What is the Full Form of ACT?

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ACT Full Form

The full form of ACT is American College Testing. It refers to a standard test which is conducted online. It is an MCQ-based examination that Class 12-level students need to take to enrol in several undergraduate (UG) programmes in Canada and USA. This test evaluates the mathematical, scientific, written, and verbal abilities and skills of the candidate. To test these skills, ACT comprises four sections. These sections include Mathematics, English, Science, and Reading. In addition, the exam includes an optional Writing Test, which is taken by a student only when a university requires it. 

ACT Exam Eligibility

The ACT itself does not have separate criteria. However, students must meet the specific course-wise eligibility criteria set by the college/university they are applying to. Study abroad students must however adhere to the following eligibility requirements:

  • Graduating high school students are required to take the test as a demonstration of their college readiness.
  • The test is also open to students in Classes 6 to 9.
  • Children under the age of 13 are ineligible to register for the ACT entrance exam.
  • The conducting body of ACT does not set an upper age limit for test-takers.
  • A valid passport is necessary for applicants, as it serves as their identification.
  • To pay the test charge, the candidate or their parent/guardian must have an international Debit card/Credit card.
  • It is recommended that applicants take the test at least two months before their college/university deadline. The results are typically declared between two to eight weeks after the ACT.

ACT Exam Registration

Interested candidates need to register online for ACT. To register they need to visit the official website and follow the instructions:

  • Create a MyACT account
  • Sign in and fill out the application form with the necessary details
  •  Select a test session
  •  Choose a preferred date and writing section option (with or without writing)
  •  Select four colleges to receive ACT scores
  •  Make payment using a credit card/voucher
  •  Upload academic documents and a digital headshot
  •  Provide a valid email address
  •  Complete the registration process after filling out all required information.

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