5 Small and Long Poems on Earth Day in English for Students

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poems on earth day

Earth Day refers to a globally observed annual event, which takes place on 22 April. It teaches students worldwide about issues constantly threatening our planet Earth and the immediate need to take preventive measures. Moreover, the day also acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of various environmental movements. If you are participating in World Earth Day-related activities and competitions at school, you are at the right place. In this blog, we will explore small and long poems on Earth Day in English. Additionally, we have also mentioned an acrostic poem about Earth. Let’s get started with some rhymes. 

Small Poems on Earth Day in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Earth Day Poem 1

Our planet Earth is so big and blue,

With flowers and skies of vibrant hues.

Plants and animals, rivers and streams,

On Earth Day we celebrate our beautiful dreams. 

Birds sing loudly and the sun is so bright,

Dark clouds, wind, and rain bring us delight. 

Together, let’s plant a big tree,

And protect our earth to make it free. 

Source: Calli Art Drawing

Earth Day Poem 2

On Earth Day, let us all unite,

To keep our dear planet safe and bright. 

Earth, oh my dear planet so full of life, 

With deep oceans, and skies so bright. 

Save water, reduce, reuse, and recycle, they say,

To keep pollution and harm at bay.

This Earth Day, let’s strive to do what’s right,

And keep our planet Earth shining bright.

Small and Long Poems on Earth Day

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Long Poems on Earth Day in English for Class 2, 3, 4, and 5 

Earth Day Poem 1:

On this World Earth Day, let us all join together,

To cherish and protect our planet, now and forever. 

With oceans so deep, and skies so blue,

There is so much to see and smell for me and you. 

From mountains so high and valleys so deep,

Our dear planet Earth is a treasure we must keep.  

Plants thrive and animals roar, 

Earth is our abode, a large happy home. 

This World Earth Day, let’s plant seeds and watch them grow,

Pick trash, save water, and clean rivers to see them flow. 

We unite together, hand in hand, 

To protect and preserve this amazing land. 

Source: Crafts A2Z

Earth Day Poem 2:

Earth is our home, it is vast and grand,

With forests, oceans, and deserts of sand. 

On this World Earth Day, we all come together and join in,

To protect and preserve our planet, let the action begin. 

The birds sing the flowers bloom, and the animals roar

Each living thing, with happiness they soar.

Let’s recycle, avoid pollution, and reduce our waste,

And make our planet a healthy and happy place.

From the tallest peak to the deepest ocean floor,

Our planet’s beauty we cannot simply ignore.

So let’s come together, far and wide,

And celebrate Earth with love and pride.

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Acrostic Poem About Earth

Earth has eternal beauty with forests so green and oceans so blue,

A world of beauty, for me and you. 

Rich in plants, animals, flowers, and shores,

This planet we will protect now and forever. 

Here every corner of our planet is home,

Excites eyes, a sight of pure beauty to behold.

And the rising sun, waves smashing, and chirping birds,

Right there, look, adorable sheep in big herds. 

This planet is our home, home for generations to come

Hoping to protect its beauty, let’s together roll the drum.

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