July 29. This day aims to raise awareness about the tigers and the issues causing a rapid decline in their total population around the world. Established in 2010, this important day aims to encourage individuals, governments, and organizations to support the campaign and work towards tiger conservation. As the day is approaching, here are 20 motivating slogans on save tigers in English with pictures. 

10 Catchy Slogans on Save Tigers

1. Save tigers, become your country’s pride. 

2. Protect tigers, and preserve their fierce growls and beautiful stripes.

3. Roar for tiger protection, hear their call.

4. Save tigers, save the wild, don’t let them fade away. 

5. Beautiful stripes on earth, this planet deserves every tiger’s worth. 

6. Save tigers, maintain the ecological balance and keep the jungles alive. 

7. Protect tigers, preserve nature’s balance. 

8. Protect tigers, protect the earth’s treasure. 

9. Protect stripes of powers, tigers are beautiful creatures. 

10. Tigers roam, protect them and let them stay in this planet we call home.

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10 Rhyming Slogans on Save Tigers

1. From the plains of India to Siberian snow, save the tiger and let their numbers grow.

2. Save the tigers, preserve their life, protect their future and make their lives bright. 

3. From the deepest forests to the widest seas, let tigers roam everywhere free. 

4. Kings of the forests, defend with pride, save the tigers, and keep their habitat wide. 

5. In deep jungles they dwell and sleep, save the tiger is our promise to keep. 

6. Stripes and fearless eyes so bright, save the tiger and protect their might.

7. On the roars of hope, let this word fly, save the tigers, and let them breathe under the open sky. 

8. In nature and open skies they dwell, save the tiger, their courageous tales we will tale. 

9. Roar for their survival, unite together and stand brave, save the tigers, and tell others these mighty tales. 

10. With each growl and strip, a story unfolds, save the tigers, and create stories for generations to be told.

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How do we Save Tigers?

There are different ways through which we can play a pivotal role in saving tigers and preventing their numbers from decreasing any further. Here are a few effective methods:

  1. Protect their habitat. 
  2. Constantly monitor their numbers.
  3. Address threats to tigers and their habitats. 
  4. Urge governments and organizations to take steps against poaching. 


What are three slogans on Save Tigers?

The top three slogans on this topic are Save Tigers, Save the Planet’s Future, Stripes Do Not Equal Struggles, and lastly, Tigers on the Brink, Act Now, Save Them.

What is the slogan for International Tiger Day?

The official sources have not released the theme or slogan for International Tiger Day 2024. Meanwhile, you can use other slogans for your captions such as Save Tigers, and Secure Ecosystems. 

What is a quote about endangered tigers?

Here is a famous quote about endangered tigers by Michelle Yeoh, “We must protect tigers from extinction.”

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