What is the CNF Full Form?

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CNF full form

The CNF full form is “Confirmed.” It is generally used in the context of Indian Railways. CNF means that the passenger has a confirmed seat on the train. When the status of your booked seat changes from waiting to CNF it means the seat is confirmed and that you have been allocated a seat that enables you to travel on the reserved date.

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When is the CNF Allotted for Train Tickets?

You may be given CNF status without a seat number when there are only a few seats available on the train. Next, the seat or berth number will be available after the preparation of the chart along with the coach number. 

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When is the CNF Status for the Seat or Berth Number Allotted?

Once the preparation of the chart is done, your CNF status on the train will change with the exact seat or berth number. The reason is that most of the tickets are cancelled at this time and IRCTC then allots these berths to the passengers with CNF tickets. After, the process, you wil receive a message on your mobile number or even via email about the berth or seat that has been assigned to you on the train. 

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