What is DRM Full Form?

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DRM full form

The DRM full form is Divisional Railway Manager. It is a senior-level post in the Indian Railways. A DRM is responsible for managing the entire railway division. A DRM is the head of the division administrative unit and is responsible for the smooth functioning and running of all the operations in the division. 

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How to Become DRM in Railway?

The candidate is required to meet these requirements to become a DRM:

  • The candidate must have completed their graduation from a recognised university 
  • Next, they would be required to appear for either Indian Engineering Service Exam or Civil Service Exam 
  • Once they clear the exam, they can choose one of the Group A series, only one officer from the 8 organized Group A can become a DRM
  • To become a DRm, the candidate must be below the age of 52 years 
  • They must have served 22-25 years in the Group A service of the Indian Railway 

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What is the Power of DRM in Railway?

DRM is a senior-level position and given below are the powers of a DRM:

  • A DRM is the head of the railway division and is responsible for managing and administrating a particular geographical area under the Indian Railways.
  • DRMs also make decisions regarding the functioning of a division. This includes planning and execution of operations, maintenance of the facilities and ensuring safety management.
  • They have the authority to take the necessary disciplinarian action against employees and charge fines for any violation of the rules and regulations of the Indian Railways.

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What do you mean by DRM?

Digital rights management (DRM) safeguards and controls how digital content is accessed and shared.

Why is DRM used?

Digital rights management (DRM) is a technology created to prevent the illegal use, theft, and distribution of digital content.

What are the types of DRM?

The different types of DRM are Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine Modular, and Microsoft PlayReady.

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