World Music Day 2023

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Nothing in the world can compare to the moment your favourite song starts playing since it instantly moves your body and mind. Or perhaps it transports you to a distant time and place, where you linger in remembrance of events that have passed and people who are no longer there. Some of our favourite songs have the power to uplift us out of despair and anxiety and make a terrible day seem suddenly better. World Music Day honours music in all forms, as well as the influence it has had on society and the human spirit.

Event Name World Music Day 
Celebrated on Every Year on 21 June
Established In1982 in France 
Purpose of the Day To promote music and encourage everybody to experience the joy of playing or listening to music

About World Music Day 

Music has existed for at least as long as people have had voices, if not longer. Every culture in the globe has a distinctive style of music that is as regionally specific as its language and food. Only the diatonic scale, which should be familiar to everyone who has taken music studies or participated in choir in school, is used in Western culture. But this is not the only scale that may be used in music, or even the first.

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World Music Day History 

In 1982, on the day of the Summer Solstice, the inaugural International Music Day was observed. At the Fete de la Musique in Paris, the event took place. A French politician named Jack Lang came up with the concept for World Music Day. Together with music composer and radio producer Maurice Fleuret, he came up with this concept. He was also well known for writing about music. 

When they had the brilliant idea to observe World Music Day, they were both integral members of the French Ministry of Culture. Maurice was approached by Jack Lang with a request, asking him to accept the position of Director of Music and Dance at the Ministry of Culture.

World Music Day Theme

World Music Day features a different topic every year, stressing a certain facet of music or its influence on society. Past World Music Day themes have included:

World Music Day 2022 will have the topic “Music on the Intersections” as its focus.  On June 21, 2022, music lovers are invited to celebrate their love of music by joining the street fairs or by merely tuning in to their favourite tunes.

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World Music Day Significance

The importance of World Music Day resides in its capacity to advance the universal language of music, promote intercultural dialogue, support the music business, and encourage civic engagement.

  • World Music Day honours music as a worldwide language.
  • People from many cultures and backgrounds can connect via music.
  • To share their music, musicians from many countries and backgrounds join together.
  • The promotion of mutual understanding and fostering of unity through cultural interaction through music
  • World Music Day encourages music instruction and motivates future musicians.
  • World Music Day promotes the music industry by giving musicians visibility and raising awareness of music-related products.
  • World Music Day fosters social cohesion, community building, and civic involvement.

Advantages of Listening to Music

There are several advantages of Listening to music, some of which are listed below

  • Certain music may remind you of a pleasant moment or give you a boost of energy.
  • Not only is music a great outlet for creativity, but it may also be quite healthy.
  • According to studies, listening to music can have a variety of beneficial effects on your physical and mental health. 
  • It can greatly increase your comfort while also improving your ability to work out. Exercise has additionally been shown to lower anxiety, and stress levels can also be reduced by listening to calming music.

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Q1. When is World Music Day Celebrated?

Ans. The 21st of June is designated as World Music Day each year. The holiday was first observed in 1982 in France, and since then, it has been enthusiastically observed all over the world. The purpose of World Music Day is to unite people and celebrate the joy of creating or listening to music.

Q2. What is the purpose of Word Music Day?

Ans. Everybody’s life has a specific place for music, which helps us get through both happy and sad moments. Every year on June 21st, we commemorate World Music Day to recognise the value of music and to celebrate the creation of music.

Q3. When was World Music day is celebrated for the first time

Ans. The first World Music Day was observed in 1982. When French politician Jack Lang came up with the idea for Music Day, the event took place there. Maurice Fleuret then presided over the event, and France celebrated Music Day as Fête de la Musique for the first time.

Q4. In which country was World Music Day first celebrated?

Ans. World Day was celebrated for the first time in France

This was all about World Music Day. Hopefully, you will get an idea of how important music is in our lives and how music provides relief to our mental health, for more such interesting events follow Leverage Edu

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