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The Indore Institute of Law has earned many awards like the Top Law Institute of Indian Award 2022 and has also been ranked 13th by the Outlook country rank list. The university offers real-life scenarios to students for them to relate to the original courtrooms. The IILET exam is conducted by the Indore Institute of Law to check the aptitude of the applicants towards the courses offered. The institute offers an Integrated BBA LLB Program with Global and Transnational Studies, BA LLB, BBA LLB, LLB, and LLM courses. Let’s explore this blog to know about how to prepare for IILET exam in detail.

Exam nameIndore Institute of Law, Entrance Test 
Conducting BodyIndore Institute of Law
Frequency of ExamAnnually
Exam LevelUniversity Level Exam
CourseLaw Programs
Mode of applicationOnline
Application feesINR 1100
Mode of ExamOffline
Exam duration2 hours
Official Website

IILET 2023 Preparation Strategy 

Thinking about why to strategise study procedure? Gaining knowledge and cracking examinations are two different concepts. Knowledge is important to crack the exam but not sufficient to gain excellent scores. One can make their own learning strategies by following some basic criteria. 

  1. Practising English is not a month’s task but a habit that has to be incorporated to understand the language. Reading, writing short paragraphs for grammar practice and learning a few words daily can help in improving English Proficiency
  2. Learning through daily experience is also an excellent way to improve English. Each new word or Phrase one encounter should be noted and practised in sentences. 
  3. Watching TV and listening to English podcasts will help in incorporating lessons in one’s leisure time as well. 
  4. To prepare and stay updated one should go through the bulletins of news pieces daily, especially those that are related to legal procedures. 
  5. For each court case in the news, one must research the case history and similar judgements in the past.
  6. The sections for Legal principles, case studies and theories should be divided day-wise or week-wise according to the candidate’s preference or focus plan. 
  7. Also, a section of the study plan should also be reserved for practising Legal Vocabulary. The terminologies of the examination are essential to understand the questions.
  8. At the end of the preparation timeline, the candidates should reserve time for preparing and answering the sample papers and previous year’s questions for IILET. Knowing the exam pattern better would help in devising the correct strategy to do so. 

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IILET Section-Wise Preparation 

While preparing for a Law Entrance Test different subjects require strategies and preparation specific to them and also on how a candidate understands them. While preparation for English is better when a person practices it daily, certain topics in Legal aptitude and case studies have to be prepared in one go. 

If a candidate practices sections of a single case study divided over a week along with other subjects and topics, it would become more confusing and difficult to recall. Hence, different subjects and topics require different duration and focus to work. For reference, some preparation tips are given for each section. 


This section majorly consists of Comprehension passages. The passages are generally 450 words in length and can be thoroughly read within 5 minutes. The topic of comprehension is completely open-ended and cannot be predicted. The candidates can follow the given tips to score better in this section.

  1. It is better to go through the questions before reading the comprehension passage. 
  2. While reading the passage one should it twice or thrice to understand it thoroughly. Reading the passage beforehand helps here as one can see the answers to the questions in their mind while reading the passage, and it is easy to segregate them. 
  3. One must try to understand the core idea of the paragraph given. 
  4. The summary should not miss out on any key concepts or unique points given in the paragraph. 
  5. The candidates should try to draw inferences from the arguments mentioned in the paragraph and analyze the content correctly.

Books to Prepare: Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis, Pearson’s Guide to Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension and Objective General English by AP Bhardwaj. 

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

The questions in this section are also based on comprehension passages. There are 450 words passages with journalistic information on the topic of Legal Affairs derived from recent incidents. The questions that follow the passage are based on Legal analysis that a candidate can drive from the passage. The candidates should keep the following things in mind. 

  1. The applicant must be updated about the current legal scenario of India and the world to understand the questions better.
  2. Detailed knowledge of contemporary issues in India and abroad to mention and evaluate while forming answers. 
  3. India’s international relations, foreign policies and laws related to it are important to know under this section. 
  4. An in-depth understanding of arts and culture will help the candidates evaluate the cases better from various perspectives. 
  5. Events or cases in the past that are influencing the judgement criteria in the current scenario. 

Books to Prepare: Luent’s General Knowledge, General Knowledge 2020-2023 by Disha Experts and Pratiyogita Darpan by Upkar Prakashan.

Legal Reasoning

The passages in this section have both real-life and hypothetical cases whose core is based on Law. The questions ser also directly related to laws and public policy. Moral and Philosophical investigations are also a part of this section. 

The candidate should have basic knowledge of contemporary legal and moral issues but an in-depth knowledge of Laws is not required to crack this section of the examination. While solving this section the candidates can focus on. 

  1. Carefully understanding the rules and policies mentioned in the reading passage. 
  2. Use the mentioned rules for deriving conclusions and write answers to the various questions. 
  3. Understand and state the changes in the rules mentioned in the passage. 

Books to prepare: Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning by Pearson, Bare Acts of Indian Constitution by Universal, and AP Bhardwaj’s Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning; for CLAT and LLB Entrance Examinations. 

Logical Reasoning

This section comprises short paragraphs and questions that evaluate them on their logical perspective of problem-solving. The subject of the questions will also be aimed to bring forth the critical thinking pattern in the candidate. The candidate can prepare to enhance the following to crack this section. 

  1. Ability to understand an argument and its various outcomes or conclusions.
  2. Evaluating and extracting the various points made in the passage. 
  3. Ability to process how conclusions can be altered with evidence and reasoning.
  4. Processing the viability of ideas and creating comparisons in various case studies to draw contradictions or supporting points. 

Books to Prepare: A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by RS Aggarwal, Shortcuts in Reasoning by Disha Experts. 

Quantitative Techniques

To improve scores in this section the candidate must give special emphasis to statistical information, diagrams, graphs and statements. Deriving data and patterns to imply in various mathematical scenarios is the key concept here.

Books to Prepare: 30 Days Wonder of Maths by S Chand, Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by RS Aggarwal 

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Tips to Prepare for IILET 2023

Some quick tips to add to the preparation schedule can help in scoring better than what one has prepared. Some tips can help in easing the learning pattern while certain others help in writing the exam in an organised way. Here are some tips to prepare for IILET Examination 2023. 

  1. Making a study plan! The plan can be designed to the candidate’s comfort. It should not be too hectic and it is better to involve some fun ways of learning. 
  2. Knowing the weak spots. The topics that require more attention should be recognised in the beginning with the help of practice papers and improved upon.
  3. Following a stretch-and-lose strategy. Studying for a duration just before the mind’s saturation point and then taking a relaxing break works well. The candidate should do something refreshing during the break. 
  4. Revision. Towards the end of preparation time, one should make sure to practice daily. 
  5. Knowing the Limit. There is a limit to what a human brain can take at a time, overstudying can cause anxiety and lead to a loss of focus for a longer time. One should also focus on sleeping and eating properly. 


What is IILET?

The IILET exam is the Entrance Test for the Indore Institute of Law. The test has only one question paper and is used to screen students for the integrated LLB Course at the Indore Institute of Law. 

When will the applications for IILET start?

The applications for IILET are already open and will continue till 12 March 2023. The candidates can apply on the official website of the Indore Institute of Law. 

Does the Indore Institute of Law accept any other test scores? 

The Indore Institue of Law accepts IILET, LSAT and CLAT scores for the admission of students in its integrated LLB program. 

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