What is the Full Form of PNR?

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Full Form of PNR

PNR full form is Passenger Name Record. The Indian railway network is one of the world’s largest, moving nearly a million passengers and tonnes of freight every day. To maintain such a system and assure its best operation, the railways have established a PNR system for passengers who book a reserved ticket. PNR is a computer reservation system database that stores the itinerary details of people or passengers travelling by train, bus, or local or international plane. It is an electronic barcode that contains the date, time, boarding location, and destination of the passenger. The booking reference, also known as the PNR, is the internal identifier for your train reservation within the Indian Railways’ computer systems.

How is PNR Generated?

When a traveller books a trip, a PNR is produced in the trip expert’s or travel site client’s computer reservation system. One of the Global Distribution Systems is frequently used. However, if the booking is made legally through a carrier, the PNR may also be stored in the service provider’s CRS database. 

This PNR, along with the linked schedule or itinerary, is referred to as the traveller’s Master PNR. The PNR is subsequently stored in the appropriate database using a record locator.

When the holder of the Master PNR fails to deliver journey segments, duplicate PNR data is transmitted to the CRSs of the service provider providing transportation. CRSs open copies of the initial PNR in their databases to handle the segments of the passenger’s travel that they are capable of managing. 

The CRS for these numerous transporters is facilitated by one of the GDSs that permits PNR sharing. Although PNRs were originally available only for air travel, these carrier frameworks can now be used for lodging, hotel, vehicle rental, air terminal exchanges, and train travel.

Difference Between PNR and Itinerary

A travel itinerary is a timetable of events linked to planned travel that includes destinations to be visited and modes of transportation. PNR is a special term for one or more components of a timetable (also known as segments*). In other words, a schedule may have many PNRs. PNRs consist of at least one segment. 

Several methods (for example, global Distribution Systems – GDS) can be used to book a PNR in one or more computer reservation systems (CRS). A Super PNR (also known as a master itinerary) is necessary to go to these unique PNRs in different systems. A Super PNR, like a PNR, can contain many PNRs from the same PNR.

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