Happy Holi 2024: 13 Ideas of Art and Craft for Holi Festival

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Ideas of Art and Craft for Holi Festival for Students

The Hindu festival of Holi is celebrated throughout India with diverse rituals across all states including traditional food, entertaining games, and folk songs of Holika Dahan. It falls on a full moon night in March and commemorates the mythological story of Prahlad and Hiranyakashyap. Holi is celebrated by smearing various color powders called gulal on each other and water balloons adding more fun to the festival. Additionally, numerous competitions are held in schools for students such as Holi art and craft-making competitions. This not only helps student bring out their artistic talents but learn a bit more about the festival. So, if you are planning to organize something similar for your class or simply help your child, here are the best art and craft activities for Holi for students.  

Art and Craft in the Colours of Holi

Well, you can have fun at the festival by adding some art and craft. The following are the art and craft ideas you can choose to implement to make your festival more fun and special. 

1. Colouring and Painting 

Regardless of age, colouring and painting interest all. You can choose to play with colours and use your creative side by taking up a colouring book or a print t-shirt. You can even choose to paint a small section of your wall to add more personal touch to it. You can choose to paint or have your wall painted in a more colourful manner, or you can experiment with the pattern on the wall and choose designs such as leaves, flowers, or mandalas. Decorating your home interior by painting wall murals that represent your mythological beliefs about the Holi festival is another artsy way to celebrate this festival or writing some positive quotes on the wall will set a good mood for everyone.

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2. Make Your Own Holi Colours 

Using natural colours to play the Holi festival is highly recommended. It is one of the most favourite pre-Holi preparation rituals of people to make their own natural Holi colours. This can be done either by using flower petals, and vegetables or using food colourings, adding them to a base like cornstarch or talc would give a great substitute for market-bought colours. Using homemade colours for the festival is one of the best ideas for craft in Holi celebration.

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3. Making Holi Cards

Making Holi cards for your friends and family members is definitely a great way to wish them well. You can use blow paints and make painted hand impressions on the card to make it more personal. Write sweet and positive messages for them using different colours. 

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4. Make Holi Banners

A festival is incomplete without decorating the place with some celebratory banners. You can take the liberty of being creative, making colourful hand cut-outs, colour splash cut-outs, cutting out the letter for “Happy Holi” string them together with a thread to make trendy banners for the Holi festival. You can also cut out or use colourful balloons to hang with the banners.

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5. Decorating Your Homes 

Decorating your homes with floral decorations is a must at festivals. Flowers are the best choice for home decoration at festivals. Just adding garlands for your walls and doors, and adding a beautiful touch to your table and corners with flower petals in a clear glass vase would make the decoration more elegant. You can also use flowers and colour powders to make beautiful rangoli on the entrances of your homes. 

Ideas of Art and Craft for Holi

6. Creating Wall Hanging 

You can use colourful bangles of different sizes and patterns and connect them together to make a wall hanging for your bedroom and other rooms. Colourful plates of different sizes also make great and elegant wall decor.  This idea of art and craft for Holi will continue to spread good vibes and reflect your creativity even after the festival.

7. Quilling

Quilling is a fun hobby for many people. You can use thin strips of various colors and quill them using the given tools and give them a shape by hand. This can be used to make jewelry like earrings, necklaces, etc. You can also use the quilled pieces to decorate things like pots, vases, or pen holders

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8. Best Out of Waste 

A lot of creative things can be created from some waste items at your home. Using thermocol glasses and different coloured bulbs to make yourself a small bedside light or lamp. You can also take unused CDs, cut them safely into small pieces and make small disco balls. Unused origami paper can be used to make various craft pieces like using the paper pieces and pasting them on a sheet to make a spring tree. 

9. Bonfire Collage

Making a bonfire collage is among the most simple and quick Holi art and craft activities. The list of materials required includes scissors, tape, glue, and some yellow, red, and orange colored paper. Students simply need to cut flame-like cutouts from these colored papers and stack them on a blank sheet of paper in a way that makes them look like flames of fire. To add a more authentic touch, they can also use sticks at the bottom of the fire. 

10. Painted hand stamp

Another amazing idea is to ask your students to make a painted hand stamp. For this, all they need to do is apply different painting colors on their hand and then press the side of the palm on a sheet of blank paper. Voila! It gets ready in the blink of an eye. 

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11. Holi Spring Tree

Students will definitely enjoy making a Holi spring tree and decorating their classrooms or homes with it. Although it creates less mess than glitter, their fingers will end up being sticky due to the glue. First, they need to cut a tree shape from brown paper. Next, use multicolored tissue paper scraps, scrunch them, and use glue to stick them to the paper. 

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12. Printable Holi Coloring Pages

If your students or kids are too young to cut or paste anything, this might be the perfect Holi activity for them. You can easily get free Holi coloring pages printables from the internet and ask students to color them as per their imagination. This will keep them occupied for hours and above all, away from menace. 

13. Toothbrush Art

Toothbrush art is a fun and entertaining Holi activity for kids. You can provide them with specific cutouts made of a thick sheet of paper or ask them to do that themselves. Next, dip the toothbrush in colored water and use your thumb to scrape the bristles of your toothbrush and create beautiful art. Children can be as creative as their funky imagination and create wall hanging art with minimal supplies. 

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Q1. Why is Holi celebrated?

Ans. Holi festival is celebrated to welcome the season of spring and bid farewell to the chilla of winter. As per the mythological belief, the festival of Holi is celebrated to commemorate the tale of Prahlad and Hiranyakashyap and to remember this triumph of good over evil.

Q2. How is Holi celebrated?

Ans. This festival is generally celebrated by smearing various colour powders like gulal on each other, and flower petals are used in temples while playing with water adds more fun to the festival. The celebration is taken to the next level as people often turn to some music accompanied by traditional drinks like Thandai or Bhaang.

Q3. What are the popular places in India to celebrate Holi?

Ans. The popular places to celebrate Holi in India are:

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