Basic Coding Decoding CAT Sample Questions for Practise 2024: Download Free PDF

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Coding Decoding CAT Questions: If you are planning to appear for the CAT exam 2024 then coding and decoding questions are a must to practise. Coding and decoding are a major part of CAT DILR section syllabus. The coding questions can be understood as a set of queries based on encrypted rules or patterns which every student has to decode. However, decoding queries are vice-versa to coding queries. To practise some common coding and decoding questions, continue reading the blog post below. 

How to Practise Coding Decoding CAT Questions? 

To score well in any competitive exam, one has to become familiar with some basic tips and tricks to solve the questions. Here are some ways to improve your coding and decoding skills: 

  • Always start with basic questions. Simple coding-decoding questions use basic patterns or word substitution techniques. 
  • After you are done with immediate level questions, level up your difficulty and start practising complex questions. 
  • When practising coding-decoding questions make sure you find an explanation for every query you are solving. This will help you understand the question more easily. 
  • The best way to gather your knowledge around coding and decoding is to practise from multiple sources, books and websites. 
  • Start analysing the questions, look for clues and understand the pattern followed in each question. This will help you instantly recognise the pattern and solve your query efficiently.  

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Practice Questions for Coding and Decoding with Answers

Coding and decoding questions test your ability to crack secret messages. They involve figuring out the logic behind a code, where letters or words are transformed into different forms. You can sharpen your reasoning and critical thinking skills by analysing the coding decoding CAT below.

Mixed Coding

Q1. In a certain code, every vowel is replaced by its next letter in the alphabet (A -> B, E -> F) and consonants are doubled. Decode ‘DMBNFF’.

Answer:  COMBINE (Double consonants, replace E with F)

Q2. Code the word ‘SECRET’ if the first and last letters are swapped, and the remaining letters are reversed.

Answer:  TRECES (Swap S and T, reverse remaining letters ECRE)

Logic Coding

Q3. If ‘SUN’ is coded as 3 (number of letters) and ‘MOON’ is coded as 4, what is the code for ‘EARTH’?

Answer:  5 (number of letters)

Q4. Code the word ‘FOCUS’ if the code is the sum of the positions of the vowels (O = 15, U = 21).

Answer:  36 (15 + 21)

Advanced Coding

Q5. Decode ‘7$3’ if the first number represents the alphabetical position, the symbol represents a move two positions forward, and the last number represents the new position. 

Answer: C (7 = G, move 2 forward = I, but the code uses $ for +2 so I becomes K, move 2 forward again = C)

Coding (Letter Substitution)

Q6. In a certain code language, ‘DOG’ is written as ‘HPL’. How is ‘CAT’ coded in this language

Answer: JOL (Each letter moves three positions forward)

Q7. If ‘TABLE’ is coded as ‘ZYXWV’, what is the code for ‘CHAIR’? 

Answer: BGDFE (Letters move backward one position)

Q8. Code the word ‘SMART’ if each letter is shifted two places forward. 

Answer: VWNVC

Decoding (Letter Substitution)

Q9. If ‘HELLO’ is coded as ‘khoor zruog’, what is the original word for ‘khoor’?

Answer: HELLO (Reverse the order and shift each letter backward three positions)

Q10. In a certain code, ‘7’ represents ‘T’ and ‘3’ represents ‘H’. Decode ‘3713’ 

Answer: THANK (Substitute numbers with their corresponding letters)

Number Coding

Q11. If 1 represents A, 2 represents B, and so on, what is the code for ‘SUN’? 

Answer: 1921 (Assign numerical values based on alphabetical order)

Q12. Code the word ‘LOVE’ if each letter represents its position in the alphabet (L = 12, O = 15, V = 22, E = 5). 

Answer: 12-15-22-5

Pattern Coding

Q13. ‘APPLE’ is coded as ‘311311’. What is the code for ‘BANANA’? 

Answer: 21111121 (Repeat the numerical value corresponding to the number of times each letter appears)

Q14. In a code, every consonant is replaced by 1 and every vowel is replaced by 2. Decode ‘121122’. 

Answer: CATFISH (Identify the pattern – 1 for consonants, 2 for vowels)

Q15. Code the word ‘HAPPY’ if the first letter gets 1 point, the second gets 2 points, and so on. 

Answer: 8 (H = 8th letter, A = 1st letter, P = 16th letter, P = 16th letter, Y = 25th letter – add position values)

Coding Decoding CAT Questions- Download PDF 

Here, you can download coding decoding CAT questions PDF to practise before the exam.

Source: Unacademy CAT

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Is there coding decoding in CAT? 

Yes, coding-decoding is a part of logical reasoning questions in the CAT exam 2024. 

How to solve coding-decoding questions?

While solving coding-decoding questions you need to observe the alphabet and numbers followed in the question. 

Is coding decoding easy? 

Coding and decoding questions are a part of logical reasoning and the difficulty level for each question varies. 

This was all about Coding and Decoding CAT Questions. For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian exams page of Leverage Edu.

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