What is the full form of PCM?

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The full form of PCM is Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Although each of the three subjects has a distinct meaning when PCM is used in a stream, it also refers to the three subjects as a whole. It is a well-liked stream, particularly in India, that offers more job options across several areas than other streams. The PCM Full Form is described as (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). Mathematics and its related disciplines are called the formal sciences. Biology, chemistry, and physics are called the natural or pure sciences and human behavior, and social sciences. PCM stream gives students a deep knowledge of science, This course is specifically made for students with an interest in science, technology and numbers or an interest in critical thinking and reasoning.

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Relation of PCM with Science Stream 

The term “science stream” refers to a curriculum that emphasises STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) topics. Physics, chemistry, biology, arithmetic, computer science, and occasionally geology, astronomy, or environmental science are included in it regularly. Students that select the science stream often have a passion for learning about science, the natural world, and the physical and chemical characteristics of matter.

PCM’s whole form differs when it is understood in terms of education, and it also differs when PCM is read in other contexts. In the domain of digital signals, PCM is additionally referred to as pulse code modulation. When reading differently way, students have the option of discovering any additional meaning. So avoid becoming perplexed. Additionally, PCM belongs to the science stream. Although it is a group, you may also call it a PCM stream. Physics, chemistry, and maths are included in this non-medical discipline.

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