What is the Full Form of CNF?

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The full form of CNF is Confirmed. The Indian Railways uses the abbreviation CNF to indicate that the passenger has a confirmed seat on the train journey. Moreover, the status of your booked seat changes from the waiting list to CNF only if the seat or ticket is confirmed. It confirms and allocates a seat to you so that you can travel on the date of the journey. However, this full form of CNF is applicable to trains only. Let’s explore more about this abbreviation.

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When is CNF Allotted for Train Tickets?

Additionally, sometimes the railway system allocates the CNF status without a seat number. This happens when there are a few seats available on the train. After that, the seat or berth number will be available after the preparation of the chart along with the coach number. This usually happens a day or a few hours before the date of your journey.  

Furthermore, once the chart is prepared, your CNF status will change to the exact seat or berth number. Moreover, the allocation of seats happens as most people cancel their tickets during this time. Thereafter, IRCTC allots berths to the passengers with CNF tickets. You will then receive a message on the registered mobile number and via email about your assigned berth or seat and the coach.

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Is CNF and RAC the Same?

No, CNF and RAC are not the same. While the CNF stands for Confirmed, RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. In simple words, RAC means that passengers under the R.A.C. are provided with reserved sitting accommodation initially. Their berths became vacant due to last minute cancellations of reservations of passengers not turning up in time before the departure.

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