World Lion Day 2023: Theme, Significance, Quotes

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World Lion Day

Every year on August 10th, the world observes World Lion Day to honour the ‘King of the Jungle.’ For generations, majestic lions have captivated humans across borders and have symbolic significance in many civilizations. Unfortunately, the number of this exquisite beast has declined dramatically. As a result, World Lion Day is observed to demand quick action.

Lion Day was created by Big Cats Rescue to raise awareness about the present predicament of lions and the problems they confront in order to survive. Learn more about this day’s theme, history, and significance by clicking here.

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Role of Lions in The World Ecosystem

Before understanding the importance of World Lion Day, let’s understand why lions are so important to our ecosystem and why conserving them is the need of the hour:

  • In the last century, lions have vanished from 80% of their historic range.
  • Lions were once found throughout the woodlands of Africa, Asia, North America, and the Eurasian subcontinent. Unfortunately, their current range is mostly limited to Africa and parts of Asia.
  • They are currently found in 27 African and one Asian country. Only seven of these countries, however, have more than a thousand lions.
  • According to research, the number of lions has decreased from 30,000 to around 20,000 in the last two decades.
  • The main dangers to the species’ decline are poaching, trophy hunting, and habitat loss.

History of World Lion Day

Big Cat Rescue, the world’s biggest recognised refuge dedicated to big cats, founded this celebration of the animal kingdom’s most beautiful and fearsome beast. On August 10th, people from all around the world will gather to pay tribute to the majestic lion in as many ways as possible. 

Dereck and Beverly Joubert, a husband-and-wife pair with a penchant for large cats, created World Lion Day. They launched the programme in 2013, bringing together National Geographic and the Big Cat programme under a single banner to protect the last wild big cats.

Lions roamed all over Africa and the Eurasian supercontinent three million years ago. However, due to ice ages and changes in the natural environment, their range is now mostly limited to Africa and a few parts of Asia.

Lions are a “vulnerable” species, which means their numbers might and should be greater, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Researchers currently believe that there are between 30,000 and 100,000 lions left on the earth. Without considerable intervention, they may wind up on the endangered species list among other species most at risk of extinction.

The threats to lions are all too real. They are threatened by both the growing popularity of “trophy hunting” and human invasion into their ancestral wildlands. With each passing year, they become increasingly vulnerable due to food shortages and hunting tourism. The lion population has dropped by half in the previous four decades.

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Significance of World Lion Day 2023

World Lion Day raises awareness about this animal species and the threats it faces. Here are some of the reasons why this day is so important:

  • Cultural Importance – Lions play a vital role in the history and culture of our country and others. In fact, this incredible species is depicted on all four sides of the Indian national insignia.
  • Extinction Risk – Lions are already a fragile species, and we must take precautions to save them from becoming extinct.
  • Abuse and Trade – Unfortunately, lion trade and abuse are widespread across the world. Lion Day raises awareness about this threat and asks international leaders to take proper action.

Objectives of World Lion Day

World Lion Day has three objectives:

  • The first is to increase awareness about the lion’s condition and the problems that the species suffers in the wild. 
  • The second is to develop measures to conserve the big cat’s natural habitat, such as by building new national parks and limiting the areas where people can live. 
  • The third goal is to educate individuals who live near wild cats about the risks of wild cats and how to protect themselves. Humans and huge species such as cats can coexist peacefully, but only if they know how.

Timeline of Events

The term ‘Felis Leo’ has been coined (1758)

Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish naturalist and botanist, coined the term ‘Felis Leo’ to describe lions.

Vulnerable Species (1996)

The lion has been added to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List since its African population has decreased by 45% since 1990.

The Big Cat Initiative (2009) 

Dereck and Beverly Joubert established the Big Cat Initiative in collaboration with “National Geographic” to conserve lions.

The First World Lion Day (2013)

The BCI declares the first World Lion Day in order to engage the entire world in lion conservation initiatives.

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How To Observe The Day?

Here are some ways in which you can observe World Lion Day 2023:

Promise to protect lions

Whatever you decide to do with your day, make it worthwhile by pledging to defend lions. Lions are natural predators that are required to keep prey populations under control. Apart from their environmental benefits, lions are exceptionally gorgeous and majestic animals that have long dominated the pop culture scene. So let us make a promise to be there for them.

Refuse to purchase lion items

If you’re seeking to buy a new purse, coat, or other comparable item, be sure you know where it’s coming from. Refuse to purchase lion (or other animal skin) products in order to lower sales and market value.

Asset donation

In today’s environment, the most important commodities you can provide are time and money. Look for national and international organisations that protect wild cats and support them by contributing money. If you are unable to donate, you can donate your time by assisting organisations with volunteer work or by promoting the organisations in your circles.

Facts on Lion to Blow Your Mind

  1. Skin spots are common in cubs

Young lion cubs are born with spots on their coats, which vanish as they grow older.

  1. Manes evolve over time

As a lion grows older, its mane will change colour, going from light to dark.

  1. Cubs are raised in groups

Lion cubs are often raised in pride by all of the females.

  1. Females are more powerful hunters

Lionesses are superior hunters to their male counterparts, and as a result, they hunt 80% to 90% of the time.

  1. Long and heavy sleepers

Lions sleep at least 20 hours every day.

  1. Lions are voracious eaters

They may consume up to 40kg of meat each day, which is roughly a fourth of their overall weight.

  1. They have a sharp point on their tongue

They have papillae, which are sharply pointed rasps on their tongue. They’re used to scrape the meat from the bones.

  1. Lions are extremely adaptive

They can survive in harsh environments such as the Kalahari Desert. They receive the majority of their water from prey and also from plants like the Tsamma melon.

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World Lion Day 2023: Quotes and Wishes

Before wrapping this post up, here are some quotes that you can use to spread awareness of World Lion Day and its importance:

  • The lion is the king of the forest, and we must all work together to defend it on World Lion Day. Everyone should have a happy Lion Day.
  • On Lion Day, we must remind ourselves that it is our obligation to save lions and their natural habitats. Everyone has a wonderful Lion Day.
  • Lion Day serves as a reminder to all of us that lions require our assistance, care, and attention in order to survive. Have a wonderful Lion Day.
  • We must ensure that we do not lose the most heroic animal on the planet as a result of our callous deeds. Have a wonderful Lion Day.
  • World Lion Day serves as a reminder that we must all work together to save lions, who require our attention, time, and a great deal of protection.
  • A lion is the most royal of all animals. Let us get together to defend this wild king that rules over every heart. I’d want to wish everyone a very happy World Lion Day.


Why is World Lion Day celebrated?

The lion population has been reduced by half in the previous few decades; there are now only 30,000 to 100,000 lions on the planet. As a result, World Lion Day is observed with the goal of raising awareness about the declining lion population and advocating for the preservation of their environment.

What is the history of World Lion Day?

Big Cat Rescue, the world’s biggest recognised refuge dedicated to big cats, founded this celebration of the animal kingdom’s most beautiful and fearsome beast. On August 10th, people from all around the world will gather to pay tribute to the majestic lion in as many ways as possible.

Who founded World Lion Day?

Dereck and Beverly Joubert of Big Cat Initiative and National Geographic formed cooperation to create World Lion Day in 2013.

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