Samples of Lines on Tiger in English for Students

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Lines on Tiger in English

If you have ever visited a zoo with your family or friends, chances are you must have spotted a tiger. They are magnificent creatures whose roar can be heard from 2 miles away. Although tigers belong to the family of cats, they are characterized by strength and courage. Moreover, there are different species of tigers, like the Bengal tiger, Malayan tiger, and Siberian tiger. There are times when students are required to write lines on tigers in English to help them learn more about this creature. In this blog, we have covered helpful samples of how to write 5 and 10 lines on tigers in English. Let’s begin

5 Lines on Tiger for Class 3, 4, and 5

  1. The tiger is the national animal of India
  2. They have a thick yellow-orange fur with dark stripes. 
  3. Tigers are carnivorous animals, meaning that they hunt and eat other animals. 
  4. They produce the sound of roaring which scares other animals. 
  5. Female tigers are known as tigress and their offspring are called cubs. 
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10 Lines on Tiger for Class 3, 4, and 5

  1. The tiger is the national animal of India.
  2. It is the largest and one of the strongest members of the cat family. 
  3. They also prefer to live and hunt alone. 
  4. Tigers are carnivorous animals and eat the flesh of other animals using their hunting skills.
  5. They have an orange or white coat covered in thick black stripes. 
  6. Tigers can live up to 26 years in jungles and 16-18 years in captivity. 
  7. They are also great swimmers and enjoy taking a dip in the water of the jungle.
  8. Tigers communicate through scent markings and terrifying roars which can be heard two miles away. 
  9. Tigers help to maintain the balance by hunting other animals in the jungle.
  10. Tigers have become endangered due to poaching and habitat loss. 

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