World Animal Welfare Day 2023: Theme, History, Objective

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world animal welfare day

World Animal Welfare Day is annually celebrated on 4th October with the objective to raise awareness to improve the welfare standards of animals all over the world. World Animal Welfare Day 2023 theme is ‘Great or small, love them all.’ This theme was chosen to raise the status of animals for their better and improved welfare standards all around the world.

Naturewatch Foundation is responsible for organising and raising awareness about ideas related to this day. This day holds a significant amount of importance in our lives, whether you are an animal lover or not, as it offers you an opportunity to become responsible for the animals in any and every way possible. Let’s explore more about this important day to establish a strong bond between humans and animals.

EventWorld Animal Welfare Day
ThemeGreat or small, love them all
Organising BodyNaturewatch Foundation
ObjectiveTo raise awareness about the improvement in the welfare standards of animals across the globe.
Established In1925

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World Animal Day or World Animal Welfare Day was established on 24th March 1931 by Heinrich Zimmerman, a German cynologist, who first organised World Animal Day at the Sports Palace in Berlin. More than 5000 people attended this event. Later in 1929, the 4th of October was chosen as the day to celebrate. 

Naturewatch Foundation, a UK-based animal welfare charity organisation, took centre stage to celebrate and organise events on this day all over the world. The efforts and initiatives taken by the Naturewatch Foundation have increased the popularity of World Animal Welfare Day. Here are some of the major activities and events organised by the Naturewatch Foundation on this day.

  • Individual volunteering for an animal charity.
  • Organising conferences or workshops related to animal welfare.
  • Posting on social media to spread public awareness of this day.
  • Donating money and other resources to an animal charity.

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The theme for this year’s World Animal Welfare Day is ‘Good or Small, Love them All.’ This theme states that the size and natural features of animals must not be considered when taking care of animals. Animals must be treated with great care, providing them proper healthcare and sustenance, and ensuring that they are safe from harm, including potential hazards, predators, and toxic substances. The table below highlights the themes of some of the past World Animal Days.

2022Shared plane
2021Forest and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Plane.
2020Man and Dog
2019Life below water bodies: for people and the world.
2018Celebrating human relationships with the bigger and better animal kingdom.


World Animal Awareness Day was established with the objective of raising awareness about the welfare standards of animals. On this day, various national and international organizations, animal rights activists and individuals participate in events, activities and educational programs related to animal well-being, endangered species, and knowledge about their treatment.

This day serves as a reminder that we as human beings have certain responsibilities for the well-being of animals, such as their protection, care and medication. Animals have equal rights as we do. This day encourages people to make an effort towards the improvement of animals and advocate their rights. Moreover, it offers an opportunity to celebrate the hard work of organisations and individuals working for the welfare of animals across the world.

Here are some of the latest events that have been organised to raise awareness of improving animal welfare.

  • Arts and crafts exercises for children in Moscow.
  • Protests against unfairness and mismanagement of camels in Cairo.
  • A World Animal Day mass in Bolivia
  • Zoo enrichment activities in Alexandria, Egypt.

These were just some of the popular events organised to raise awareness to improve the lives of animals. 


Q1. When do we observe the World Animal Welfare Day?

A1. World Animal Day or Welfare Day is annually celebrated on the 4th of October to raise awareness for the improvement of living conditions of animals all over the world.

Q2. What is the theme for the World Animal Welfare Day 2023?

A2. The theme for World Animal Day 2023 is Great or Small, love them all. This theme states that every animal must be treated with equal care and proper treatment when needed.

Q3. Which country started the Animal Rights Act?

A3. Ecuador was the first country to have legal rights for animals. 

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