20 International Tiger Day Quotes

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International Tiger Day Quotes

International Tiger Day, also known as Global Tiger Day, is celebrated every year on July 29. This day acts as the annual reminder to raise awareness about the plethora of issues causing a rapid decline in the population of tigers. Apart from this, this day also urges governments and organizations to take effective steps towards protecting tigers and increasing their population. As the day is around the corner, here are some inspirational quotes on International Tiger Day in English. 

10 Inspirational Quotes on International Tiger Day

1. Tigers are a symbol of strength and courage. Let’s do our best to preserve this species on our planet. 

2. Saving forests means saving tigers who roam and rule the jungles. Let’s hear their call and protect them. 

3. A world where tigers are extinct is unimaginable. Let’s work together to prevent this calamity from ruining our planet. 

4. The mighty roar of tigers is a call to protect and save them from extinction. 

5. Let’s protect these majestic creatures called tigers and their habitats for future generations.

6. Saving tigers means saving an entire ecosystem. Let’s protect them and protect the earth.

7. Tigers are not mere creatures of the jungles. Instead, they are ferocious animals, known for their strength and hunting skills. Let’s save them and ensure they continue to inspire us.

8. Tigers are a testament to nature’s mighty force and strength. Protecting them is a responsibility we all share.

9. The presence of tigers in the wild is a sign of a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Let’s pledge to keep it that way for future generations

10. Every tiger counts and every action matters. Together, we can secure a safer future for tigers and the wild places they inhabit.

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10 Funny Quotes on International Tiger Day

1. Why don’t tigers play cards in the jungle? Because there are too many cheetahs!

2. Tigers are proof that you can be scary and beautiful at the same time. Let’s save them so that future generations can witness their beauty too. 

3. Tigers are nature’s way of showing off its beauty and danger. Let’s continue to save them so our future generations also get the chance to see tigers. 

4. Saving tigers is like saving the most beautiful and scary creatures on the planet. Let’s try to keep these striped superheroes around!

5. Without the roar of tigers, the jungles would be a silent ecosystem. 

6. Tigers have the best stripes in the entire animal kingdom. Let’s protect them and make sure they never go out of style or become extinct. 

7. Without tigers, the wild would be a game of hide-and-seek with no winner. Let’s save the champions!

8. Tigers are the showstopper models and the jungles are their rampwalk. Let’s keep this runway roaring by protecting them.

9. Saving tigers is like saving the most epic game of tag. Let’s keep the chase alive and protect them from becoming extinct. 

10. Tigers are nature’s way of saying, ‘Hey, look what I can do!’ Let’s save them and keep the show going.


What is the slogan for Tigers Day?

International Tiger Day is celebrated every year on 29 July. A famous slogan on this day is, “Roar for More: Save Tigers, Save our Future!”

What is the quote for Save the Tiger?

A popular quote on Save the Tiger is, “Saving tigers is like saving the most epic game of tag. Let’s keep the chase alive and protect them from becoming extinct.”

What is the quote on the injured tiger?

Here is a quote on the injured tiger by Arthur Golden, “A wounded tiger is a dangerous beast.”

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